We have focused on actual jobs in our last several posts. Today’s post continues that trend with a list of sites we trust to give you good job leads.

These aren’t training programs or affiliate marketing deals—just jobs. An arrangement in which you trade a known amount of time for a known amount of money.

No matter which job list you’re looking at, here’s some good advice from Paul, Mr. WorkatHome himself:

The main thing to watch out for on any job leads site including the biggest ones is the advertising. Because of the way the most popular advertising systems like Google adsense work it is very difficult to control the ads that appear on a website. However, typically advertising WILL be labeled as advertising (i.e., Ads by Google, etc.).

Work at Home No Scams

Eddy’s blog has a lot of quality content, and he now regularly lists telecommuting job leads. We’ve worked a little with Eddy in the past and hope to collaborate more in the future. He’s the real deal.


This site is fairly new to the scene, but we like the way it looks. Lots of good information here, including a subscription-based jobs list. Click on the individuals link at the top to narrow down the information a bit.

Work at Home Truth

We also know Paul and vouch for his work. In this post, he links you to job sites he has personally vetted.

Freelance Switch

They don’t call this “the monster list” for nothing. Holy! This list is so large, I don’t even know what to say about it. I sure don’t have time to check them out and see if they’re good quality sites. But the guys at Freelance Switch do good work.

Workaholics 4 Hire

Lots of good information here, too. But if you want to skip all the preparation and help, scroll down to Step 7 and log in to the free jobs database.

You don’t need any more lists because these sources can keep you busy for … well, forever. If you can’t find a job using these sources, then maybe you should go apply at your local McDonald’s. (That’s not dissing you or McDonalds. It’s just that sometimes, a job away from the computer is easier to get.)

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  • Barbara Simmons
    Barbara Simmons

    I am trying to set up a website, I do not have an income. I have been out of work for 2 years. I have no money at all. I want to start a blog to make money, but I can’t buy a domain name.
    Tell me how I can get started making money blogging.

    Thank You
    Barbara Simmons

  • JOHN


  • Sherry

    I’m tring to find a data based job to work from home, so I can spend more time with my family& my grandkids. If you have any openings for data or processing jobs please write me back. Thanks Sherry

  • Thomas

    So so well written, i have never read this before. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

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