That’s the name listed as the “chairman” of We warned you about this outfit in another Watchdogs post. The tubes are full of sites that claim to review work-at-home opportunities, and SHOCKER!, 89.23 percent of them are scams! But don’t worry, they say, we’ll show you the ones that are real. They then sell you on their affiliate links to “recommended” programs. is a joke. Why? Because its top recommended opportunity is Process at Home, the Angel Stevens “rebate processing” deal that has burned a lot of people.

I have not been able to find anything that suggests “Dr. Stera” is a real person. He has no online presence outside of—and that’s not easy to accomplish today—and there are these problems:

  • He can’t remember his own name. On the splash page at, the page that tells you to wait while they take you to the latest review, his name is Dr. Mike Stera.
  • His email address is fake
  • His 1-800 number requires an access code
  • His physical address actually belongs to WeisComm Partners, a medical PR firm

In other words, there’s no such person and you should stay far away from whatever he recommends

BREAKING UPDATE: I take it all back! I found this fascinating biographical film about Dr. Stera. (If for no other reason, watch it for the rockin’ music!)

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  • wanda

    Has anyone gotton their money refunded?? Yes, I was one of those people. Please let me know!! I should have researched more. Finished with this internet home income. There is no internet income to help people…

  • Chas Traficante
    Chas Traficante

    I also am glad I use scopes and google to confirm the legitimacy of websites, stories and people. Your infor. kept me from making yet even ANOTHER mistake at trying to earn money to help my wife and I. People like myself, early forced retirement, handicapped spouse, needy of income are the first to be taken in by (if it sound to good) deals.
    Thanks for your help.

  • EAGLE 1
    EAGLE 1

    It’s a real shame that there are so darn many scams out there.
    Where are the ‘Powers to Be’? There needs to be a legitimate source
    of regulation and oversight.
    *Idea! … to operate these web sights they’ll need to register with both the
    ( FTC & FCC ). At that time, let it be known that there’ll be ‘SEVERE Fines &
    Imprisonment’ for ‘Any & All’ violations, (scams, etc.). It’s getting seriuos.
    *Idea! #2 … There can be ‘real income’ for all concerned.
    Have a one time $24.95 fee taken out of the check, once the first $1,000.
    has been made. I believe they can do very well by working on a Volume
    bases with trust; where everyone can make real $$$ and be very happy & satisfied. … It should & can work, for all concerned. … LUCK to US ALL !!!

  • Len

    First of all. thanks for being here for us to see. I almost went for it. But I’ve learned to look a little deeper. When I did the research I found nothing that linked directly to them or him. Their URL was just created 8/09 out of Vancouver, WA. Everything is a P.O. Box. That was enough for me, then I found you. Thanks alot and keep up the good work!

  • MomC
    has a page VERY much like Dr. Tomlin’s. This ‘good Doctor’ has a slightly diffeent take on what 3 sites are “best”. Go figure, lol. The Doc’s name is Joe Richards. the address on his nearly identical letter is: 1220 L Street N.W. Washington, DC 20005

    I put that through and came up with a HUGE office complex. Over 100 offices, none listed to our good doctors. What a shame.

  • art

    is there any real home-making-site at all?
    thanks for warrning about the ‘good doc’ scam

  • Kimberly

    Hello in just general looking around it seems the “authorities” who “regulate” these bad sites that are scams also refer you to another page. Well who certifies the ‘regulators’ of internet programs? Also while it is termed ‘scam’ or ponzi scheme, where is the truth in advertising or misrepresenting to the general public language that prevents this type of advertisement? What is even more amazing is that on each ‘recommended’ site there are advertisements for others — so they are collecting fees for the job, advertisements and various others — no wonder they clear $7000 a month!! incredible!

  • M

    Watch out for “Dr. William J. Tomlin, Chief Investigator for”
    I’m betting it’s the same exact guy.. it doesn’t take a moron to notice that it’s a mirror-image of Dr. Richard Andrew Stera’s site.

    Except I didn’t notice a pathetic plea for donations.

    My guess? This guy gets a commission from advertising these scams. Either that, or they’re all linked to the same manipulative business.


    Thank you for the info!!! this Hawaiian almost got scamed!! if i find him hes going to need a real doctor after!!!




  • boyd brown
    boyd brown

    thnks alot i am a college student in sdeprate need for cash and doping lots of research and all a bunch of scams its sick as hell! by the way the site didnt look to pro iether.

  • ben

    wow…you people have to do your homework..befor letting some jerkoff take you for your hard earned money, times are bad and people like myself are looking for a better way to take care of familys and try to just make it, in a world that seems to be falling apart. well, i hope you will all keep your eye’s open and find what you are looking for…but i dont think it’s on here…

  • sam

    drawn in like a sucker.. surely this web site should be disabled?

  • Blaunt

    Not only can this “Dr.” not get his own name right, he can’t get his statistics right. On the google page of his site it says that 98.3% of these work-at-home schemes are scams,but on his website the number is 81.6%. Maybe the first number actually refers to the schemes/scams HE supports??!

  • TnTinSD

    Like most of the other people who did some research first before forking over some money…really glad I type his name in the search engine. Thanks again for whomever posted this message.

  • mziemak

    Glad I googled his name! Thanks to whoever!

  • renea p
    renea p

    well i wish i wouldve googled his name before i got scammed on thursday!!! i am pissed!!! went to the isecrete n over half the pages were blank n tried to go to the support link it doesnt exist!! i am a single mom out 50.00. this guys needs to go down!!!! i have been wanting to do online work for 2 years n this is the reason i havent cause i didnt have money to waste i finally worked up the courage n got shot down like a hot potatoe.

  • steve gittleman
    steve gittleman

    nearly got taken by “ANGEL STEVENS” so called proccess rebate scam. that is the number one reccomendationd from “THE GOOD DOCTOR” i am dissapointed, but not out $197.00. thank you for your report.
    steve gittleman

  • Billy B
    Billy B

    This guy is a big ass joke he takes advantage of hard working citizens who bust their ass trying to pay all these bills good luck guys “LETS FIND HIM”

  • Richard

    I was thinking it must be just another scam when I saw that he was indorcing sites who ask for money to have you join so I typed his name in and it brought me to your site, I’m glad now that I did. I guess there is no way to make extra money online. Thanks, Richard.

  • Aileen

    Wow that’s funny. And I see that ad everywhere.

  • Paul Schlegel
    Paul Schlegel

    Hey, thanks for embedding my vid, Joe.

    I see you picked up on this, too, which I wasn’t sure how to work into the story:

    “He can’t remember his own name. On the splash page at, the page that tells you to wait while they take you to the latest review, his name is Dr. Mike Stera.”


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