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Where the Hell are Steve and Joe?


A valid question. Just what the hell have we been doing that’s been taking up so much time that we can’t spend 5 minutes to give our readers an update? WELL..


The last time I heard from Joe, he had forsaken all forms of technology and has gone to live off of the land somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I remember hearing something about a dam and his entire extended family. I don’t really know. He can really ramble sometimes and The World’s Wildest Police Chases was on so it wasn’t entirely my fault that I lost track of the conversation. Joe, wherever you are my thoughts are with you buddy, but I think you’re off your rocker.

Well, in all honesty, Joe was on vacation for the past few days. He’s probably busy catching up at work and managing his 5 kids. He still cares about you all very deeply. I promise.


I, on the other hand, have been productive as hell. I’ve been busy redesigning my other blog Start Blogging. It’s a blog.. yep.. about.. starting a blog. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own blog and own your own domain, visit that site. I’ll hold your hand and walk you through the surprisingly easy process of running your own website.

Other than that I’ve been busy redesigning our books sales page because it was ugly and stuff. (Steve sidenote: You guys should really buy our book. Trust me, it will help you out when it comes to working at home. I’m really not trying to plug the hell out of this book. I just want the emails titled “Iz the become a trillionaire program a scam??/” to stop already.) I’ve also been busy with trying to promote it. I wish I could hire a marketer to do all of this hard work for me because I really don’t know what I’m doing.

Our Readers

Yea, where the hell have you been? It’s been awhile since one of you guys gave us something fun to review. It doesn’t even have to be related to Internet programs and business and stuff. We just want to try something fun and new! It could be anything. Maybe a 30-day recording of our progress with Wii Fit? Bungee jumping? Have Joe battle seventeen hungry bears? Something interesting along those lines.

Get creative in the comments below and I’ll send a free copy of our book to the best comment. Hell, if we try what you suggest, I’ll send you a book too. I’ll try nearly anything at this point. I promise. Please, for the love of God, do not submit a link to a data entry program.

Also, if you’re interested in the image above. I, Steve, am featured on the left while he, Joe, is featured on the right. Ha.

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  1. Hey Nettie,
    Glad you finally took the muzzle off! I’ve heard of it, but haven’t looked into it carefully. I’ll take a closer look.

    I’ve found that every time there’s a frenzy, the frenzy is all there is. Lots of smoke, no fire. Sound and fury signifying nothing.

  2. Hi guys!

    Long time reader, first time post.

    I wondered if you guys heard anything about the “Oceanside Wealth Builders” frenzy that has started? I guess they are supposed to be launching any day now, and people by the droves are ready to throw money at them. It looks like a matrix tied in with an off shore trade opportunity (which I know nothing about). I just find it interesting how many people are getting really excited about it.

    The forum thread site is http://www.asamonitor.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10315
    It’s a long thread 18+ pages and growing fast, but gets pretty heated and interesting as more people are getting ready to dive into this…. just wondered what your opinion is. What’s all the excitement about?

  3. OK. I did this one for a friend. Start-up MLM but with NO autoship or continuous product purchases. Only 1x fee. Not a discount or additive to your gas tank. For $250 you get: distributorship; replicate website; 50% off hotels and up to $500 in gas rebates. One chooses a gas station,sends monthly receipts of $100 to a 3rd party processor and you get a $25 gas card back. So you can be $250 to the good, over 20 months and people are going to buy gas anyway. So seems like there is nothing to lose even if one doesn’t sign up anyone.
    They don’t accept credit cards and there is quite a time lag between payment & when one can get their gas. I’m wondering if they count on folks not sending in their gas receipts?

  4. Yeah, it does scream scam. I googled the guys, ROBERT ALLEN, name and came accross this http://www.robertgallen.com/

  5. That’s not a real link. And $24,000 in 24 hours? That’s $1000 an hour or an annual salary of over $2,000,000.

    Uhh.. riightt.

  6. I am getting emails ” make 24,000 in 24 hours”. What is that all about? this is the link it gives. http://lkcceigfhbmfeop.pagesimply.com/link.asp?a=c&u=43418899&e=22486571

  7. Jefft, you just reviewed it yourself, effectively stealing any thunder we would have garnered with a review. Also, reviews do come out of our pocket and I don’t have $1,000 just sitting around waiting to be given away.

  8. I’ve only been reading your blog for a short while, so you may have looked at this one already – EDC Gold. It’s one of those deals that ‘guarantee’ that you’ll see $997 payments rolling into your checking account day after day. I tried it about a year ago and quickly discovered the other ‘secrets’ – paying a monthly fee for a replicated website just like a million others, upsell attempts to get you to buy expensive internet marketing programs, etc.

    If you haven’t already, this might be a good candidate for review.



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