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We want some feedback from your end. What program(s) have you joined? What do you think? How are you progressing? Are you making money? How many Porsches have you bought with your new found income? These are just some sample questions we’d like you guys to answer. After all, it helps us improve our recommendations.

Ideally, we’re looking for feedback on the following programs: In Your PJs, Niche Blitzkrieg, and Build a Niche Store as they are programs we’ve been heavily promoting. But, we will readily accept feedback on any program you’ve come across here at I’ve Tried That.

If you haven’t found anything yet, make sure you read through our recommended list of ways to make money online. It’s entirely free for you to use. We try and keep it constantly updated as we come across new websites and programs.

You can use our email form to send feedback by clicking here. Your emails are sent to both Joe and I. So, if you’re trying to write to Joe to tell him to break up with me and start his own website with you, well, don’t. We both read everything that is submitted. I’ll also be randomly giving out copies of our book to submitters who leave quality comments. Thanks for helping improve I’ve Tried That!

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  • plin

    Hi Steve and Joe,
    I like to leave a comment regarding BANS. I didn’t come across BANS until early 2009. After reading the first set of reviews, I absolutely loved it. The idea of building a niche site seems both brilliant and rewarding. I decided to take the plunge and purchase the software.
    However, after putting together a quick website, I was rejected by EBAY when I applied to their affiliate program. What a lot of people failed to mention is that even though BANS works great, a well designed site is required in order to get approval for EBAY affiliates these days (EBAY has gotten a lot stricter now regarding new affiliates).
    As a result, I bought the software and has no way of monetize it. This in my opinion, defeats one of the key purpose of BANS. I am currently in the process of building up my niche site with more relevant contents and back link before I re-apply to EBAY’s affiliate program. This is one area people should definitely consider before purchasing the software.

  • sara beth owens
    sara beth owens

    So far I have enjoyed all that I have read. I have a very busy schedule, so I try to read and learn more about it as I can. I will reply again later when I have had a chance to review the entire program. ps. I have started at the survey site (surveysavvy) At this point anything to get started in the right direction is motivation to keep going. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this site. It has saved me from wasting money on the scams. Don’t pay to get paid!!! Sincerely, S.Beth Owens

  • John Peters
    John Peters

    Richard, sorry to hear you were a victim of not one but two scams. The guy behind emillionaire is called Brock Felt (not Bob) and there is some more information and also advice on how to get your money back at the following sites:





  • Joshua

    Hi there Steve and Joe. I’m currently trying epinions.com and though I havn’t made any money yet today I recieved a couple of nice comments about my writing… like any one else a little praise and encouragement goes a long way. I’ve only been at it for a few days now trying to get my writing back up to par so I can maybe sit and do longer articles in the near future, so I’m willing to accept that it could take a bit to start getting paid from them goes with the territory right? I’ve got an account with Helium.com as well but I have a hard time deciding what to write about. I’ve also signed up for ehow but and have written two articles for them, but they seem to have a points system and I’m still low man on the todem pole. For ehow it seems that you almost need a lot of photos detailing every step (or viedo) while trying to keep it fairly simple and easy to understand, as much as I’d like to cover half of their needed ehows I don’t have $1,000 to sink into building materials all the while “Hoping” I’ll get paid.
    I did sign up for today.com as well, but shortly after doing so I printed off your 10 page How to Start A Blog guide and now I simply need to take the time to read it and go thru it step by step. I am keen to have a look at Building a Niche Store may even do so once I post this.

    Ohh… a note for any one else reading this the three programs I have accounts with are all free to join… like really Free, they didn’t give me some jargon about $1.95 or ask for credit card info.

    Thanks for starting this site, it’s helped a fair bit.

  • richard okwudili-chukwu
    richard okwudili-chukwu

    Hi Steve, the last line of your mail today sounded like you are African. It’s possibly only here someone would ask your partner to break with you so they can go together! Funny1
    Really my week was really loaded and I was up with fever as well, so I really needed to rest my head at night which when I usually work on the net.
    If really vouch for those programs you mentioned I would like to try ’em out. But my trust level is shattered right now. Last time I told you how LIZA FITZGERAD’s grantsforyounow.com took $94.89 from my credit card while only telling me they were taking only $1.95 to allow me browse their site. They still have not refunded me my money. I also mentioned a GOOGLE MONEY SYSTEM browsing I made which they said will cost me $1.99. I felt secure because of the name ‘GOOGLE’. Well, to my surprise I was redirected to a site called emillionaire.com which knocked off $197.00 additional from my credit card without notice. They did not even make the usual order confirmation to my email. No, not for the $1.95, nor the $197.00. Worst of all I have not been able to access the bogus product to this minute. The man who runs the outfit, without caring whether or not what he took my money for was working or not, sent me a mail for a webinar call some days ago looking for another payment. It was from that mail I gathered he uses BOB FELT as his name.
    I am not just writing this to fill up space, rather I am hoping that you can pursue this matter for me and get these people off the net. Google for instance should not sit around while crooks use their name to rip people off. Or does google have a hand it?

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