If you aren’t already browsing the web with , it’s time you seriously consider a change. Odds are, you’re browsing with Internet Explorer. You may not even know that there are alternatives out there to browsing the web. Well, it’s time to get educated my friend.

The following is a list of some of Firefox’s features:

  • Security
    For starters, Firefox is much more secure than Internet Explorer. Incorporated directly into the program are the following features: anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-phishing, parental controls, password manager, pop-up blocker, and automated updates.
  • Speed
    Firefox also operates a lot quicker than Internet Explorer. In fact, Firefox 3 uses less of your system’s resources and is faster than any other browser on the market today.
  • Customization
    Firefox has thousands of different plug-ins, extensions, and themes that will allow you to customize both the look and feel of your browser. My favorite plug-in is the weather dock. It tells me the current weather forecast and much more every time I open my browser.
  • And Much, Much More…
    Built in feed reader, download manager, spell checking, session restore, image loading, full zoom, search suggestions, smart keywords, integrated web search, tabs, save on exit, offline browsing, live support, and hundreds of other features that would take too long to list.

Firefox’s World Record

Join the millions of people today who are pledging to download Firefox 3 to set the world record for the most number of downloads of a program in 24 hours. I know I’ve already upgraded every computer in my house and I highly suggest you do the same.

Overall, Firefox is simply the best web browser available today and it’s absolutely, entirely, 100% free. Don’t put yourself at risk due to negligence. At the very least, download and install Firefox now. You don’t have to switch over right away, but I guarantee that once you start using Firefox, you’ll never go back to Internet Explorer.

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