No, I’ve Tried That isn’t going anywhere. It all started when I received a ‘Fitness Pass’ in the mail. It was a seven day free trial of the facilities at LA Fitness. The gym had just opened a few months prior and I manged to convince myself to get off of my butt and check it out. My girlfriend decided to tag along as well.

The super exclusive sale that ends today.

I’ve been analyzing sales pages online for quite some time now. I know some of the most cheesy sales techniques used to close a lead and I can spot them coming from a mile away. However, once I stepped out from behind the keyboard, I was lost. I picked a hell of a day to walk into LA Fitness because as my luck would have it, today only, there was a special new members discount.

Two members could sign up for the price of one! I find it amazing that my girlfriend and I walk into a gym the very same day the entire membership was 50% off. Regardless, we ended up liking what we saw and did become members. After talking to other couples who are also members, we did find out that we were given a break. It wasn’t as much as we were lead to believe, but any amount of saved money is good these days.

A personal trainer? Damn, these people are good at selling.

Our monthly membership came with a free fitness assessment. I was reluctant to use it, but my girlfriend insisted we at least see what it included. I already knew I was out of shape and I didn’t need someone else to tell me so.

Within ten minutes of sitting down with a fitness trainer, I realized I was absolutely clueless about weight loss, weight gain, proper nutrition, cardio workouts, how to use nearly every piece of equipment, and I was pretty sure I was entering and exiting the gym in the wrong fashion as well. Of course, we were hit with the upsell and eventually caved in.

So, here I am out a couple of dollars and in a one-year fitness contract. I know this is a good thing, but my bank account seems to say otherwise. I do live a pretty sedentary life though. Since I work from home, my daily exercise routine consists of walking from my bed to my computer to the kitchen. I know this membership is a good thing. Here’s to 12 months of a more healthy lifestyle.

Wish me luck.

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  • Carolyn Bennett Sullivan
    Carolyn Bennett Sullivan

    Good for you for joining a gym, even if they did upsell you. The key is to keep going until it becomes a habit and you realize how much better you feel when you work out. As for the info. on nutrition you could’ve asked me but you didn’t know………that I’m an expert in that field.

  • Stormgirl

    I read your email today and I had a few minutes to click on the link for cashfor Anyways it looks like a site that is a scam site and it makes me wonder why you would allow a site that tries to make me believe I can become rich but only if I sign up in the next 14 minutes and 10…9…8 seconds to advertise on your site. Just seems wierd to me. Thanx

    • Joe

      Stormgirl, I agree. It is weird. However, we don’t get a chance to approve every single ad that is included. The ads you’re referring to are generated by Google based on the content in the blog post, and we never see most of them. We can prevent certain ads from showing, but these scammy sites pop up so fast that it’s impossible to stay ahead of them.

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