I applied yesterday to become a special agent for KGB. This entails responding to incoming text messages with answers to their questions. The pay isn’t great, but hey, money is money. Sort of.

THE KGB Response

After completing the special agent training quiz yesterday, I was told to sit tight while they evaluated my application. Well, they finally responded today, and the response isn’t what I had hoped for.

Hi there,

Great work on passing the Special Agents Challenge! We’re impressed.

The next step in the process to become a Special Agent is Training. However, at this time, all Training classes are full.

We are carefully balancing text volumes with agent scheduling to find the perfect coverage mix. This ensures that our Special Agents remain busy fielding questions (and making money!) when logged in. As additional coverage is needed, we will open up additional Training classes.

Thanks for your patience. We will be back in touch to invite you to Training as soon as we are ready for you. Stay tuned!

Special Agents Training

I suppose part of me knew I wasn’t going to be immediately accepted into their program. For now, I’ll resume playing the waiting game until some free space opens up. If you’re at all interested in becoming a secret agent for KGB (click here to read yesterday’s post about it) then I suggest you get in your application today. Who knows when they’ll start accepting new contractors.

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  • Nestalgia Encefilitis
    Nestalgia Encefilitis

    I received the same confirmation email several months ago. How long might one expect to wait before receiving any further information?

  • Justa Person
    Justa Person

    I wonder what happened to her getting back to us…maybe the kgb is really still in existence and once you apply, they steal you!

  • PrettyGirl_33

    I passed KGB’s online test on their website. Then, I took their “Simulation” test and passed that today. They reviewed my answers and e-mailed me within 20 minutes of my completion of the “Simulation” test! I was surprised with their quick response! I was told a review of my test would take a max of 7 days.. Anyway, I am now currently waiting for a response as to if they are going to hire me as an “agent” or not. Hopefully they will be prompt in getting back to me on that information too! :) I will update when I hear back from them..

  • that guy
    that guy

    I took the test for kgb on 5/10, they put me in my first training phase on 5/11 in which i had 1 week to complete and then i finished my second training phase today. So i should be answering questions next week. If it wasnt for this site i would have never know about it. Thanks

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