Thanks to everyone who took our survey, and sorry for the trouble some of you had with it. I know it didn’t work for you in e-mail, so you had to visit the site (the horror!). And some of you even went the extra mile and pasted your survey into a message because you weren’t sure it worked.

So the period during which you could win a free copy of our Guide to Telecommuting is over, and I’ve already sent the winners their copy. If you weren’t on the winning list, better luck next time. The survey will stay open, so we would still appreciate you taking it. It’s just that our gratitude will have to be enough of a reward.

If you’re curious, here are some early survey results:

What type of posts are best for you?
The winner by a large margin is: Posts where we recommend ways to make money.
The loser? Posts where we describe our experience with program x or y.

Which money-making methods would you want to know more about?
The winner, again by a large margin, is: Finding real work-at-home jobs.
The loser, waaaay behind the others, was blogging. This is curious, given the fact that this little blog generates four figures per month in income.

So what conclusions can we draw from this uncontrolled, small sample size survey? That you are amused by scambusting posts, but what you really want is to learn how to make money. And you like the word “jobs” more than Internet words like “blogging” and “affiliate marketing.”

We’ll keep that in mind from now on as we work to bring you content that is genuinely useful. Thanks for being a reader!

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