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The Niche Blitzkrieg Review


I’ll be honest. I rarely come across a program that I’m excited to try. It’s true. Most of the time, I dread reviewing new programs, seeing as a lot of requests we receive are the same program just masked as something else. But this time it’s different. I found myself excited to try the Niche Blitzkrieg program. I think we may have finally found something that will work for everybody.

What is the Niche Blitzkrieg System?

The Niche Blitzkrieg system was developed by Michael Brown, a veteran on teaching others how to make money online. The focal point behind Niche Blitzkrieg is that you will be researching popular trends and niches in the world today and then building a website to cater to this trend or niche. In doing so, you will attract visitors from search engines and then make money through advertisements placed on your website.

Does the idea of creating websites scare you? I know a lot of you are probably thinking that there’s no way in hell you could ever setup your very own website. Well, knock it off. The truth is that creating a website these days is very, very easy. In fact, with the Niche Blitzkrieg system, all of the hard work will automatically be generated for you. If you can manage to type on a keyboard, you’re more than capable of running your own website. Honest.

This program is somewhat newbie friendly. Just “somewhat?” Well, the process of doing keyword research and setting up your sites is explained in layman’s terms, and Michael uses pictures and videos to show you, step-by-step, what you need to do.

It’s only “somewhat” newbie friendly because there are some gaps in the instruction. Someone who is brand new to WordPress and plug-ins will struggle a bit. That’s not to say newbies can’t do it. They most certainly can. But you’ll need to have some stubbornness and persistence to get yourself through the gaps. The Forum looks like a good source of help, though, and Michael is quick to answer questions.

The best part of the program is that positive results are easily duplicated. Once you create your first profitable website, you’ll be able to take the techniques used and repeat them as many times as you possibly can. You’ll find yourself with multiple streams of income that continue to earn money for you long after they’ve been created.

My personal involvement with the program has been great thus far. I’ve been conducting my own niche research these past few days and do have quite a few ideas on where to take them. Sorry, I can’t share them as they are my personal ideas and I don’t want you guys to take the credit for my hard work. I should have a few websites up and running fairly soon though. I suspect my investment into the program and money spent ordering domain names will be made back within less than a month.

We use a lot of similar techniques outlined in Niche Blitzkrieg to make money each month with I’ve Tried That. Seeing as these techniques are proven to work and I’ve seen it happen with my own two eyes on a daily basis, I feel confident in highly recommending the Niche Blitzkrieg program.

Niche Research Commando

The Niche Research Commando is a tool that you can add on to the program at an extra cost. I’ve been using the tool myself over these past couple of days and it has already saved me from spending countless hours on niche research.

The program allows you to view the top ten results in Google for the niche keyword of your choice. These results provide you with valuable information like how the top ten sites use their keywords, how many backlinks a website has, the pagerank of the website and the overall competition you would face if you choose to build a website in this niche. This tool is extremely beneficial to beginners and is very easy to use. Of course, you don’t need to buy the program, but you will end up spending 20 to 30 minutes on a task that takes this program 20 to 30 seconds.

What I Didn’t Like

[Updated on March 23rd, 2009] When I first reviewed Niche Blitzkrieg, I felt that the system was starting to become outdated and skipped over a few essential parts to running a domain. I expressed my concerns to owner Michael Brown and he assured me that an update was coming. Now, we’ve reviewed a lot of programs in the past, and generally the program owners have been cold and unresponsive. Not only did Michael respond to my concerns, but he promised action and boy did he pull through.

My biggest concern was that the system didn’t go in-depth on how to actually get a site up and running. This alone could be enough to scare off any new members as the thought of setting up a domain can be particularly scare your first time around. Well, Michael Brown not only updated the guide used in the system, but has provided full screencasts on how to setup your websites. His teaching is flawless and you will not encounter any issues when following along with his video guides.

Aside from that issue, the rest of the system has been fully updated as well. At this point, I actually can’t find a single thing to complain about, which is a first here at I’ve Tried That.

Special Discount for I’ve Tried That Readers ONLY! Save $20!

I worked with Michael Brown on setting up a special pricing discount for I’ve Tried That readers. For a limited time only, you can join Niche Blitzkrieg for $57 (instead of the usual $77 price tag) and save yourself $20. You will not see another offer like this on the web. This is exclusive to IveTriedThat.com!

Watch this Special Presentation BEFORE Joining

I’ve actually invited Michael Brown to do a quick video presentation outlining both his life and the Niche Blitzkrieg program in more detail. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you watch this presentation. It will help clairify a lot of questions you may have and you can get a few cool bonuses just for watching.

Click here and watch the presentation now!

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  1. Hello again Michael,

    First of all, I can’t respect you more for the reply. I posted that question (above this one) a few days earlier when I was new and skeptical about spending money on anything. I did confirm the MBG with some other programs aswell and their reply’s were somewhat offensive. Hence my respect towards you Michael.
    I’ve decided to buy NBK as you’re a person I feel I can trust. Though it’ll take me a few weeks as I need to save some money. I do have a final set of questions Michael

    Q. Is NBK updated for 2014 ?
    Q. You never mention the training for E-mail list building and squeeze page training etc.. are they in the training?
    Q. What is the price of NBK with all it’s upsells as I do plan to buy them ? (e.g NBK Commando)
    Q. You mentioned the 1 page Ugly sites being indexed on 1st page of SE .. Don’t they get slapped by Google updates?
    Q. Can we still index these sites on 1st page after the latest updates?

    Finally I’m deciding to save some more and get the premium package but being a stupid, I can’t seem to tell their Importance. So can you please explain the uses of the extra premium products.

    Lastly I’d like to thank Ivetriedthat & Michael for this discounted offer. Otherwise I couldn’t have hoped to buy the Premium Package or NBK !

    Thanks !

  2. Danial,

    Yes we offer a 60 MBG. However, I really think you need to change your mind set. In my opinion to only worry about a money back guarantee means you’re already setting yourself for failure.

    I realize the price of the program is a lot in your country but I really think that the last thing on your mind should be the MBG. Instead, go through the course, utilize the course as taught and if you get stuck ask questions in the community for help :)

    If you need anything let me know!


  3. Hey Michael,

    I’ve been doing some research on Niche Blitzkrieg and finally have decided to buy the program.
    I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate but not a premium as I’m 18 year old who can’t afford to pay monthly subscription. I’ve been searching a One-time-pay program which would teach me everything !!
    I would just like to reconfirm the money back guarantee (since i live in a low-cost labor country and the program is gonna take 60% of my months full-time job salary), It doesn’t matter whether i have watched the videos or not right? i can go through all the program and if i fail to earn.. can i ask for a refund ??
    Thanks Michael :)

  4. Hello I am interested in this program, and wanted to know if this is legit and if you can send me some kind of true proof. Thank you.

  5. John - Michael Brown Support says:

    Hello John,

    Sorry that we have neglected your message. I will look into the problem (I’m the support person) but I need your email address. Please give it to me by filling out a Help Desk ticket at http://MichaelBrownSupport.com Please remind me in the ticket what the problem is.

    Thank you so much, and again, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.

    Michael Brown Support

  6. Am I losing TIME?

  7. Hey Michael or Representative,

    Are you still there? I haven’t received any response since I sent the above..

  8. Michael,

    I have absolutely NO reason to doubt your efforts and
    apparent sincerity. I can imagine you yourself are spending a great deal of time simply answering questions and challenges and maybe losing money doing so. I respect that.
    With that in mind, I’m sure you will want to know that I HAVE committed to your system, sent in my “membership fee,” but to date have received NOTHING in the way of books or materials. Did I miss or interpret something incorrectly? I have hesitated numerous times to share this information and do NOT want to hurt your efforts or your program, but I’m READY! I WANT to get started! I’m at home without a job and am going crazy! IF you want or need to talk directly to me, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll give you my phone number. BY the way, I HAVE heard through e-mails (2) and suspect that it’s getting worked out, but in the meantime, I’m losing TIME and am only on a one-month plan. Thanks if you yourself have actually read this. It gives me more incentive to believe!

  9. Pam,

    In the course the keyword tool was updated to Google Keyword Planner over a month ago with explanations and a video on exactly how to use it.


  10. Hello, I am brand new to the Niche Blitzkrieg system. Can someone tell me about the Google Keyword Planner. It has replaced the free Google Tool Bar. I understand you need an account with Adwords to get this. Wondering if there will be charges in relation to what we need from this. Any advice appreciated so much. Thank you.

  11. what is the difference between the standard and premium other then the price… opps to the post above, I paid a KID across the street to cut the grass, sorry

  12. I have been attempting to actually do this since this morning, and still, I keep post-ponging it, I have this un-canny ability for getting the raw end of the deal so to say, just for instance, I already paid a across the street to cut my grass, and he only cut part of it, get the idea…

  13. This all sounds good, but still Leary. I clicked on the link to get access, the 4.95 7 day free trial, however, it also says billed today 47.00, what will i be charged for today if i was to try this program.

  14. Laura,

    Thanks for the question.

    You can certainly write reviews on your site and make money that way. But, it’s flexible enough that you can also make money by writing brief tutorials, simple articles or even just pure educational topics.

    You not only place ads on your site but you can easily recommend programs and services in individual posts that can convert sales as well.

    Through the ads and/or recommended products you make money when someone buys.

    Let me know if this helps!


  15. I’ve read a good majority of the comments on this page and I have a decent grasp on the ideas. But, something still eludes me. Are you just writing reviews on your website to promote the product, and placing ads that take the potential customer to the actual website to purchase it? I’m very interested in this program.

  16. Lexi,

    Just wanted to answer this question for you. Yes, NBK is up-to-date. I give the course a yearly update and more if needed.

    It’s all you need to get started with making money online.

    Let me know if you need anything else and I look forward to seeing you in our community if you decide to join us.

  17. Steve,
    Do you still recommend NB? Is it up to date? Wealthy affiliate seems good but the monthly fee is too much to take on right now. Will NB get me up and running or do you have another training program you would recommend for residual income? I am brand new to all of this and don’t have time to waste, need to start the process to make future money now.
    Thanks! I enjoy your reviews.

  18. Kerin,

    Thanks for the questions. You can use a MAC or PC just find with the program. I have both types of users in the course.

    Most every bit of software I recommend now is MAC compatible. A few years ago MAC software wasn’t as prominent as it is now – so it’s all good.

    Yep, we have Australians in the group :) I actually put on a webinar a few weeks ago and many members in the audience lived down under.

    If you need anything else just let me know!

  19. Sorry, one more thing, do you have any members from Australia?

  20. Hi Michael or anyone else,
    I am seriously considering your application for the purpose of on-line marketing.
    I am from Australia – not Austria (Down Under) and I am a Mac user. I realise this is a Global business but I believe you may have some problems or issues with PayPal with some countries. Is this the case for Australia and also what are the recommended software options that I would not be able to use if its a MAC or is it better to run this on a PC.
    Thank you in advance!

  21. Thanks Dominic! Looking forward to it. Make sure to say hi in the forums as soon as you join as I mentioned above. :)

  22. Hi Michael,

    Ok great! Thanks for your response! November and December are very busy months for me. I want to devote as much time to this as I possibly can. Therefore my plan is to begin your system training in mid January. I will absolutely re-visit this site for the $57 start up deal. (Hopefully it will still be available).

    I will visit the forum…I’m looking forward to starting NBK, and working with a fellow Ohioan!

  23. Yep the $57 price is still active here on this site. You’ll find the special link in the write-up about the program above.

    I’m looking forward to you joining up with us and make sure you come introduce yourself in the forum area so we can get to know you.

  24. Hello!

    I have done some research on NBK, and really like what I have seen and read! I just came across this website and found the $57 start-up deal. I’ve also noticed some of the comments are from 09. My question…is the $57 start-up cost still active today? I’m really interested in this system, and ready to take the first step toward supplementing my current income or better yet…replacing it if I’m good at this one day!!


  25. Hey,

    Really sorry about your situation.

    Here’s the way I think about it all:
    Imagine that you’re in the best university taking a class with the best professor ever. You’re given all the material and support you need to succeed. However, it’s up to you if you succeed or fail. Do homework or go hangout with friends or watch some TV.
    Even if you have the best professor in the world – it’s up to you to do homework, prepare for tests, and put your time and effort into it all in order to pass the class. Just like in college or university – no one is there to watch your progress (spy on you) and force you to study. This is not middle or high school anymore. No Mom or Dad. You’re your own boss.

    You’ll be given great step-by-step (and very up-to-date too btw) instructions and great support but it’s up to you to apply this knowledge and make this work for you (pass the class).

    This might sound abstract but it’s not. This is how your-own-business operates.

    Back to your question – can you make 1K/month with it?
    Again, it’s all up to you but yes – this is very realistic. It will take at least a couple of months. More than 1K – very realistic when you slowly start growing your business and productivity. It will take months and months when starting out from scratch.
    You can say the same thing about any other business – online or offline.
    And, once again, you’re given everything you need and the rest is up to you.

    Don’t expect much in the first month or so. There is no fast money online. I’ve been online for 2+ years now. I explored online money-making and such (just out of curiosity and to know my surroundings). There’s no such thing as fast money online. If someone is telling you that you can make thousands in days/weeks (some people even say hours haha) – they are lying straight in your face and scamming you. That’s the reality and many scammers use online disinformation to their advantage. There’s no fast/easy money online. Everything requires time and a lot of effort.

  26. hey,

    mike&Max any advice???????

  27. need to know says:

    I’ve been a hard working person all of my life for well over 30 years and was on my way to early retirement until i found myself at the wrong place at the wrong time and had to plea guilty to a felony. I have lost everything and can’t even get a fast food job and all i want to know,will this program help me make at least 1k per month just to survive??

  28. Nosa, the main downside will probably be the fact that you have to put time and effort into it in order to make money.
    But this can become an enjoyable experience for you.

  29. I’ve read all your reviews, which tend to favour your programme. Are there any serious down side to it at all?

  30. Josh and Erika,

    NBK is an online course. It works anywhere, at any time, on any operating system.

    Josh, there is certain optional recommended software that only runs of Windows but, again, it’s optional and not required for success.

    Erika, there are certain limitations with various countries.
    Example – being paid through PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/worldwide
    Feel free to submit a support ticket if you want more info about your specific case:

    As for building websites and traffic – location doesn’t really matter. People around the world are successful with internet marketing.
    What’s more important is to be persistent and consistent.

  31. I am not from the US. I am in ASIA. will this work for me too??

    Really interested … just needed a little more push :)

  32. Do you have a program that runs on Mac?

  33. Alix,

    Come visit our help and support center and let me know what videos you are unable to find.

    My help desk is at http://www.michaelbrownsupport.com

    We’ll help you out. If there is something tat is truly missing I will add it to the course.

    We’ve had a few people in the past think I didn’t follow up on something but it was actually there and they just missed it.

    Not saying that, that is the case… but we’ll help you get whatever you need. Contact the support desk and let us know and we’ll get you taken care of.


  34. Hey Michael, I bought your program a week ago, and I have started with the training videos. Although, the training is great and everything but I have to say that you don’t finish up on some topics. You just gave some example how to do this and that but in some of the training you never finish up.

    When i first started, I thought really I have found something that was going to work for me, for now I am having doubts simply because some of your training videos and contents are only half way done, in some videos you said you would come back for more but you never did.

    Please let me know if there is another way of getting through all of the training.

  35. Hi,

    After reading about NBK for about a week, checking out a bunch of free training video’s, I just want to say: I’m in.

    I have had some experience with this affiliate stuff in the past and I already learned some of the wrong stuff the hard way. Like having a site in the dutch language with SEO mistakes and stuff. And even THAT made me money. Not quite enough though. ;-)

    I have worked with wordpress for over 5 years so that is gonna help. I run a news site with 5000 to 10000 views per day on it. Also with google ads, but my visitors are talkers, not buyers. But still I know I can make money from the internet coz I already do it.

    I am very eager to start many micro niche sites. And then see which ones work and which ones don’t. I am eager to jump on board and create one of these sites every week, so I will have 50 of them in a year.

    My current hosting provider sells COM domain registrations for €1,95 for
    the first year. If I hook those domains up to the provider that Michael recommends it’s almost for free. :D

    I don’t own a credit card so I will have to wait for paypal to identify my couple of dollars and I am gonna sign up.

    For my own blog I already write everyday (together with a great team of people) about politics and stuff so it will be quite easy to write a bunch of articles about gardening tools, pots and pans, shoes, toys etc.

    Nice to write about something else for a change.

    I have a lot of freedom in my current dayjob, also with working at home and stuff. So I can easily find the time to do this extra stuff.

    I know how hard it can be to get things to work. I have been writing my politics site on my own, for more than a year, with almost no visitors. Everyday I worked on it. And now, two years later we are with 15 writers. A couple of days ago we had 13000 page views. This is quite a lot for a hobby site in the dutch language.

    This would have never happened if I had quit after a couple of months.

    So I am ready to invest my €1,95 every week, together with a couple of hours. And see where that brings me in one year.

    I have already seen quite some stuff that I like a lot. I like the idea of finding a small niche, in a clever “scientific” way, and creating a site around it, following the exact instructions from the training to make it in the google top 10, only for the keywords that real potential customers are using.

    I already was browsing Amazone and looking for my own niche. Together with the google keyword tool. Just as an experiment. I found a nice little niche. Then I saw in the google top 10 already a small niche site, just like the NBK people are talking about.

    I looked at it and thougt; hey I can do that better. At first I thought okay maybe not that niche. But then I thought if I can do better than him it just means some healthy competition.

    Sorry for this extremely long story but I am just looking forward to getting started and learn more of this stuff and check out the community.

    And I agree with the previous reactions about Michael, that he seems to be a believable guy with some great practical knowledge that can help you to get things done. All the stuff I have seen sofar, even without not yet being in the actual NBK training, has already opened my eyes about quite some things. Just an example; the one mouseclick wordpress installation from Michaels hosting provider. Of course it can be that easy. Once you know it is easy.

    Just a small little thing but when you want a new site every week stuff like this helps.

    Sorry for this extremely long reaction about me. ;-)

    Just wanted to let the world know I am jumping on board.

  36. I was reading a few of the comments posted, and I too have been burned several times by get rich quick schemes. I’m tired of wasting time and money. I need someting that will give me hope again….any suggestions

  37. Michael Brown says:


    You will learn inside NBK that you will build a blog based on wordpress which is free. I wouldn’t use any auto build stuff at this point – learn the skills that will be useful for years to come. You can use any theme you want with this by the way.



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