This post is a big shout out to the new readers who’ve drifted in over the last few weeks to take shelter from the crapstorm of online gimmicks that promise to help you make money at home.

You probably found your way to I’ve Tried That because you were tempted to give your money to someone who promised to show you the secret path to online wealth. Not being born yesterday, you decided to research the offer, and that research landed you here.

You’re just in time for the party.

I’ve Tried That turned one year old on May 20th, and we’re celebrating by giving away 10 free copies of our Telecommuting Guide!

More on that later. We’re also celebrating by recapping the best of the year’s reviews. Why? Because we’re proud of what we do. We’ve saved 127 people almost $40,000, and that’s just a count of those who have spoken up to say “Thanks.” And that’s not counting the people we’ve helped get refunds from misleading programs.

Yeah, we’re bragging. But we don’t do it very often. Without further ado, then, our Greatest Hits, in no particular order:

  1. Start with this one so that you’ll be prepared for whatever the wild, wild Net can throw at you. The Top 10 tips for avoiding online scams.
  2. Rebate processing: These misleading programs took the ‘Net by storm last fall. Read exactly what they’re selling and how they’re lying to you. Don’t miss the Angela Penbrook discussion. It’s the hottest online thread about one of the biggest “rebate processing” programs out there.
  3. Data entry jobs: One of our first missions was to expose data entry jobs for the misleading dungheaps they are. Read all about it in this series of posts.
  4. My Power Mall: Still the most commented-on post at I’ve Tried That, our review of My Power Mall attracted the attention of the founder, Ginny Dye. Lively discussion ensued, with flaming kept at a tame level.
  5. Surveylot and fake checks scams: Criminals posing as legitimate companies (in this case, as are sending fake checks far and wide in this popular scam. Our warnings have saved people thousands of dollars and lots of headache.
  6. Build a Niche Store (BANS): This software is generating a lot of buzz online, and for good reason. We try it out, show you our honest results, and tell you why it’s a great opportunity.

Now, on to the free stuff!
We’re getting very close to launching version 2.0 our our Complete Guide to Telecommuting. It will have a great new look, lots of terrific new content, and as always, interesting purchase options. We’re dumping the long sales page format for a minimalist approach that we hope you’ll love.

In order to whet your appetite, we’re giving away 10 free copies of 1.0 to the first 10 people who ask. That’s right. All 10 copies have been distributed! Stay tuned for more chances to win!

Whether you’re a new reader or an old timer, thanks for reading and for your support. I believe we’re making a difference in the online jungle, and we hope you’ll stay with us for the good years to come.

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Last Updated: May 31, 2008

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