We’ve been threatening and promising for a couple of months, and it’s finally here. The Complete Guide to Telecommuting, version 2.0, is sitting on the shelf waiting for you to drop in and pick up your copy. But hurry! There are only a limited number of books available! You see the countdown timer? Only 29 seconds left! When it hits 0:00, the book will no longer be for sale! Act now!

Okay, those things are lies. All of them. How can we have a limited number of ebooks? We could ship a million of them and be really happy, without a single worry about supply. I was just trying to fit in as many online marketing cliches as I could.

The Complete Guide to Telecommuting

If you’re new to I’ve Tried That, The Complete Guide to Telecommuting is our ebook that shows you how to use the Internet to find genuine jobs you can do from home. It teaches you how to avoid the gimmicks and how to land real jobs from real people that will help you earn a couple hundred bucks per month or more using skills you already possess.

This version is a huge improvement over version 1.0. It looks a lot better and contains new content on managing your telecommuting work, how to approach your boss to let you work from home, and how to grow from part-time telecommuting work into a full-time freelancing business.

We’ve also kept our multi-tiered pricing model, but instead of simply letting you decide how much you want to pay for the guide, we’re offering several package purchase options as well as add-on products to supplement your telecommuting resources. You can buy just the guide, or the guide and a guide about income taxes as a freelancer, or both of those with a trial membership to I’ve Tried Telecommuting. In the future, you can purchase professionally designed resume and cover letter templates. You pay more, you get more value. Click here to check it out and to get your package today.

Is The Guide for Me?

Can I Upgrade?

If you already purchased the first version of our guide, and paid more than $5.95, you can upgrade to 2.0 for free. Just login to your account and the new guide will be waiting for you. If you paid $5.95 or less, you can upgrade by paying the difference between your purchase price and the new package you want to buy. (For example, if you paid $5.95 and want the new guide only, send $9 via PayPal and we’ll send you the new version. Send your payment to: steve[at]ivetriedthat[dot]com)

Sounds great. Point me to it.

You can find the guide in our freshly-designed store. We moved away from the traditional online sales page and wanted to incorporate a more aesthetically pleasing environment for our products. Be sure to leave your opinion on the new product and store front. Help us move forward by leaving comments below.

Click here to be taken to our store now.

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  • JB

    Joe and Steve,
    What are your last names? Why is that not readily found if you author a book?


    (just trying to do my due diligence to see if you are legit!)

    • Joe

      JB, we don’t publish our last names because we want to retain some bit of anonymity since we regularly call out scammers and petty criminals.

  • Juwon Manning
    Juwon Manning

    Oh, yeah, I was just looking at this website called http://www.PartnerWithPaul.com which is a so-called work from home-free business and I found out the truth about this business. It was a scam the minute I looked at the second page of the website. It’s telling it was free but then it’s telling me to invest 14.95 after two weeks. I was like “man, you got to be out yo’ god damn mind trying to say this shit is for free but then you going to charge somebody $15 for this kit, please.” Sorry pal, jobs don’t cost money in this world. I faced this problem twice already thinking that these companies are suppose send you kits for free with the shipping and handling paid for but in the end they end up trying to charge you money.

  • kyle

    reading stuff on this site makes me have the question are there any work at home jobs that provide enough income to live comfortably and if so what are some of these sites that actually work with little stress.

  • CK Lai
    CK Lai

    Dear Joe

    There’re a lot of internet scams and people like us who are seriously looking for a job at home have been tricked.
    We need extra passive income and hope you can help us to find those without much high qualification needed.

  • Steve

    The book is a lot more than just where to find work at home jobs. We teach you pretty much everything you need to know about telecommuting. Just off the top of my head, this includes how to properly prepare yourself for working at home, how to revamp your cover letters and resumes to stand out to above the crowd, how to create and display portfolios, how to speak to employers on a professional level, how to convince potential and current employers to let you work from home, how to manage and grow your telecommuting business, and much, much more. And yes, that includes how and where to find legitimate work at home jobs.

    These are all topics prepared by professionals who have years of experience in the telecommuting field. The book contains more than just where to find jobs and it is much more than information you can find for free.

  • beyonka

    It appears to me that the entire basis of this site is really to promote your own book. Are you really interested in helping people avoid scams? If so then why are you selling a book on where to find real online jobs instead of posting it on your site? I understand that everyone wants to make money. I understand that you 99% of the time can’t get something for nothing. It appears to me however, that people are paying for information they can find on their own for free.

    “About that time, I found a blog that featured daily updates with dozens of genuine, pre-screened jobs. (We tell you about this site in the book.)”

    Did you have to pay for the information you found from this supposed blog? I sure you hadn’t so why should other people have to pay you for the same information that you got for free??

    A little hypocritical don’t you think??

  • Joe

    Thanks for the suggestion, Mike. We will try that. The problem is that such ads are often flagged as spam. But we’ll give it a shot.

  • Michael Dillon
    Michael Dillon

    May I suggest you place your ebook in the appropriate slots
    on Craigslist “work at home” or similar posts. My sense is that there is a screaming meed for your talents and material.
    Best. Mike Dillon

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