It’s Sunday, which means I get to break away (again) from the usual topics to write about food.

I’m pretty sure Steve had boxed Mac-n-cheese tonight, or maybe a Big Mac, but I had chicken cranberry bleu cheese salad. It took all of 20 minutes to prepare.

Yes, it was delicious. How did my wife do it? Is Her Hotness a genius? A gourmet chef?

She’s not a chef, but she might be a genius. All she did was sign up for Now we eat awesome, balanced meals every day, and the recipes and shopping lists are delivered right to our computer screen.

No more wondering what to make for dinner. Now that time and energy goes into something else, like family time. is very cool. At $5 per month, you’ve got very little to lose and a lot to gain (like crusted filet of Dover Sole). Check it out.

For more information, see my previous post on

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Last Updated: November 14, 2013

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  • Jackie

    I just wanted to say, I read the post on e-mealz the first time it came out, checked out the website, and couldn’t wait to sign up! This takes me at the very least an hour on Sunday making my menus and shopping list for the work week ahead! I just recently started on Weight Watchers, and the awesome thing about this is that your menu is made, your grocery list is done, the ingredients and recipes are right on the menu, and the Weight Watchers points are already figured for you! I can’t think of one darn excuse not to try this! Lose one coffeehouse latte a month and you can afford it! Amazing…

    • Joe

      Thanks for the details, Jackie. I didn’t know about the Weight Watchers tie in. That’s really cool.

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