Being in Taiwan for just a few days has really opened up my eyes. I’ve met some of the nicest people in the world here. Everyone is so quick to give and expect nothing in return. It really is amazing.

Now, I’d like to do my part and give back to the rest of the world and you guys can help and it requires very little extra effort on your part. I’m planning on lending money to Kiva at the end of each month. You guys can all help donate as well without spending any extra money. That’s right, at no extra cost to you.

I’m sure plenty of you shop at Well, Amazon has an affiliate program which grants publishers commission each time a sale is made. If you use my Amazon affiliate link before making a purchase I’ll get a percentage of what you spend. That money will then go towards my Kiva donation. Again, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. All you need to do is click this link first then begin shopping at Amazon.

What is Kiva?

In short, Kiva provides aid to developing or impoverished nations. But instead of providing goods, they provide opportunities. The concept of providing food and medicine is good, but susceptible to corruption. Often times, support drops can be picked up by local militias or withheld by politicians for ransom. Instead of directly providing food or medicine, Kiva works with entrepreneurs to help them create jobs in order to build a sustainable income, allowing the entrepreneurs to care for themselves.

Instead of handing out fish, through Kiva, we’re teaching others how to fish. Loans through Kiva help build sustainable long term income and not handouts.

The best part about Kiva is that your loan is eventually paid back. Any money you give to Kiva will be returned to you, once the entrepreneur begins to turn a profit. It may take a few weeks or even months, but the money you give to Kiva will make it’s way back to you. Of course, any money that I donate through your efforts will continually be put back into Kiva. In the unlikely event that Kiva closes shop sometime soon, the money will be donated to another good cause.

Shop at

If you have plans to shop at, remember to click this link first before doing your shopping. My account will get credited with a sale and the money I receive will be used to help people around the world better their lives. You can also right click on this link and select add to bookmarks. That way you can use that bookmark later to quickly shop at Amazon, and my account/Kiva will be credited.

You can also consider making a donation to Kiva. Again, all donations are eventually returned. Lend your money to a good cause. Visit now.

Click here to shop at Amazon and help me donate to Kiva.

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