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Home Business Idea: Independent Recruiter


This isn’t one of our typical “make money online” reviews. It’s a review that can help you launch a profitable new career that doesn’t rely on the fickle behavior of Internet surfers and ever-changing keyword trends. So if you need to boost your income, or you hate your current job, read on to learn about a cool opportunity.

When millions of people are losing their jobs, what is a good profession to be in?

One that helps people find jobs, of course. If you specialize in matching employees with jobs, you have job security and a growing pool of potential customers, even when the economy is struggling.

[Update March 16: See our new follow-up post about this business. It gives answers to your most pressing questions.]

There are such people. They’re called “recruiters.”

What Is a Professional Recruiter?

A recruiter is someone who finds good employees to fill jobs. It’s that simple. Not all jobs, of course. McDonald’s doesn’t hire recruiters to find fry cooks. But large companies looking to fill salaried positions pay recruiters a lot of money to find employees.

What Do Recruiters Do?

They work with a set of clients (employers) who need help finding employees. They then use their awesome research skills to find employees that are good fits for their employers’ needs.

How Do They Get Paid?

Simply put, their clients pay them a percentage of the employee’s annual salary. So if you help a company fill a $50,000 per year job, and your fee is 20%, you earn $10,000. The more people you help, the more money you make.

I like that arrangement. It has a karmic justice to it that is absent in such crass endeavors as affiliate marketing.

Can Anyone Be a Recruiter?

Well, “anyone” is a big word. But no special skills are required, although being good with people would help you. But you don’t have to have a college degree or deep knowledge about an industry to get started.

How Much Do Recruiters Make?

As much as they want! Enough to live the lifestyle of their dreams! Just kidding.

Let me introduce you to Scott Ritter. He has been a professional recruiter for eight years now, and has made more than $100,000 every year since he started as an independent.

I have seen the documents to prove his income claims and have exchanged a lot of email with him. He’s a regular guy. As real as they come.

So, in short, you could make $40,000 your first year, conservatively, and double it the next year without too much trouble. He has made six figures consistently for eight years.

How Would I Get Started As a Professional Recruiter?

First you would head over to Scott’s Web site and check out his offer. He is selling a bundle of products that walk you through the steps of setting up and running your own successful recruiting business.

His bundle includes:

  • A comprehensive “how to” manual (pdf; you can see the Table of Contents at his site)
  • Free lifetime support so you can get answers to your recruiting questions
  • Instant support via Windows messenger (with purchase of a Gold package only)
  • Templates of the documents, contracts, and email messages you’ll use
  • Much more (naturally)

Your Doubts Addressed, Or, Answers to Your Questions

With so many jobs going overseas, and so many industries in trouble, this sounds like a high-risk idea.
Not so. Yes, some industries are weak right now (for example, try to place an automotive engineer!). But others are about to take off, thanks, in part to federal spending in the stimulus package. Transportation, energy development, health care, medical technology, information security…all of these are going strong and will go stronger in the future.

I’ve dealt with recruiters. I get emails from them. They suck.
Scott agrees. But these are unethical, scummy recruiters which he refers to as “headhunters.” That’s not how he rolls. Scott’s system is based on service and integrity. You’ll just have to believe me or check it out for yourself.

How can I find clients? Wouldn’t I have to contact tons of employers before finding someone to work with?
Yep. It’s called “work.” I know you’re not opposed to that. Would you contact tons of employers for a 5-figure payday? Scott says he averages 1-2 signed contracts for every 50ish solicitation emails he puts out. Maybe you can beat his numbers once you learn his system. And besides, he shows you exactly how to contact them. Hell, he even gives you the email message to use! The same one he’s had great success with, year after year after year.

I already have a full-time job. Can I do this part time and still make money?
I’ll answer this question with Scott’s own words:

You bet. In fact, perfect example would be Brent, a full-time Chiropractor in Oregon. We were High School friends and lost touch until a couple of years ago. When he found out what I was doing, he decided to give it a shot to make some extra $$. I don’t remember exactly what he made but I know it was three or so placements for over $20,000 total. Reason I remember that is one was a huge $30K split with me for $15K each (my guy, his job)

Is there a lot of competition in this field?
Yes. But so what? Here, let me just give you Scott’s answer to that question:

Competition (with other agencies) has never been a problem, Joe. In fact, my best clients have always worked with several recruiting agencies at the same time and we all still end up making money… (at least I’m assuming they are still making money since they are still around.)

Often, I am competing with huge, nationwide firms like MRI, Apple One or ManPower and I still have no problem making placements (before they do). In fact, in most cases, I have been told our services are much better than the larger firms who tend to try to automate the process (in which case they end up submitting 10 resumes that are marginal at best to see if one will stick).

By comparison, I stress “Quality, not Quantity” and believe in establishing great relationships with my clients and it seems to have paid off. Smaller seems to actually be better in some cases.

Is that awesome, or what?! I like this guy’s attitude. This is the kind of guy you can believe and learn from.

And finally, I’m watching out for our Canadian readers, too. (It’s because I feel guilty about the French and Indian War, although I don’t know why I should as I wasn’t even there. Still, it’s why the Brits took over, and the Quebecoise have never gotten past it. Maybe the rest of the country should thank us, though, because you don’t even speak French, so where would you be if France had stayed in charge??)
Can you do this from Canada or with Canadian clients?

My associate who does this part-time, Scott, actually does live in Canada…:-) He is just finishing up his PhD in Psych and has worked with me on and off for many years.

One of my best clients, STANTEC is also Canadian based and I can work on their Canadian openings if I want to (easier to get a Canadian TN and come to work in the US then the other way around though).

Bottom Line
If you…:

  • Are looking for a new career or home business opportunity
  • You have decent communication skills
  • You have (or can learn) good research skills
  • You can organize many emails effectively

…then professional recruiting might be for you. Click here now to learn more.

I haven’t asked Scott about this, but I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer your serious questions in the comments. (Emphasis on serious questions. Yes, Debi, that means you can’t ask him to buy your latest free miracle legal protection service for a mere $79.95 per month in perpetuity. Do not test me.)

[Update March 18, 2009: Still have more questions? Click here to read the follow-up post.]

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  1. I am going to be honest, unless this guy can get you in to the companies and on there preferred lists it will take you forever to crack more then a few job a year. This is why large companies like TekSystems and Experis are so profitable because they have access to these companies which you do not. This is a waste, you want to be a recruiter and make money, join one of those companies

  2. Joe Shoemaker says:

    I would suggest that he is pretty bad at what he does if he is pulling $100,000 a year. If you think the average placement is 20% (ranges between 15 and 25%), and the average placement is $75,000 he is placing 1 person every 2 months. That’s terrible.

  3. Great article, I am very interested in the recruiting business & have been reading several articles. I am highly eager to learn & will periodically check this online chat to see if anyone has tried it & looking for feedback & results.

  4. Has anyone who bought the book gained a new career and made some money?

  5. Soooo….has anyone here tried this program AND made $$ doing it?

  6. So once you submit payment there are no additional monthley fees taken out like every other internet money making scam?

  7. […] example, this post about Scott Ritter’s recruitment training program contains an I’ve Tried That affiliate […]

  8. Joe,Steve
    Could you be more specific and give me something that works here in Africa. But, thinking about it, how would you know; you don’t live here.

  9. I am in the middle of so many things… I call it re-organizing my life and re-claiming ME. Getting out of debt (mostly old debt from an ugly, ugly break-up, and a lot from an injury that left me unable to work for about a year). And.. I’m pregnant.. Which is awesome yet a little stressful and making me a more than a little crazy lol :P So I don’t want to wait, I would rather get it now so I can familiarize myself with everything and start off very part time, even if I can only get in a couple hours a week at first. I will definitely keep everyone updated on how it’s going for me.

  10. Sara,

    Sounds good, I wish you the best of luck!!! I will purchase the system in about 8 weeks. Maybe sooner, once classes start to come to an end. Please keep us posted on your progress!!!


  11. Bill,

    I plan on purchasing it next week when I get my next paycheck. I’m looking for something that I can start on part time NOW, that hopefully in a year or two can replace or surpass my current income (though I might still keep my day job, since I do enjoy it and I have good benefits. At least for awhile.) Scott’s program is a perfect fit! I have tried numerous home business and online income ideas, of all kinds, and been scammed more than a few times, like so many of us. I am looking forward to receiving and getting started on this program.

    So, I will let everyone what I think, and how I am doing as time goes by.

    Anyone else planning on doing this? :)


    1. I plan to do it eventually, Sara. Hafta finish some other things first, though.

  12. […] We have promoted one such opportunity recently—Scott Ritter’s independent recruiting business kit. […]

  13. Hello everyone. Has anyone tried Mr. Ritter’s program? I know it might be a little early to tell, but does anyone have any feed back about the successfulness?



  14. I also wanted to say that several of you have been emailing me very good questions about my program and what it takes to get started as an Independent Recruiter. I have enjoyed hearing from all of you and if anyone else has any questions or concerns, feel free to email me anytime at aecinfo@aec777.com
    Have a great day! -Scott

  15. Hello again everyone. Scott Ritter here with AEC. Just want you all to know that the BBB has removed the “complaint” from my account and have relisted me as a B- Once I email them my Business Information (so they can determine how long I have been incorporated) I should be back to an “A”. Thanks again to Bill who pointed this out in the first place or I may not have known there was anything wrong. If anyone is interested in re-checking on me, you can click on Bill’s link above or here: http://www.spokane.bbb.org/WWWRoot/Report.aspx?site=70&bbb=1256&firm=64005924

  16. Thank you Joe for the response! I am highly considering this book and of course the building of my niche stores. The two programs are on my list of to-do’s.

    thanks again


  17. Reply
  18. My bad Joe,
    I’ll use my name next time. lol

    My users were very shy too. I just force the issue by asking them to comment or just leaving my posts open ended so people want to put in their two cents.

    You guys are no joke over here so people are probably afraid you’re going to call them stupid or something. lol

    1. We haven’t called anyone stupid in a while. And never anyone that doesn’t deserve it. We’ll have to work on the open-endedness.

  19. Hi Folks! This is Scott Ritter from AEC. First, I want to thank Bill for letting me know about the BBB issue. We moved to a new office a few years ago and I never received any information on this complaint (or I definitely would have handled it at the time…:-)) Anyway, I have sent an email to the BBB this evening so I can find out what the complaint was and get it cleared up. Thanks again Bill!

    For anyone else who has any concerns about my program or any questions at all about being an Independent Recruiter, please feel free to email me anytime at aecinfo@aec777.com

    I look forward to hearing from you and working with you! -Scott

  20. Good points, WAHNS (can I call you Eddy?). I recommend the article to everyone. (How do you generate so many comments? Our readers are shy, or something.)

    And yes, in case anyone is still wondering, Mickey Mouse is absolutely a scam. I have no proof for that. Just making a generalization about mice. You shouldn’t trust any creature that poops where they eat.

  21. Here’s the thing about the BBB, they have their fair share of dirt as well. Read some of the comments on my article about them:

    They’re not as squeeky clean as everyone thinks. They’re a pretty good source of information but their opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s better to get information from several sources than one place just so you have a complete picture.

    And by the way if you look at microsoft, jetblue, disney, paypal etc they have their fair share of complaints as well. Are they scams too?
    To some, they are. lol

  22. I was very interested in this, so I looked up Scott’s company name on http://www.BBB.org. They gave him the rating “F”, for not responding to a complaint and for not having sufficient information on the company. Seems to me that he would want a good standing with the BBB. Even if he is not accredited, having an “A” or “B” would show something to future customers.


    1. Good catch, Bill. I have invited Scott to respond. Notice, however, that the F rating is based on one complaint in three years. That’s hardly a pattern.

  23. so is the book and only the book just as beneficial as the whole package? the documents are shown in the book right I can just type them up myself right? just curious thanks for any response.

    Jason Goode

    1. Yes, they are shown in the book. If you can type perfectly and fast, it might be worth it to save a few bucks by doing it yourself. On the other hand, you could spend that time finding clients and employees, instead.

  24. Great Article!
    I’ve always wanted to get into this independently. I was an internet recruiter many moons ago for a pretty big staffing agency in NYC. And you’re totally right it was a very profitable business. But they had a lot of overhead cost. But doing it at home would make it even more profitable!

    I always wanted to do it on my own but there weren’t many guides that offered one on one support which I think is very important with an opportunity like this. So this sounds promising.

    Thanks for yet another informative article and making me laugh.
    Some of the commenters can be a trip so I relate to your stern warning. lol


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