What is The Success Team? I don’t know, but I plan to stay far away from them. I’ve Tried That reader Beth writes in with the following warning:

New game in town for Penbrook or Stevens or how about “thief.” I have been a victom of this company, which is now called THE SUCESS TEAM. How about losing 12 to 13 thousand dollars?! Yes, you have read right. I am disabled and wanted to bring in some extra income for my family and here I sit with Angelkissesllc.com. That’s it in a nutshell.

I responded to an ad for rebate processing and the next thing I remeber I was buying a website and then signing up with dropshippers. I did this for one year and made 00000 dollars.

I want to see these people pay for the damages they have caused me and my family. They take your money like that and then they run and avoid phone calls and faxes and emails.

Has anyone else had experience with Tria Media or The Success Team? If so we want to hear from you. There is no better disinfectant for Web scum than sunlight. Are you a representative of The Success Team? We would like to hear from you, too, if you want to address Beth’s complaints.

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  • Marion

    When you mention Angel Stevens or Angela Penbrook, they are selling your information to other unscruplous companies like Tafiti Consulting, Media Learner, and so many more. I was bilked out of $3500. I was promised to have an Internet business up and running within 30 days or before the first payment was due on my credit card. I could not even access their instruction videos, e-mails and phone calls went unanswered. I reported it to my credit card company who took Tafiti’s side by saying-“Dave in customer service said I was not entitled to a refund.” I am not done with the credit card company or Tafiti yet. Tafiti was based in Provo, Utah (a haven for on-line scammers). However, I have learned lately they are now based in Kearsey, Missouri. Maybe the authorities in Missouri might take a different view about Tafiti’s business practices. I am going to keep on trying until I get my money refunded.

  • Michele

    I have been scammed by the Success Team, Vianet, Angel Stevens, Ivy Capital – call them what you want – all belong to the same group of crooks. I was scammed out of $5880 and I vow I will blog about what happened to me to get my money’s worth. I wish we could call take them Court – what they have done is make a lot of promises and did not one thing that they said they would.

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