We all know that Christmas is the time for giving. That’s why we’ve decided to give you the opportunity to send us money in order to advertise (nearly) any text link at I’ve Tried That for 30 days. No need to thank us as we’re just doing our part. By purchasing a link, you will be supporting I’ve Tried That which allows us to keep the site up and running with new reviews while gaining immense amounts of exposure across over 300 pages and posts.

You can advertise an affiliate link to gain referrals to a popular program. In 1.5 years I’ve Tried That has been open, I’ve managed to gather 4,898 referrals to Surveysavvy. Just think about what 30 days of advertising will do for you and your referrals. You don’t have to link to an affiliate program. Link to your blog, or website, or anything else for that matter.

All links will have to be preapproved by us before they are added. We don’t allow links to sites containing pornographic or illegal content. So, if you’re thinking about linking to the ‘Get Paid Millions to Do Data Entry in the Nude while Downloading Movies’ program, please don’t waste your time.

Steve Edit: Within five minutes of this being posted, we’ve already sold one bold link. I don’t think the other four are going to last very long. Get in quickly.

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Last Updated: December 12, 2008

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  • Derek Epperson
    Derek Epperson

    When we purchase, how long until the links show up?

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