Thanks to Eddy Solomon of for tweeting this good news.

The Texas Attorney General has filed charges against, also known as Infusion Media. Read the full story here.

Google Money Tree is the horribly deceptive program that charges you $3.88 for a “free” kit and then later charges your card at least $72/month for a membership you didn’t know you had signed up for.

You can read our take on it here. Don’t miss the real action in the comments section, where victims speak up.

Do You Live in Texas? Get Justice!

If you were taken by the Google Money Tree scam, the Texas Attorney General wants to hear from you! File a complaint by clicking here, or call (800) 252-8011 to file a complaint over the phone.

Yes! Victims in other states, call your state attorney general office and tell them to step up like Texas.

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