FedEX stopped by my place early on Saturday to deliver a belated Christmas present. Victor Corsino of Heated Mattress Covers Direct had offered to send me a heated mattress cover in exchange for a review on the blog. This type of product is typically outside of what we usually review, but I couldn’t turn down the offer. I hate the cold.

Heated Mattress Covers

Heated mattress covers work better than heated blankets as they work from beneath you trapping the heat in and minimizing heat loss. I’ll take as much heat as I can get right now. It’s getting to be that time of year where ridiculously cold is an understatement and running the heater all night is both bad for the environment and my wallet. Surrounding myself with as much heat as possible for as cheap as possible sounds great.

The features of the heated mattress cover as listed on the website include:

  • Nine different heat settings with a ‘last-setting’ memory controlled with a nifty electronic controller and LED display.
  • Automatic shut-off after 10 hours or if the temperature of the pad exceeds 83 degrees.
  • Detachable controls which allows the pad to be fully machine washable.
  • The cover also came with a user manual outlining the do’s and dont’s and troubleshooting issues.
  • Each pad comes with a five year warranty as well. If the pad should stop working properly on it’s own within five years, you will receive a replacement.
  • I’ve only had one night with the heated mattress cover so far. (I’m in love, but) I’ll be holding off on a full review until the end of the week. One day of use is not enough to give a proper review. For now, check out Heated Mattress Covers Direct.

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  • Tim

    I mean, I’m here in toronto, and it’s so cold out that the snow has turned to ice, i don’t even have the option of shoveling, i have to go outside to chop the ice from around my car! So when i come inside to duck under the covers, one of those blanket warmers would be great! (Not to mention that my wife and daughter would be up under there as well, sharing the warmth and love with me, lol!)

  • Tim

    I love your review! Can i get a free one as well if i leave a review for them?

  • Lori

    Hey…..I am sure it is great….you people do not know what the word COLD is….try living in Canada….now that is the word for COLD.

    I would like to purchase one and try it BUT I know myself well enough that I will not want to get out of bed…the rooms would then feel twice as cold…Brrr!….therefore this means I would be late/not go to work then would be in jeopardy of losing my job…lol

  • Cheryl

    I bought one of these when I lived in NYC and it was a godsend because my landlord thought heat was for sissies. I kept it while living in OKC and then gave it to my roommate when I moved to Sunny Florida. I’d buy one again if I ever move back up north.

  • Lynne

    First off….I want your connection to try cool things!!
    I love my heated mattress cover! I hate cold sheets, but I do want the room to be cold that I sleep in, so this is the best invention ever. Turn down the thermostat, and turn on the mattress cover!

  • Zen

    I bought one several months ago, so that I could turn the thermostat down at night. I absolutely love it, and I have no idea how I’ve gone all this time without one. I turn mine on about an hour before going to bed – no more cold-sheet shock!

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