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Beware of Google Treasure Chest.


This is just a quick post warning you guys to stay far away from Google Treasure Chest. They are operating the same deceitful acts as Google Money Tree. Their presell page claims to send you a packet of information on how to make money online for just $3.88. The deceit lies within the terms and conditions.

If you sign up for their program, you’ll automatically be enrolled in their “membership program.” I don’t exactly know what this entails, but I do know that if you don’t call and cancel the membership you didn’t sign up for, you’ll be charged $72.21 in just seven days. You’ll continue to be charged the same amount each month until you manually call in and cancel your fake membership. Again, there is no mention of this within their sales pitch. You have to dig through their terms and conditions in order to find this lovely bit of information.

Another interesting note is that this program is in no way endorsed by Google. I’m actually astonished that Google hasn’t issued a cease and desist for attaching their name to these programs. It’s just a matter of time I suppose.

You can read more about this in our Google Money Tree post.

Are there more companies peddling these same tricks? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Warning! Google Treasure Chest are still scamming people under a new name: Easy Google Profits / Blazing Keywords. See these sites for details:



    If you see a domain like sweettracking.com securecartcenter.com or 6ftoverhead.com then it’s all the same scamorama!

  2. I was taken in by Google Treasure Chest in early April. About a week after the $1.97 for the CD was taken out of my account, the surprise of $72.21 was taken out. I actually received the CD, but read that there’s a trojan in it that mines your personal information, so I never played it. By that time, I realized that I got taken in by a scam and wouldn’t have played it anyway.

    I called right away and was told that the refund had been processed. About a week later, I called again and was told that there had been an error and they would run the refund again. To make a long story short, that was in mid April and I still don’t have my refund. Every time I’ve called, except for the first time, I have been given the run-a-round. When I called today, I was told that GTC has 30 days to get the money back into my account, even though I’ve consistently been told that it takes 7-10 business days.

    I’ve already talked to my bank and have decided to go through them to file a dispute for the $1.97, $72.21, and the overdraft fee they caused of $34.00. I was going to wait the 30 days out, but am going to go and and file the dispute.

    I’ve read, too, that it’s recommended that your card be cancelled and a new one issued. I’ve also read that the Attorney General for the state of Texas has filed a suit against the company and the owner. Perhaps we should all file complaints with our state’s Attorney Generals!

    I, too, wonder why Google is allowing this to go on. Their name is trademarked, so it shouldn’t be difficult at all for them to put a stop to it being used, especially in this manner.

  3. Unfortunately, I just joined the list of those scammed by google treasure chest. I changed my mind about signing up, but then before I quit, an agent came on and offered me the kit for $0.99 and I thought…I can rist a dollar! Whoops, never got a kit from them and they took $72.21 from my account. I called them and I talked to a terribly rude dude called James or Joseph and he said ” Too bad. We can’t refund your money!” I said “am going to report this” and he said “good luck with that” and hang up on me! Then I called again and talked to another guy and he hang up on me too. I called a week later and talked to a lady who gave me an RGA number so that I can return the kit, for a refund if it ever came in the mail. It has never come. They told me to call back back if it hasnt come by end of may. so today is 1st of June. Just called and they said their system is down, I should call them back in 20 minutes. I’ll see what happens..if not am going to haunt them to their graves! Its not about the money..its about taking people for a fools ride! That’s just wrong on so many levels. I guess next time we want to make quick bucks, we’ll all be wiser!

  4. dailyartist says:

    I have been a victim of the Google Treasure Chest scam and I have regained my money ($72.21) after much stress and hassle. I have decided to write about it in my personal blog in hopes that my experience would help others avoid my mistake. If you would care to come read about my experience with this scam I hope that you might gain some tips or help for your own situations. My blog is not an advertisement blog but just a place to try and help others who have been caught as I was in this scam. Visit it here http://scam-googletreasurechest.blogspot.com/search/label/Recover%20your%20money and if you have any tips or information that might help others please feel free to leave a comment on the blogsite.

  5. Hi! I was tricked by that scam too! The only thing about that, is I did get a cd from them , but it doesn’t really do exaclty what they advertise. But I will have all of you to know that I believe I may have got the last laugh. When I sent in for the cd, I used a prepaid debit card and after that I used the rest of the money I had on there off. So I bet they felt like a damn fool thinking they were going to get some $71.00 off of my account. They may have gotten the $1.97, but that’s it! To everyone else, please remember, if you are going to try something out in charging, never use a credit or debit card with your bank information on it.

  6. Is there anyway to report them to google? I signed up, and want my money back, but they refused. Can anyone tell me how to contact Google to report them?

  7. I called the customer service # 866-951-1406 shown by Jennifer above.The guy said I don’t show up anywhere on their data base??? Maybe another stall ploy or I got lucky and my order was somehow incomplete, or whatever. I have notified my credit card co and my bank….so maybe my stupidity will only skin me up a little. Looks like the FTC is closing in on them though. Just paint me with a “stupid” brush.

  8. dailyartist says:

    Google Treasure Chest being Investigates?? Read this article from Jackson wy Jackson Hole Daily


  9. Jennifer Carnahan says:

    I too got caught in this scam (even after my husband warned me to read the fine print). It is spelled out – and I mean literally – in the fine print. it says you will be charnged seventy two dollars and twenty one cents. So it’s legal -not ethical and poorly written by all style guides and standards.

    What I recommend to everyone is to call and cancel immediately, at this number: 866.951.1406 . The call center number people are useless and will only give you the mailing address for the corporate office, which is not where you send your disk back for returns, but of course will delay the process long enough that your 30 days will lapse and you will find yourself in my situation, calling on the 31st day and getting nowhere.

    Then, I highly recommend you cancel your card – based on what I’m reading, many people have been charged even after cancelling, but if the card number is no longer valid, they cannot charge you.

  10. Barry Merritt says:

    I called 888-705-1275 to cancel right after I joined…..They said I did not appear on system yet….call back Fri. or Mon….get canellation # . Said it should be no problem. The person I talked to was a 3rd party customer service rep and I got her on fitst call. Said you have 7 days to cancel before the $70 charges hit……but we shall see when I talk to someone to cancel. I never do s..t like this. Knew I had screwed up as soon as I hit SUBMIT. Called my credit card too. Said they would help when charges appear.

  11. dailyartist says:

    All of these type scams are trading on the “Google” name as this places their ads and websites high on the search scale to be found, plus, most surfers trust that the “Google” connection means it is legitimate. What these scams have in common is that they bait you with some kind of “kit” which you think is your only cost. What they are really selling is membership in worthless websites filled with ads and software that can be found for free anywhere on the internet. What they are neglecting to do is inform the consumer that their intent is to enroll you in a monthly membership and pass your financial information on to other cohorts. Just having an obscure link of terms and conditions that is buried at the bottom of the page is not sufficient to fulfill FTC dot com law on showing what their intent is. The law requires that businesses must show disclosure (intent) in clear and conspicious easily read disclosure near where you submit your financial information if other terms or conditions are part of the transaction and should also have a place for you to check showing that you understand that further debits are going to be made when you submit the transaction and your financial information. All terms and conditions of a transaction should be disclosed before they have your financial information. These scammers are claiming you should have read the t/c before you signed up but they are the ones that are not complying with FTC law on clearly and conspiciously publishing their t/c along side where you submit financial information so you can make an informed decision.

    Please go read this http://peggyconyers.com/GTCscam/042209infusionmedia_pop.pdf to get an idea how these scams work.

    I was caught in the Google Treasure Chest scam myself but was lucky enough to get my money returned under the 30 day guarantee (see next paragraph) that GTC has but I used the refund phone number that was connected with the $72.21 unauthorized debit showing up on my bank account statement. I was never able to get any answer to the GTC support phone number, my e-mails were not answered and my mail sent to Google Treasure was returned as undeliverable. I was even able to keep their worthless dvd kit as I guess they did not want to refund that $1.97 also under the 30 day refund guarantee. I made a complaint report to the Utah BBB against GTC and when BBB sent my complaint to GTC it was returned back to them as “undeliverable”.

    30 Day Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee and Cancellation Requirements
    At any time during the first thirty days, if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may call customer service at 866.951.1406 for a refund of your monthly subscription and the shipping fee. When you call, a customer representative will give you an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number. The kit must then be returned with the RGA number. You must be able to confirm delivery to receive your refund. Please ship your kit with a delivery confirmation to our fulfillment center: 405 East 12450 South, Suite G, Draper, Utah 84020. Note: This address is for returns only. All other correspondence must be sent to the address on the website.

  12. This came in from Mariann via email:

    Indeed it is a scam. A charge showed up on my bank statement I could not figure out. When I called the number they said they were a third party customer service line, they wouldn’t tell for who, after 10 minutes of berating I finally found out the charge was an automatic membership renewal for a membership I knew nothing about. When they mentioned Google Treasure Chest I put the pieces together. I had ordered a CD from Google that was suppose to help me make money from home. The CD came with no explanation and was completely useless so I put it aside and figure since it was only $1.97 I hadn’t lost out, that was until I saw my bank account statement. The so-called membership has been cancelled and my account credited. Trust me I will be going to the bank report this.

  13. I too experienced the same scenario, only it began with a “make more money by filling out surveys” prompt. I requested information and agreed to pay the 1.97 for postage. I received a phone call the next day from what I assume was the same company confirming my card number and informing me that I would be charged 42 a month. I immediately canceled and thought that was it. 2 days later I saw a charge on my card from A1 member for 72 dollars. Immediately called and after some rangling canceled and got a promise of a refund. I also immediately reported it to my bank and disputed the charge. Today I look on my card and yes I was refunded the 72 dollar from A1 member only to see I now have a charge from Google Chest! After two phone calls and arguing about the small print and the email I never received, they agreed to cancel and refund my money. Only I am talking with Grant Masters now, not Google Chest. They are affiliated I am told so I also immediately called my bank and disputed the the 38. For good measure I had them issue me a new card and change my number, an inconvenience but will ensure no other charges from any “bump” sales will be registered on my card. That is what the salesman called it when I tried to find out how I had signed up for one thing and now was being charged for another. He called it a “bump sale.” It is good to read the “terms of agreement.” However the terms of agreement would only open after I had given my information (should have been my first clue) and never mentioned automatic memberships with affiliates who would then charge me x amount of dollars. I think like the mythical hydra, this serpent has many heads.

  14. To those who have gotten the virus my apologies but my machine is just fine I have AVG and I still have no virus I still have the C.D after a month and it is just sitting ther gathering dust. Some very usefull information is on that disc but since news of the virus I just might have to pay a visit to the guy that stole my wife and mess his pc up a little. To those who have some amount of success please let me know of something because my degree in criminal law is appareantly no good in this economy and I am so tired of burger king it aint even funny. Any amount of help would be appreciated


  16. Chuck Turner says:

    Been a victim of the Google Treasure Chest scam?

    You should file a complaint at:

    The FTC:

    The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

    With the Attorney General’s of your state and of the state where the scam is located (Utah):


    If you don’t let the authorities know then you cannot expect them to do anything.
    If they get a large number of complaints about a company they will investigate.

  17. Also, in my filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the phone number I called refers to THREE different businesses! Google Treasure Chest, Google Money Tree, AND Google Work-At-Home!

    They’re all scamming together!

  18. I just called to cancel using this phone number: 866-951-1406. I spoke with a representative called Rachel. Apparently, I called after the 30-day mark, so none of my money was refunded!

    Also, these charges have been overdrafting my account, meaning I have be charged from my bank because I “spent” more money than I had! All in all, I’ve probably lost about $200 to this scam! This really sucks. Please let me know how everyone else makes out! I hope it ends up better for everyone else!

  19. YES! I received my refund today!

    My original post was on 5/14/09

    I guess Ive been very lucky!



    Join google adsence directly and do some proper Internet marketing!

    Good Luck Everybody!


  20. On 4/29/2009 I also encountered the same situation happen to me. I received a call from GOOGLE TREASURE CHEST to work from home which I only authorize a payment for the amount of $3.88 for the delivery of the disk WHICH I NEVER RECEIVED and on 5/15/09 I checked my bank account and I had an unauthorized charge of $72.21 made to my account and made my account overdraft. I have made a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. I demand my refund upon effective immediately. Their customer service are rude and have no professionalism skills and they’re a scam.

  21. When you call these turkeys to get your refund, you should get the names of the people you talk to and write down the date and exactly what they tell you. The reps don’t always write down what they actually tell you.

  22. Yep, I’m a sucker too. I do a lot of Internet affiliate marketing, and thought this deal sounded good. I figured that I could scope out the info and then cancel in 7 days and only be out $1.97. I received my “kit” on the 8th day. There was some good and old outdated info in there but the “step by step” was truly lacking. I checked my capitolone credit card and found that I got charged $72.21, I called the UT number and was very nice to the lady as she explained that in order for my account to be charged I had to agree to the terms. I explained to her that I never received my login email and had not received the CD. I asked her to cancel everything and refund my charge. She gave me the refund number and said that it would be 10 to 15 days to see the refund on my credit card. I’ve waited 10 days…surprise no refund! I filed a dispute with capitolone over the charge. Hopefully, capitolone will not hold me responsible for the 72.21.

    I was also enrolled into another drop shipping company that would charge me 32??? bucks a month for their service. I canceled that too, through a different email address and did not see a charge on my account.

    Its true, you can’t get something for nothing = $1.97.

    If you have some Internet marketing knowledge though, you can make some money with Google Adsence. It’s all up to you to figure it out though.


    Join google adsence directly and do some proper Internet marketing!

    Good Luck Everybody!


  23. Is being awhile since i posted this,on the 4/20
    i asked for my refund around the 13/20
    Today is the 5/12.
    Tomorrow will be one full month,
    I call twice, the guy claim they are the company that process the refund, but it will take some time. (3 to 5 days turn to be a full month?)
    Has anyone actually received their refund yet?

  24. Know Your Rights
    Businesses must obtain your informed consent before enrolling you in a negative option plan. This is because, under traditional contract law, businesses cannot charge you for goods that you do not order. In fact, you are legally entitled to keep any unordered merchandise that you receive.

    While the Negative Option Rule only applies to prenotification negative option plans, the FTC will take action against non-prenotification plans that it considers to be unfair or deceptive. If you were enrolled in a negative option plan without your knowledge, and the terms and conditions of the plan were not described in a clear and conspicuous manner, you may file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

    To file complaint with FTC go to http://www.ftc.gov/ftc/cmplanding.shtm

    ~~Well, a lot of us were enrolled in a negative option plan without our knowlege and the plan was not discussed or described before they had our financial information as the law requires and they sure as “h e double l” didn’t have our consent.

  25. Okay…I see some people got the CD with a special virus. No Thanks. Sorry for those of you that got scammed… damn them. I was soo close to being there too. Something sounded fishy… too good to be true came to mind.

  26. Okay, I got the call today to sign up. I did read the small print of the ad and did see this $69.90 charge per month for access to their website. I hesitated and told them I didn’t have my wallet to purchase the program. I then looked up this website… deciding to google the company name they called themselves “Google ATM”. I then found this info with every ones comments. THANK GOD I DID. I was soo close. I need to make extra money and was almost stupid not to investigate this company before sending off any money.

    I found their ad on a website…I don’t remember which it was, but I read on and thought…wow.. I could pay off my house if I worked it hard. I found something very interested. I went to two different websites and noticed the checks they display with the $5000 on it…is the same check, same account number, same date, and same position of fingers holding the check. If they were for real, why would you have to have a generic check…. wouldn’t you want to boost that you made that money. I don’t trust this at all. Thanks again for everyone’s postings. I’m so glad I did a little research. Here are the links to those two sites.

    check it out. I never heard if anyone really got a packet?and how long it took.


  27. i signed up and received the kit,looks like alot of very useful tools for everything from adsense to web design.I used a vanilla-MasterCard that only had enough balance to pay the shipping and handling.

    When I put the DVD in my norton shut it down and quarantined the Trojan horse that was detected immediately.I had to eject the dvd before the fix could be finished.

    the next time I put it in no trojan,just lots of useful free software,but i’m scared to un-zip any of it.Time to visit the ex-wife and do it on her machine

  28. RE: DANGER: Beware of Google Treasure Chest.

    “ivetriedthat.com — I was scammed! Stay far away from Google Treasure Chest. They are operating the same deceitful acts as Google Money Tree. Their presell page claims to send you a packet of information on how to make money online for just $3.88 or in some places $1.97. They will charge you[r] card $72.21 every month if you do not stop them. Call your bank immediately!”

    This is a scam. and here is why I believe it is fraudulent.

    Some airhead posted a response on a blog discussion about this stating that this was each person’s fault because the information is presented in black and hite in the Terms and Conditions. This person either works for these companies or is so arrogant in their”superiority” over other people that they think they “get it” when they very obviously don’t. What is obvious os that this person knows nothing about the science of advertising and marketing that makes use of the repetition of verbal and visual imagery to condition a persons mind to accept, or at the very least, think positively about the message or product a company is trying to convey. A perfect example are hamburger ads. It doesn’t make any difference what hamburger company is doing the advertising, when you see an ad for their product, you get hunger signals and have a desire for their hamburgers. It doesn’t matter if you normally like hamburger “A” over hamburger “B”. After seeing the ad so many times telling you that you like “B”, you think you do and will hunger for it at that moment. This is a fact of the psychology of marketing.

    First. Yes, technically they say you have 7 days to cancel but you are so rushed by the “countdown” (visual stimulation), that you feel hurried and thus you don’t pick up on everything. Your mind gets into a “skimming over things” state which results in your susceptibility to pre-programmed marketing information regardless of the facts. Unfortunately, after 60 years of this kind of programming, marketing companies have become experts in mind control. They know just which buttons to push. They have profiles of nearly everyone in the U.S. down to and including newborn infants.

    Second, you should be able to cancel using the phone number given but you can’t. When you call to cancel, and we personally went through this, you are sent from one phone number to the next, each one denyng that you have an account until finally, if you persist in calling number after number after number, you get through to someone who lets you cancel – IF – it is within 7 days.

    Third, Their use of deceptive marketing strategies. In the U.S., advertising and marketing programs have conditioned us to having a 30 day guarantee mindset. When we see something like this we are apt to skim over it because our minds already know what they are going to say – you have “30” days to cancel. Unfortunately, these companies know this which is why they use the 7 day guarantee. By the time you get around to canceling, Usually because you were waiting on their product, you are past their guarantee time.

    Fourth, these companies also know that most people are to busy to make call after call after call at one time. They make a quick call to the Cancellation number given to cancel and can’t. They need to call a different number and the “call center” just happens to have the number you need to call. They are given a different phone number. So they make a note of it and then try to remember to call that number the next chance they get. This happens over and over. By the time they have reached the right phone number to cancel, they are usually to late to cancel. This is the way these companies operate. sadly, even though it is a fraudulent practice, this hasn’t been codified into law so technically they aren’t breaking any “on the books” laws. So they will keep on doing it, ripping off more and more people.

    What can be done: Until enough people contact their local, state, and federal lawmakers telling them about this, it will continue unabated. Lawmakers need to be made to understand that this is an epidemic, a business fraud epidemic. In fact, it is a global pandemic of ripoffs made possible by the anonimity of the Internet. People like ivetriedthat.com need to keep revealing these scams so the world knows that each person alone isn’t affected but that there are thousands, even tens of thousands who are.

  29. Other companyies…Yes check out Easy White Labs. Sign uo for their “trial Period” and the hit your account before the end of the “Trial” and say thet mailed you a months supply…I guess pigeon carrier. Also a Company with the exact tactics is “Trislim”. I for one am finished with these “Trial” scams. They claim you only have to pay S&H for the trial and you do..then Wham!!!


  31. The list keep growing & growing, i did cancell as soon as i seen the removal of $ my visa & this was on Feb 9th & they also told me that i would not get my money back
    never did receive the CD

  32. the rat race says:

    same shit. Never trust websites of home business. all #’s 2 call for this is 1-888-705-1275 1800-922-4684. if u can’t get through or u can’t contact anyone call ya bank. file a complaint. have ya bank call the 1-888 number up. Cause ya number goes to a database where it won’t get answered. Ya bank number is going to have to get answered even when they put you on 3 way. Once you get contact be sure to get a cancellation # an RGA #. send the CD back and get ya money back

  33. I just spoke to Serg at the 866 number and was told that I had missed the deadline to call and cancel. He would authorize 1/2 return of the amount if I didn’t receive the CD and a full return of the amount only if I did receive the CD and send it back to them. When I asked to speak to a supervisor (Serg was very polite as was I) because Serg said that was all he could do for me, his response was that their supervisors didn’t take phone calls.

  34. Just wondering if anyone else finds this interesting??:
    When I enter “google treasure chest scam” into the GOOGLE search engine, the first SPONSORED link is for google-kit.com, which comes up as a back door website into… you guessed it – googletreasurechest!!

  35. Google Treasure Chest….awful scam! My bank called them for me, and we did a three way call, and was told that my money would be returned in 3 to 5 business days. We will see about that! Be sure you call your bank and see if they can help you.Google Treasure will continue to take out 72.21 until it is cancelled and you only have 30 days cancel to get your money back. They told me I could keep the CD, which is useless !!!
    you can be sure i will never do anything like this again, ever.

  36. Hi again, one final note of caution to anyone interested: Just to “dot the i’s and cross the t’s,” I did keep trying to call customer service (using the 866-957-0020 number someone posted above — thank you!! — as I only got a recording at the 866-951-1406 number). I did get a confirmation number but since I read above about people canceling but still getting charged, my advise to all those who are seeking or received a cancellation # to CANCEL YOUR CREDIT CARD ANYWAY! GTC is clearly an unscrupulous entity and just because you got a # or were assured your account would be refunded it doesn’t mean they won’t continue to charge you. It is no big deal and you will get a new card within 7-10 biz days. Worth the wait and your peace of mind.

  37. I can’t believe I got suckered into this in a weak moment but I did. I got charged the $1.98 and then recieved a follow-up call from someone confirming my order. When she started asking me about my credit card (to verify, of course!) I smelled a rat and told them I wanted to cancel everything immediately. She of course said she couldn’t do that and to call Customer Service and gave me the #. When I called the number I got a recording saying to call during regular business hours – even when I DID call during those times. Thankfully I was able to cancel my card before they charged anything additional, so I got off pretty easily.

    Let this be a warning to all of us: NEVER sign up for anything without reading the fine print. If you do decide to order something without knowing fully what it is, then go get a pre-paid credit card with a small amount on it to just cover the initial expense and nothing more. That way no continuous or monthly charges will go through.

  38. hi
    i almost got sucked into this as well, like some of the posts i have seen on this i saw there little countdown counter aswell.
    and like 1 of these posts i read the fine print i saw all of this i thought oh hell no, dinnt even give them the chance to get my info, which when i clicked outta of it, i got a live agent wanting to chat immedity!,i told them no shut it off.
    when i start seeing all of this flashing blinking stuff like i saw it already puts a red flag up in my mind.
    so i googled it,ended up landing on this page which after what i have read today i am glad i did.
    i know of others who do at home stuff on the net i am going to let them know about this as well.
    what got me was there was some kinda thing suppoably on mnbc.com where some guy made all of this big bucks driving a new bmw yeah-yeah-yeah, i think yea right!.
    nore than likely that was a scam too!
    its like they say buyer beware,if its too good to be true more than likley it is.
    take warning when you see that junk blinking flashing like that its a scam as far as i am concerned.
    i hope you folks get your money back.

  39. Karen Orsi says:

    I received their “How To Make Money Online” Kit for free, as that was how it was advertised to me in a pop-up, but did not have time to use it. A sales associate at the company called me the day after I received it and began asking me stupid questions like
    “Would you like to make six figures a year?” and “What would you like to do with that money?” being very vague throughout the conversation. Then he asks me if I have any credit cards, so I say, “Yes, I suppose my husband has some… why? I thought this was free?” Then he says, “Yes, it is. So what kinds does he have?” I called the FTC, and they seemed very interested in this exchange. I hope they get wiped off the net for scamming people with this “free” offer.

  40. Kind_Vapour says:

    I got my kit. i was also onyl charged 1.98 for shipping for the “Google easy money” site, and got the “google tresure chest” cd.
    lots of info on it, like 40 ebooks about how to do it. so far, it just seems like a scam, just the way its built. ill keep diggin through the cd, and let you know if anything is worth wile.
    although i doubt it.
    i did call and cancel all memberships the second i signed up.

    good luck, ill keep you posted.

  41. People… all you need to do to be sure no more charges are put on your Visa card is to tear it up and request a new one.

    Takes about 10 days.

    Problem solved…

    THEN you can raise holy terror on the phone lines to get the original charges back. Try to do chargebacks also… GOOGLETREASURECHEST will be CHARGED $35 for the hassle… not you!

  42. Jonathan D Eborn home address: [removed by Joe]

    This is the crook stealing our money.

    Maybe a nice drive to his home will open his eyes. Along with a nice can of woop ass.

    He deserves the living crap beat out of him.

  43. I tried this program and it is a ripoff. Not only that but when I went to download the CD program onto my computer the CD attempted to downloaded a trojan horse as well. Thank goodness for my security system on my computer. Buyer beware.

  44. Not Kevin says:

    Try this number: (801) 545-0628

  45. The Viking says:

    These guy’s also like to phone you personally and play good cop bad cop using all kinds of high pressure sales tactics to sell you some personal training. And it will only cost you between $6,000 and $15,000. And it all adds up to a total of 24 hours. WOW! They nabbed me for $1.97 and maybe another $70.00 or so. I’ll find out on Monday when i phone there and rip someone a new ass over the phone. Can’t wait.It’s going to be fun. Thank you guys for the numbers and the info.

    Good luck to everyone.

  46. I have actually received the CD, but wasn’t expecting the $72.21 charge, either. I will call first thing Monday morning (I wish I had noticed the charge before the close of business day today). There is a phone number listed on the website that says “for refund.” Hopefully this will be stopped soon. I was also automatically signed up for the GrantSpring website, which I’ve also canceled to avoid being charged $24-something by 5/19/09. What a scam.

  47. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh… I should have read this or at least google before I do something very suspicious in action. my gosh.. I can’t believe that I have done stuff like this.

    I called VISA and reported this and the customer service representative asked me to contact them first to cancel my membership, at least try to get a refund from them and then call VISA back.

    So I called the “CUSTOMER SERVICE” 866-957-0020 and the guy said i’m going to be refunded, my membership has been canceled.

    Did anyone get a full refund & no more charges after that? I still cannot believe the stupid scam company that I might have to cancel my creditcard and make a new one from other financial institution, geez..

    and guys, watch out for this website as well..


    he (Richard or whoever)is promoting the google treasure chest to work at home and make money. He was able to use whatever information that they give, and became successful using this program. yeah, whatever.

    I hope that this website will be spreaded much more so that no more scamming or fraud happening. and Please, before you purchase something online, GOOGLE THE COMPANY, GOOGLE ANY INFORMATION FIRST!!! (from personal blogs, preferrably. much more honest feedbacks about the products or programs!) This is a big lesson for me as well.. hew.

  48. Not Kevin says:

    According to the legal document issued by the Texas Attorney General the person behind the Google Money Tree and Google Tresure Chest scam is Jonathan D Eborn home address: 2249 Gambel Oak Dr, Sandy, Utah, 84092 Telephone: 545-0628 E-mail: stephburnside@gmail.com


    Hope that helps.

  49. Will I didn’t give them anything. They didn’t give me anything but five calls a day wanting to know if I will give them something.I told them I contacted the BBB .She hung up I put block on phone call,I found out the terms is knot binning,its not even legal.What there doing is.Contact the BBB in utah and they will tell you what you need to know.

  50. I (like many others) fell their scam. I’m upset not just because of the money but because I normally know better than to be sucked into things like this.

    I found this via a facebook advert, which was a link to Kevins Blog, which then linked me to the earnfastcashwithgoogle.com site. This site had that silly 5 minute timer, flashing lights, the pay only $1.97 deal nearly everyone has seen. This then led me into the main googletreasurechest.com after I gave my credit card.

    So here is what I did regarding refunds. I did not call the number listed on my credit card statement , but I called 866-951-1406. After only a 4 minute hold, I explained the situation to the guy who was very polite, and I mentioned I was ok with the $1.97 charge but requested I be refunded the $72.21. He was very polite and agreed to refund the $72.21 already charged, to stop any recurring charges, provided me with my cancellation number, and that it should show up credited back with 5 business days. I thanked him, and also asked him about the 2 other companies I came across during my research, SafelockID and Grantspring. He said he had also cancelled safelock as well, but that I may have to call Grantspring at 888-247-2155, and then we ended our conversation.

    Now I just hope they actually follow-through on my refund within the 5 business days. I also read about this on the Texas Attorney Generals site. I suspect googletreasurechest already know they are in deep sh*t because when I phoned the guy didnt give me a hassle about it! :)

    I called the Grant Springs number, they were not able to locate me by email, phone# or mailing address, so here’s hoping my refund goes through and that there are no more charges from any of these companies.


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