Prepaid legal services are offered by several organizations. Basically you pay a monthly fee and then the next time you need to get a will or transfer a deed of title, you won’t have to fork over hundreds of dollars from your pocket. The plans are often sold in an MLM arrangement, which, of course mixes everyone’s two favorite types of people: lawyers and people who want to love you into buying something. Picture My Power Mall and used car salesmen all rolled into one party room. notes that most purchasers of a prepaid legal plan cancel in the first year and that there are several downfalls to the idea.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about the people who sell prepaid legal services. You see, we haven’t tried prepaid legal services, but we know fanatics when we see them. Here’s what an MLM fanatic looks like, and this is why I’m writing this post:

I work at a hotel where a group pre-paid legal always takes over my bar and only orders water. not only do they over power my bar and not buy anything, the few customers I do have they chase away by asking them, “Do you like your current job?” or “Are you interested in making extra money?”

Could you please use your magic to debunk this group? I am aware they are a mlm and it drives me nuts that since these people are supposedly “legal” professionals…they should know that ordering water and not tipping isn’t making them a customer…it makes them loitering and isn’t that illegal? pardon my rambling. i’m just frustrated by them.

We get some strange requests for reviews, but they usually don’t acknowledge that we have magic powers. That’s why I liked this note right away. In my book, people who harm someone’s legitimate job (like tending bar) by trying to boost your own job of questionable legitimacy (like hocking an MLM) are jerks.

The problem is that that they’re probably not reading this post. So help out this bartender. The next time you run into somebody squatting in a bar and they ask you if you like your current job, tell them to buy a round of drinks for everybody and tip their server in advance. Only then will you listen to what they have to say.

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Last Updated: November 24, 2008

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  • Andrew Berry
    Andrew Berry

    Being an associate of Prepaid Legal i can see why we come off as a bit cultish at times, but its becuase we have that strong belief in what we do. (its good to get an outside perspective too it helps with adapting more professionalism. thanks guys.)
    Its company pride really. every company has pride in it self and that is a good thing you always want to be proud of what you do. Now that being said is it the best opportunity in world? I think so to a degree, is it the ONLY one NO. There are plenty of Great opportunities out there. I can say that while not every one will understand that concept. Its ok, not every one will. Are there bad apples OH YES, but there are bad apples every where in different organizations.
    Its one thing to bully some one in to getting the services and another to be a professional about it. I prefur the proffessional side. I can understand when some people chase customers away and such that can be annoying at times. ( i was chased myself) However When you are in business for yourself you have to have posture in some ways. Some times those some people just come off as over powering. I noticed i tend to do that at times and i try to tone it down but also make sure every body understands the whole bigger picture and how serious it is. especially since Identity Theft is on the rise. )
    One thing I’ve noticed is we all want everything NOW. The problem with that is we cant comprehend every thing. if we did we wouldn’t be able to function. Think about it Einstien couldnt tie his shoes but he knew physics like the back of his hand.

    I Love what the service can do for people. I actually used it against my cellphone provider since they wanted to over charge me on my minutes even though i was on an unlimited plan. It sounds messed up but it happens. needless to say i contacted the law firm and they wrote a letter on my behalf needless to say i received a check in the mail from it two days ago (I made a photo copy of it as proof). I’m a firm believer that proof speaks louder then words. as i can say its great all day long but actually showing it thats different.

    But for those of you who think we’re a bit strange you are entitled to your opinion. however please understand that every one has company pride in what ever they do. That’s all it really is.

    As for the whole “its a pyramid thing” 1. pyramids are not allowed on the NYSE due to regulations of the United States Security Exchange Commission. 2. you can pull Prepaid Legals 10K finnacial reports right off there website.These are submitted to the US security exchange commission quarterly or annually. There is allot of reports under investor relations. (which i have a hard copy off by the way).
    3. in a pyramid your locked in where your at.
    Draw out a typical chain of command of a job, . you’ll notice its in a pyramid shape in it self with 1 CEO then his VPS and so on. while a typical job will only allow you to move up when it suits the business owner, your boss. With owning your own business you can move up as fast as you want really which gives you the freedom to do what you want. ( I’m just letting you know how it is not trying to preach here. LOL)

    Thanks for Listening

    Andrew Berry
    Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist.

    I appreciate any comments you guys have.

  • Copper

    Oh, I forgot to respond to the ‘Jerks’ comment. Yes, sitting at a bar ordering water, running off paying customers qualifies as at least something resembling a jerk. If they were any other group who used the facility on a regular basis you may be inclined to call everyone in that company jerks too. That particular group of people by no means represent the whole of PPL.

  • Copper

    I have been a member for almost 2 years and have really enjoyed having the service. Last year I saved over 3 times what my membership cost me by using the service. I don’t know how it is in other areas, but any time I have called I have always received the follow up call the same day, and have never had a problem with the provider law firm being anything less than professional. I recently chose to become an Associate because I believe in the product and see the value it has. Is it for everyone? Probably not. I have tried a few MLM and Direct Sales products in the past, and lost money on all of them. At least with this one I have made my money back after only 1 sale, I don’t have to purchase any physical product, and even if I don’t make money creating a team and selling the services I still have a membership that I will continue to use and get value from. I’ll make a note to post an update in 2 months…

  • Janz

    I was at an MLM meeting once which my Dad invited to my place for a ‘talk’ as well. My Dad wanted me to learn about MLM.
    From the parking lot, I could see that all the MLM member’s cars were beat up old things.
    Needless to say, I learned a lot about MLM and never joined one. That’s what my Dad was teaching me.
    If you want a business, start your own and focus on the customer. MLM focus too much on themselves (even when focusing on clients), that’s why customers don’t trust them.

  • Matthew

    Well, I see the problem heere and it’s a great debate. As an associate myself I have to agree with you on this because I can see your point. But here is how I see it; If you are a bar tender and you don’t tell anyone you can mix a great cocktail- how do you get customers? Now if you have a bar and a sign that says I serve Beer here- sure someone that wants beer will sit down right? Ok, so that is just the back up for promoting the business.
    So are they jerks? Maybe. But I always thought a jerk was someone that stepped on your toe and laughed at you, pointed their finger, and called attention to you to embarrass you.
    Now, could they have more tact? Probably. But they like what they have and they know that it has a market for alot of people that need it, and in this economy it never hurts to ask about options.
    The only reason anyone succeeds in any MLM or insurance business is because they can promote it and sell it effectively.
    People that buy it have to be sold, if they are, well, it’s their bag of candy now. They can suck on it day after day and rot their teeth or enjoy it and get hyper and talk to as many people as they can about it.
    I have been in fron of alot of insurance companies and they all have the same concept- promote to as many people as you can and sell as much as you can to a target market. You can concentrate on building your team or on selling the product.
    I am not a jerk, but I offer what I have to people that may have a situation that I can help with. I try to build relationships before I even mention what I do or have to offer. That is the way I was taught and that is the way I teach my team.

    Sorry if I got up on a pedastal but, this is something that we are trying to address as a company. We can’t control everyone that is recruited into the business but, we can start training people to be better marketers. Self improvement is very important as I am sure you already know in this industry.

    Hope it helps.

  • Chris

    The really bad thing about PPL is that Primerica (another MLM that I once was in) sells PPL. They call it “Primerica Legal Protection Plan.”

    Well, one time I was with my RVP at an employee benefits meeting for a charter school, and we (Primerica) were there to sign people up for retirement plans. Well, these two suit-wearing blue-tooth-wearing cyborgs were at a table next to us and they tried actually recruiting me into their thing. I’m like, “You guys are idiots. Why would I want to be with y’all when we sell what you sell and a whole bunch more other stuff?” I didn’t say that but I thought it the entire time.

    Anyway, I’m no longer in Primerica cuz they SUCK. Their products are not competitive with the other companies at all AND it isn’ even about “helping families” as they say. They’re just like any other MLM. It’s all about selling “the business opportunity.”

    Yes, I know, Keller-Williams realty has an over-ride system. Farmers Insurance has an overide system. But their main focus is on selling the product, not creating a pyramid underneath you.

  • Kathleen A. Viens
    Kathleen A. Viens

    Yes they are. I onetime went to one of their meetings in West Springfield, MA and they seemed like they were a cult. They kept telling my friend that he could get out of a traffic violation and that if he were in Prepaid Legal they would represent him and he’d be safe. It seemed like a lot of black people were in it; possibly people that were in financial trouble. They weren’t very trustworthy and I got sick of listening to them. Thank God I didn’t join it. is much more trustworthy and is about real estate which leads to much more wealth.

  • Sean

    They’re not bad people. Just brainwashed into thinking PPL is the ONLY opportunity in the world and if you’re not doing it you are a moron. I was one once.

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