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The Answer to All of Your Questions


We receive the following question on a near daily basis: “I don’t really have any experience working from home, but I just want to pick up some extra work to pull in some part time cash. Do you have any recommendations?” Typically, we try and answer them, but now I’m compiling our top three ways of making money from home into this single post. We’ve tried the following programs and can personally vouch for their pure awesomeness.

In Your PJs

Very rarely are we blown away with any program we find online. In Your PJs (IYP) is that rare exception. We were both blown away by the amount of pure work at home content this package had to offer. IYP outlines hundreds of different jobs that anyone can do from home. The book helps you discover what jobs you can do from home with skills you already have.

I’ve been using the book for a few days now and I’ve managed to pick up two extra freelance jobs I would have otherwise missed out on. I picked up $300 for two days work. Honest. The book has been the best investment we’ve made so far. I highly recommend that everyone here checks it out.
Click here to learn more about In Your PJs.

Niche Blitzkrieg

Michael Brown has developed a system that is one of the easiest ways to turn a profit online. Niche Blitzkrieg teaches you how to create specialized websites that continue to pull income long after you’ve created them. This program is completely newbie friendly and you need no prior experience in marketing or creating websites. Every aspect of Niche Blitzkrieg is explained in full detail complete with pictures and video tutorials.

I know what you’re thinking, “Websites? There’s no way in hell I could ever setup my own website.” Well, you’re wrong. With Niche Blitzkrieg, anyone can setup a website and I mean ANYONE. I’ve seen some of the most computer illiterate people follow Niche Blitzkrieg and have their first website fully up and running in under a couple of hours. Be sure to check out Niche Blitzkrieg. It’s one of the few ways you can make money online and have fun doing so.
Click here to read our review on Niche Blitzkrieg.

Build a Niche Store

Finally, we have Build a Niche Store, or BANS. I’ll be upfront about this program: it takes a bit more time and investment than the other two programs on the list, but that just means bigger payoffs in the long run. BANS is online software that can turn any website into your own completely populated online store. You don’t have to keep inventory or ship products or deal with customers either. You build the store, refer people to products, and reap the rewards.

We did a full review of Build a Niche Store earlier this year. I was able to make back my investment in under two months. The store is still up and running today and it is still making sales. I haven’t even visited the website in months, but it is continuing to operate smoothly. What’s better than continually receiving money for a one-time investment? I’d say, nothing at all.
Click here to learn more about Build a Niche Store.

There you have it. Our top recommendations. Go get rich, but don’t forget about us.

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  1. At first exposure, I very much like it. You may want to tweek parts after
    the program gets seasoned. Have a question;

    You mentioned that there were 5 programs that you recommended.
    I could only find three. Did I miss something?
    You guys really do good work and thank you for that. Best

  2. Quick question, I cancelled my google money tree account before getting the big charge, thanks by the way, and now I have the cd with all the software etc.. they reccomend does any of that stuff actually work or did I just waste $1.99?

  3. I think the best part about about THIS website, are these honest and REAL comments from people. It is so refreshing to have a website that weeds out all of the scams for you, because there are HUNDREDS out there. And you can actually trust that these are real people that actually tried it, not made up “testimonials” saying the product works. (what a bunch of crap!) So far, I made about 6 bucks in 10 minutes of work at youdata.com just by clicking on ads (i didnt even have to read them if i didnt want to, just click) – though it was over two days, it is VERY easy and it didnt cost me a thing to sign up. you get paid about 10-15 cents for every ad you view(you cannot get rich by doing this, but still – i can get a meal for 6 bucks so why not) and some of the ads are actually interesting too. I am working on signing up for chacha.com as well, I will let you know how that works out for me…i have a feeling it is gonna be good. i mean, they even make you fill out a w9 form for your taxes at the end of the year, and theres room for full time opportunities….check it out.

  4. If you check the website In your PJ’s, you can see the author insisting you not to pay for anything. But when u go to the bottom, you will realise the author is asking you to pay!!! What a stupid joke.

  5. Ok, so it has been one month since I decided to buy in your Pj’s. First off Since I have purchased her 50 dollar book ( that I was so ever stoked for) I have made an outstanding $0 dollars in only 1 month outstanding I know. I have tried most of her “tricks” which there are few.
    The books starts off with her boasting about how she made a living telecommuting. Unfortunately all the methods that she used are now no longer plausible, for instance no one needs things typed on type writers anymore. At the half way point in the book she is still boasting about her great effort and achievements as a single mom, which in no way help me.
    There’s a descent sized section on cover letters and resumes. All with examples of successful ivy league graduates looking for work which in there is know way for an average person to ever utilize. If I had 6 years of It schooling I wouldn’t be reading this e-book.
    She does how ever give to a link to her website http://www.workaholics4hire.com which has about all the information that her book has for free with out her life story attached.
    I still not going to give up on this book just yet being that I did spend 50 dollars on it and i hate returning things. However I so far am not impressed. If this book was 10 maybe 15 dollars I would approve of it just for it information on free software, and cover letters and resume templates (which are apparently on her site somewere yet I still cant find them, Even the ones that she leaves broken links to), But it’s definitely not worth $50 dollars. Sorry to say.

    1. I had the same reaction about the typewriting services part. But I know from teaching college that students will gladly pay people to type up notes and essays for them. Of course, nowadays you wouldn’t use a typewriter.

      Kristan, did you not like the part that helps you generate self-employment ideas? That was the part that impressed me the most.

  6. Hi – I have a silly question to ask. I already have a blog relative to my real estate business, but how is it that you can make money by blogging? Thanks

  7. Richard Godwin says:

    I enjoy you web site. What can you tell me about Google Money Tree? Thanks

    1. Richard, we have written a post about Google Money Tree. Click here to read it. And also read the comments by actual victims.

  8. AAAHHH!!!! Ok so I bought it.. I figure that, I spend that much money on my Xbox live account, or my zipcar account(that I use twice a year). or toy models, why not on something that might make me money… or atleast give me something to read for a day or 2. Ill post to tell you how it worked for a procrastinating, timid, unsure, no nothing.

  9. Does this book actually show me were to and how to get a job for people that are completely new to blogging, web dev., and everything? I do lots of searches and found tonnes of Craigslist adds. Unfortunately they all want more experience or better writing skills or more knowledge then I have to offer. Also will this book help for Canadians? I have a copy of “The Complete I’ve Tried That Guide to Telecommuting” and It was quite informative and if this book can help me as well and find me a full time carreer/job then I’ll buy by the end of the night.

    1. So you took the plunge before I saw your questions! I’m sure you’ll feel it was a good investment. No, it doesn’t teach you where to find jobs exactly. It goes one better by teaching you how to create work and money for yourself by filling business needs that already exist. And not only in highly technical fields like Web development and programming. Once you read it you might pop yourself in the head and think, “Why didn’t I think of that myself??” It’s that kind of revealing.

      And the author is Canadian! Runs her business out of Ottawa. Maybe the experiences she described in the book actually happened there in Canada.

      Please do keep us posted.

  10. Kristan, I have the book. I’ll be happy to answer any question you have about it.

  11. I sent in you PJ’s an email, just inquiring about some details. Being that know has posted here saying that it was a good find I have trouble wanting to send money to it. But as I was saying, I “tried” to email them but there email address that they have on site isn’t a valid email address. Now I don’t know about what you think but that’s not a good sign for it not being a complete scam. If Some one has this book please post so I know its good and for people that aren’t professional bloggers and web designers

  12. Marlow Olson says:

    Thanks for saving me from angela stevens. would like to keep in touch. no time now. keep me posted on stuff. Thanks


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