Answers about In Your PJs
We have read and believe strongly in In Your PJs. That’s the short title of an e-book called You Can Work in Your PJs: Simple Strategies Anyone Can Use to Work at Home Forever. You can read our review here.

A couple of readers have written to tell us they can’t get answers to their questions from the advertised support e-mail address, which is support[at]inyourpjs[dot]com. So we wrote to the publisher and owner of that site and the ebook,, and said, “Yo, WTF?”

They wrote back and were very apologetic. They are looking into the problem and will let us know when they have an answer. Meanwhile, if you have a question about In Your PJs that we can’t answer, write to the owners at support[at]workaholics4hire[dot]com. In fact, that site is not a bad work at home resource. Check it out.

Rebate Processing in the News
Our Rebate Processing posts and discussion threads were all abuzz a couple of months ago over a rumored ABC News program looking for your stories. A rumor was floating that an ABC News producer was interviewing victims of work-at-home scams for a news show.

The rumor was true. Both Steve and I were interviewed and we have had several email exchanges with the producers. It’s a 20/20 show on Internet scams and will feature rebate processing. It is scheduled to air sometime in March. We’ll keep you posted when we have an exact date.

The Giveaway Part

Have you wanted to buy our ebook but didn’t have the $10? Or you were just suspicious of two semi-anonymous authors and didn’t want to get scammed again by paying the money? Well, then! Today is your lucky day because we’re giving away free copies.
That’s incredible, Joe! How do I get mine??
It’s simple:

  1. Pick any post at I’ve Tried That and leave a substantive comment in the comments section. That means, like, no “I’m commenting” types of comments. Contribute to the discussion in some way.
  2. Write to me (joe[at]ivetriedthat[dot]com) to tell me you posted a comment.

I’ll choose five winners from people who follow these instructions over the next four hours. If you’re one of them, I’ll send you a free I’ve Tried That Guide to Telecommuting just to say thanks for being a reader.

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  • E Freeman
    E Freeman

    I ran across your website today while researching complaints on yet another online “opportunity”. The pros and cons of the internet boil down to this: Infinate information for research and infinate information for research. All seems like such a catch 22. I will continue to investigate your site and hoping I will educate myself more. Good Luck with your site.

  • Michele W.
    Michele W.

    Ok, so like everyone else here I am trying my best to figure out how to make money to make up for our terrible, scary economy now! I appreciate this opportunity to possibly get a free copy of this e-book. I hope it will help get me going on making cash online. I am self employed in a business that has taken a terrible downturn since the bottom is falling out of the markets. Being incredibly leary of all the schemes out there I’m really trying to figure out who is legitimate and in which direction I should go. Your site has been informative and I’ve tried some of the surveys and will continue but I know there’s got to be something more profitable that I could get into. Thanks for the information here & I will continue reading through your site to learn more.

  • Joan Anderson
    Joan Anderson

    I recently have been contacted by a (company calling itself Venus Group Inc.) offering a position to me, as an HR assoiciate. They said they found my resume online. I have tried to check them out on the BBB website but to no avail. Have you had any feedback on this company, and do you know if they are legit or not? Please let me know, thank you.

  • Rob Williams
    Rob Williams

    I have been searching the web since I became unemployed in November. This is my first time trying to find a business opportunity via the internet. The one thing I have discovered is that someone will always do a scam report on every business. With that being said who do we as newcomers trust and how do we know they can be trusted. I understand that there are no success click buttons like the Staples (easy) button. After 3 months of searching I am yet to try a business. At this point I am continue to work on my Doctoral degree and try to educate myself (because of a lack of coaching or mentor programs that I know can be trusted) on the web. I know people are making a lot of money and I am confident that I will figure out how to be successful with a internet business. I would love a copy of your book.

    In need of a mentor
    Rob Williams

  • sandi watkins
    sandi watkins

    ok, i have reviewed so many sites at this point that i’m going crazy. i would like to find a legitimate work at home business that will help me pay the bills. i am hoping that by sending this to you that it will qualify me to win a copy of your book “I’ve tried that guide to telecommuting”. thanks!

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