It goes against my better judgment, and Steve will pass a bowling ball when he finds out what I spent our $29 on. But I told you we would try it, so here goes.

What is

It is a company associated with National Data Management, which is apparently a real brick-and-mortar business in New Jersey. I called the phone number and got a recorded information message. So far, so good—at least it’s a real company.

What is the offer?

NDM will pay you $2 for every name and envelope you process. No clue what “process” means, which is a big red flag. The recorded message says it takes the average mailer 3-4 hours to do a hundred names. Two hundred dollars for four hours work? Not bad.

Why is it against your better judgment, Joe?
Because a real job doesn’t cost $29 to get. Because the “detailed” information they emailed to me had no detail at all. Just lots of cheerleading about how great it would be to make money from home. The program also has many of the problems I described about, which I wrote about in this post.

Stay tuned. As soon as I get my magical money-making materials I’ll post again and give you a peek.

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  • Leo

    Is this a legitimate company and has anyone tried this to see if it really works? Thanks for your help.

  • Dee

    I would like to know if this company is legit. I have seen so many fliers and information on home based businesses. I am looking for a home based business and would like to get started. Please give me some advice.

    Thank you,

  • b

    Did you receive your info and what did you determine about

    I need a work at home solution and would like to get started with a legit opportunity fast.

    Thank you,


  • Joe

    The links are paid ads, Sue-Ellen. See the little note that says “Ads by Google?” That means that Google serves up ads in that area based on the keywords on any given page.

    The big image ad at the top, such as the one for Blog Mastermind, are products or services we actually do recommend. Also, in the bottom left corner of every page, you’ll see a heading called “I Recommend That.” Those are products or services we’ve reviewed here on the site and actively recommend. And to be specific, no, I’m not a fan of Top 10 Work at Home Jobs.

  • Sue-Ellen Fox
    Sue-Ellen Fox


    It’s hard for me to tell – are the links on this page of your website “sponsored links” that have paid for space on your website or are they links to legitimate websites that you have freely posted and are recommending to your readers? i.e. “Start Wholesale Drop Shipping”, “Top 10 Work at Home Jobs”,”Legitimate Work from Home”, etc.

    I would appreciate the clarification.

    Thanks much,

    Sue-Ellen Fox

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