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For the next 24-hours, we’re offering free three-day trial memberships to all new registered users at I’ve Tried Telecommuting. That’s the other part of this website that offers 25+ exclusive work at home job leads on a daily basis. Memberships cost $14.95 per month, but you can register today and have instant full access to the member’s section for the next three days.
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Seeking Websites or Programs to Review

We’re also seeking new programs to review. We want something that we will really have to put to the test. Please do not submit another data entry, rebate processing, or affiliate marketing link. We’ve done too many of these reviews. We want something that will challenge us and will take time to complete. It doesn’t even have to be about making money from home. We want to try something!
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Where the Hell is Matt?

Finally, make sure you play the following video. It’ll brighten your day, guaranteed. Feel free to discuss this video in the comments below and I’ll send a free copy of our book to the comment I like the most.

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  • Kay

    Totally amazing…if you don’t gotta be dead. If he is anything like his video, he has to have a happy soul and a wonderful life. I’m jealous.

  • Wilson Rodriguez
    Wilson Rodriguez

    One man’s way to bring about world peace, a world wide dance off. It’s that easy.

  • Ginger

    Hey! Loved it!!! I guess it just goes to show that no matter how far you travel in this great big wonderful world of ours, white men still can’t dance!!!! HaHa!! Keep rockin’

  • Jim Kohnman
    Jim Kohnman

    Every time I see one of his videos I tear up. I would love to figure out how he’s making a ‘living’ doing all that cool stuff. I missed something in the life handbook I guess. What a great way to live this guy came up with..

  • Mallory

    That was a great video :)

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