Thanks to Jerome for sharing his experience with Niche Blitzkrieg:

I signed up for NB in March after doing quite a lot of research online. In that time I have created 9 sites with the oldest having been online for about 6 weeks. All of the sites are monetised chiefly through affiliate networks such as Commission Junction and Amazon, although I do use Adsense here and there.

In terms of ranking in Google, none of the sites are on the first page for the main key words yet, but some of the sites do show up on the first page for longer tailed keywords. Some of the sites are ranked on the first page of Yahoo and MSN for the main keywords. All the sites are building backlinks nicely, so I expect (hope) to see all sites on the first page of Google in the next couple of months. For most of the sites, traffic seems to be coming from RSS feeds, articles and press releases, which for all sites have made it into the top 2 pages in Google. My oldest site has started to get traffic from Google searches now as well so that seems to be the order in which things happen.

As for making money, my three oldest sites have started making money. In total I have made around £30 in affiliate commissions and $6.00 of Adsense. So while I am not in profit yet due to the fact that I acquired quite a few automation tools, the sites are starting to make money. In the meantime I am building new sites and should have 20 niche sites online by the end of June.

This is by no means a get rich quick scheme. I have built and sold a software company in the last 8 years and getting this online business started is equivalent in terms of effort but that is how it should be. It makes me laugh when I hear people complaining they have only made $2 in the first month with one site. I will give this programme a year before I evaluate how good it is. Early indications are very positive, one of the best things is how available Michael is. On his forum he always answers every question promptly even when the same question is asked repeatedly.

We’re continuing to promote Niche Blitzkrieg (click here to check it out), but we want you to continue hearing from voices other than ours.

Just for giggles, you might want to take a look at the site I’m building using Niche Blitzkrieg tactics. It’s But keep in mind, I’m only in lesson two. Blitzkrieg is more like Snailkrieg in my case.

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Last Updated: June 1, 2009

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    Please continue to post updates, I am very interested in how people are doing with this program

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