“With a little help, a little adjustment to how you think, some education, time spent on self reflection and above all else, the decision to make changes and not accept what everyone else does as what you want, you can realize true freedom.” (Yaro Starak) If you’re already a blogger, learn about three mistakes that might be holding you back. If you’re not, learn about blogging as a business that can bring you freedom and mobility.

To create an online income (as opposed to finding a job online), you need a web site (or several), you need traffic (or visitors to your site), and you need a product, even if that product is your own writing—your outstanding blog content. We recommend blogging as an online income source. Learn how to get started or how to improve your current blog.

About a month ago, I was relatively clueless about high-interest savings accounts. It was about that time I stumbled upon ING Direct. I didn’t sign-up immediately though. I took the research route and wanted to learn more about these high-interest accounts. Seeing as my bank currently offers about 0.4% APY, I desperately wanted an alternative that would give me a bit more of a return on my money.

Scam sites often use the same tactics as sites offering legitimate products or opportunities. So we’re going to look at two sites side by side. One of them is legitimate, which means it offers a good product and makes honest claims, and the other is what we consider a “scam”—its product sucks and the claims are absurd and misleading.