It was about that time where we became sick of looking at our old layout. So, we decided to freshen things up with a new design! I personally think it’s a bit of fresh air. This design feels more open while the old one felt a bit cluttered and cramped. Now we have spacing! Other than that, nothing much has changed. All of the old links are generally in the same area and we’ll continue our investigation on ways to make money as usual. We won’t let a hip new design get to our heads.

If you’re currently reading this in an email or feed reader, then click here to see the new design! Be sure to leave your comments while you’re here.

Focus On Community

One of the reasons why we chose this theme over the millions of other WordPress themes is because this theme focuses on community and featuring multiple authors. You can become part of the I’ve Tried That team just by simply sharing your story. I’ve outlined the details in a previous post and you can view them by clicking here. Not only will we give you full credit on a very popular blog, but we’ll also give you a free copy of our book, just for submitting a guest post. Hop on over, check it out, and send in your posts!

That’s all for today. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of the new design!

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  • Miesha

    Like the new look.

  • Joshua

    Looks great guys!

  • Paul

    There is definitely a passion in your newsletters which comes across to all who are fortunate enough to read them, Your blog/letters are very well written, clear and concise to the point whereby I get the impression that you are exercising a modicum of restraint when publishing, which also comes across. However all the compliments aside its a good letter and most informative…..and then new site says it all …..shaking off the cobwebs so to speak…your newsletters have also portrayed the changes in your evolution. Far be it for me to be so bold (as I am yet but a newbie)…good luck onwards and upwards……keep the momentum going, after all its your passion that makes it successful…..Paul

  • Jimi Jones
    Jimi Jones

    Nice new clean and sharp look, just in time for Spring.
    I will continue to enjoy your posts, as always.

    Good job guys!

  • Jackie

    This looks great! Much easier on the eyes!

  • Sue

    Your Comments
    I like the new look. It must be spring fever because I’ve been giving my blog a new look as well. I love your newsletter. Thanks for all of the great info.

  • sara

    love the new colors!

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