Here’s a surprise. It turns out you have to have an army of Wall Street lobbyists to get that kind of money. But we’ll do our small part to help, even without the corporate welfare. Just look at these handy tips on What the Economic Meltdown Means for You:

  • You can finally use that idle wheelbarrow behind your house. You’ll need it to carry deflated US dollars.
  • Your children’s children can know they helped save investment banks in 2008 by picking up the trillion-dollar debt to the Chinese.
  • You can rest easy at night. The US Treasury will have dictatorial power to act without judicial review (if Paulson’s original proposal passes).

I’m so mad about this I could spit. Screw up your checkbook as a normal person and you get slapped by the bank with fat fees. Screw up your balance sheet as a CEO and you get millions of dollars in bonuses AND the government will cover your losses. Talk about your scams!

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  • Mary Landis
    Mary Landis

    This monstrous bailout of the big banks and corporations, with no accountability or oversight, is nothing short of economic tyranny. The struggling taxpayer will be forced to pay forever, for the criminal activities of the “financial elite”, in what is essentially a financial coup d’etat to take over the economy and the consolidation of wealth unto themselves (the insiders).

    Meanwhile, people can barely afford to put food on their table, gas in their cars, clothes on their back, and are fortunate to barely hold on to a roof over their heads. They are having their pension funds seized and being abused at every turn, by unjust laws and heavy handed tactics.

    What’s coming will make the Great Depression look like a picnic! Get ready for things to get a whole lot worse and expect no mercy, because powerful corrupt individuals in high places have no conscience and are inherently unmerciful. Kiss America good-bye and say hello to enslavement, unless everyone protests and bombards Congress with urgent email and phone calls immediately!

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