And speaking of things that shouldn’t have to be stated, we are not and never have been Angela Penbrook. Joseph Ashford can confirm this. I hope he’s as eager to confirm that as he was to confirm that he’s not Angel Stevens.

We have received two angry letters behind the scenes—people denouncing us for falsely charging their cards $197 and demanding that we credit it back. Immediately!

I don’t understand how this disconnect could happen. They have to first find us in Google, and then click on our link to any number of threads discussing Penbrook and rebate processing, and then they have to click on the Contact link at the top of the page to send us a message. All of these steps lead me to believe that these are literate, reasonably intelligent people.

But somehow, they get to that third step still under the impression that we are Angela Penbrook. Didn’t they read anything? Not even the headline?? I don’t get it! Is it Steve’s hair? Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, today’s average Web surfer has the attention span of a gum-popping teenager texting on the mobile phone.

So here’s the official statement, for the record: we are not Angela Penbrook. We’re not even women. And we’ve never charged $197 for anything.

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Last Updated: May 13, 2008

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  • Jon

    I thought the title was a joke type of thing, Joe. It’s definitely a head scratcher that you guys are actually receiving complaints of being Angela Penbrook. SHEESH, the other thought is they live among us.

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