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Yes, You Can Work From Home!


I have spent the last three hours reading an e-book about how to work from home that we just discovered. Let me tell you right off the bat—I’m excited about this book. And I don’t get excited about very much in the work-at-home minefield that is the Internet.

I am in a lather over this e-book because it gives you answers to two stubborn problems:

  • It’s hard to find legitimate jobs.
    Our e-book (which is not the one I’ve been reading) helps with this problem by showing you where and how to find real telecommuting jobs. But those jobs require pretty specific skills in writing, coding, design, or more.
  • What if I don’t have great computer skills?
    This is where the new e-book can help. It shows you step by step, practical ways to create your own jobs. No affiliate marketing, no fees up front. Real work, real paychecks.

The book is called In Your PJs: Simple Strategies Anyone Can Use to Work at Home Forever, and if you’re looking for ways to work from home, either as a supplement to your income or as a full-time career, you gotta have it. Get it now because it’s on sale for 20% off the regular price.

An Inside Look at In Your PJs

You know that we hang on to $ around here like a feathers hang onto a chicken. So I hope you believe me when I tell you this book is worth every penny. Here’s what you get when you fork over your hard-earned cash:

  • A 221-page e-book bursting with outstanding advice and ideas
  • A Telecommuters Resource Guide: 53 pages of links to tools that will help you get and keep paying clients
  • Access to the online home business idea tool

What’s In the Book?

Chapter 1: The author’s story. Don’t skip it—it will inspire you.
Chapter 2: The truth about working from home and changing your approach to your search (powerful stuff); personality traits and equipment you need
Chapter 3: Cover letters and resumes
Chapter 4: Where the real jobs are hiding
Chapter 5: The book is worth the purchase price for this chapter alone. It shows you how to fill existing business needs in your area and create your own home business. More detail below.
Chapter 6: How to market yourself to build the business in chapter 5.
Chapter 7: Great-looking templates for cover letters, resumes, flyers, brochures, and more.

More About Chapter 5

I said the book was worth the purchase price for this chapter alone. Here’s why: It teaches you how to create your own at-home business by filling an existing need that businesses around you have right now. Here are some of the business ideas that come out of those needs:

  • Provide “Company watch” research services
  • Provide Paper Management services to local small businesses
  • Provide a specialized typing service to local colleges and universities
  • Compile database of targeted leads for companies to use for their sales and marketing efforts
  • Become an Internet Press Release Agent
  • Specialize in preparing materials for trade shows and conferences
  • Provide monthly bookkeeping service subscriptions to local businesses
  • Offer recruiter assistant services. Specialize in locating and filtering resumes for recruiters
  • Specialize in generating sales leads for companies
  • And many, many more

And they aren’t just ideas. You’ll get detailed instructions on how to set up each business.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Choose not to participate in the recession by taking control of your work status. You can start today by learning how to find work at home jobs, and more important, how to create work you can do from home. There is no need to wait for a job to land in your lap—go out and make it happen! In Your PJs will convince you it can be done and will show you how. And there’s a 90-day guarantee. Check it out by clicking here.

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  1. I tried to get the information on Work in your PJs and the link takes me somewhere else. Has the site been removed or has a new name.

  2. NB is a great program but you have to be good at writing. The site shows you how but then offers you a way to have people do it for you. You have to write press releases and articles to make your site competitive and get the back links and added traffic.
    I think the program is great but I have yet to make money. Michael says it takes time so I will see.
    I just find it a pain to have to write all this content when you have 2 kikds and no time.

  3. I’m very interested in your go to Work In Your PJ’s book. How can I receive it.

  4. Larry,

    I have been looking for exactly that. A site that is truly independently reviewing products, but I can’t seem to find one. If I find one, I will post it here. If you find one first, please share.


  5. Does anyone know of some sites which are truly independent in evaluating work-at-home programs? I enjoy the evaluations on this site but it seems they are mainly contrasted with the money making programs which this site profits from.


  6. […] You Can Work in Your PJs: This book taught me that I don’t have to wait for an employer to hire me. I can go out and find a need, fill it, and get paid. And it gave me lots of ideas on how to do that. […]

  7. Javian, I didn’t realize my comment could cause so much stress. As I said above, the book gives you a very good foundation (her life stories are more of a trial and error). Step by step? Not so much. You get the basics, she gives you a lot of very useful resources. If you are looking for a step by step manual, this is not it. But it will point you in the right direction for you to succeed. I would suggest Wealthy Affiliate. There is step by step instructions there. Very user friendly for beginners. And definitely worth your two shits.

  8. Man I really hate dodgy comments like the one above. Does the book provide step by step information on how to get started? Does it go into GREAT DETAIL? I could give two shits abou the authors “story” if I pay for a product spare me the stories show me how to replicate! No On has answered any core questions it seems like a whole lot of ball park figures!


  9. I would like to say that I did purchase the In Your PJ’s e-book (based on I’ve Tried That reviews). I loved it! It is so full of VERY useful information. You can tell the book wasn’t written by an award winning novelist, but the suggestions and life experiences she shares really makes up for it. After you read it, I think the next move is for you to ask yourself just how motivated are you to work at home? She basically gives you a very good foundation on which to build… the question is “will you?”

  10. Yeah, i am looking for a job. It seems to be fun and exciting information when i have found some workathome website. I read, feel and think so confuse about advertising and information. Even if, i admit some workathome website to supply useful information and not scam.
    But, I do not know what reosurce is really heplful to me. I am final year student. I have not yet any experience, it is uncompetitive advantage with me. I want to have real work, but i do not have enough money to pay for a lot of ebooks or online course at where i gain experience or prove skills for my future careers?

  11. Annette Hall says:

    I am interested in the Work at Home how do I gt started? Please email me at annettehall51@yahoo.com

    Thank You..

  12. Pennie, I didn’t see your comment until now, so sorry for the delay. Yes, I’ve read it and loved it. Yes, I’m an affiliate of the book. That means I get a commission on each sale.

    The part of the book I liked the best is the part that tells you how to create your own business by meeting a need that people and businesses in your area have. For example, setting yourself up as a files organizer. You would work out the arrangements of how to get paid with your customers/clients.

  13. […] Answers about In Your PJs We have read and believe strongly in In Your PJs. That’s the short title of an e-book called You Can Work in Your PJs: Simple Strategies Anyone Can Use to Work at Home Forever. You can read our review here. […]

  14. Have anyone here read the book In Your PJs? If so, how did you like it?

    Joe, are you some kind of distributor for the book?

    I am not interestead in “tele works”. I want to work from my computor or work with things like getting paperwork sent home to me from companies and work in that way. I want to get paid every week, I mean not having to wait several weeks or so to get paid. How they do pay you, thats another question I have..

  15. I read about In Your PJs elsewhere and found a similarly named 95 page eBook by Donna Fontenot @ inpjs.com. Although well written the Fontenot book is devoted to affiliate marketing in which I have little interest. If I’d done just a little more research I would not have mistaken the two but it might help others to mention the other book of a similar name.

  16. Mark, I don’t blame you for being skeptical. I am suspicious of sales pages, too, and the In Your PJs one is straight-up sales copy. (You realize we didn’t write it though, right?)

    It uses those tactics because they work, and it’s unfortunate that scams use the same tactics. However, in this case as I said in the post, the money is worth it and the product is as good as it claims.

  17. MM your asking people to pay money to find a work at home job. A bit ironic and scammy sounding thats all. I admit a lot of the info on your site is helpful. Just sceptical as hell. Not to mention the way you sell it on that page looks like your selling some AMAZING PENIS PILLS that are truly AMAZING as seen on tv WOW.

  18. then price is $39.95 for in your PJs

  19. hello mark summers could u please explain, what reeks to u

  20. I looked at all of the links you had and read your posting and cannot find a price anywhere…any reason no one is telling the price?

  21. I’d love to be wrong but this reeks…

  22. Cote, if I did not believe it was a good investment, I wouldn’t be promoting it. Most of what we look at here is pure crap. This is very different.

  23. hello Joe,do you believe that the ebook in your PJs is a good investment? has anyone else out there purchased it? please let me know, thank u cote deleon.


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