It saddens me that I have to make this post, but we have to put a stop to some of the most ridiculous emails we’ve ever received. Some of our most popular posts on this site are where we, very clearly, tell people to stay away from Google Treasure Chest and Google Money Tree. Hell, the biggest text on the page is a bold title that says “Beware of Google Treasure Chest.” However despite our warnings, we receive emails on a weekly basis demanding that we refund the money that was taken by these companies.

That’s right. People are landing on our website, reading our warnings to not give any money or information to these scammers, then they somehow are lead to believe that we are the ones operating these websites. How? I honestly have no idea. Maybe it was this line that was causing confusion: “Don’t do business with Google Treasure Chest and most certainly do not give them your private information.”

Actual Emails Received.

Below is a small sample of just a few of the many emails we’ve received of this nature. The emails have been edited for your viewing pleasure.

It seems I have just been scammed by “Treasure Chest” for $72.21which has shown up on my checking account. I will take action if this money is not returned. Maybe it is time for a class-action suit. Why are you letting this happen?


i love your hidden fees so much im turning you over to the attorney general here and im having my bank deny your transactions thats some lame bull but i guess you get off screwing people over with your hidden charges wont happen again here i can guarantee it

How to Get Your Money Back from a Google Scam

Be prepared to fight for your money. This includes incredibly long hold times, busy customer service lines, and potential rude representatives. My best advice is to stay calm and stay patient. The last thing you want to do is lose your cool. Remember, these people have access to your personal and financial information. You probably don’t want to anger them.

Google Money Tree: 1-888-657-8585
Google Treasure Chest: 1-866-951-1406
Google Cash Kit: 1-866-951-1406 -same company, same hidden fees, different name-

There are definitely more than these three. So, if you’ve been taken by a different company but managed to get your money back, please leave a comment below. Be sure to include the name of the scam and the number you called and any other information on how you got your money back.

Once again, we are I’ve Tried That.

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Last Updated: June 2, 2009

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  • buddy

    This is a scam. Either through a cashier’s check or an incoming wire, the money will go into an account they have you open. You are instructed to withdraw the money, keep your cut, then send the money somewhere else or buy money orders to send somewhere else. After you do this, your bank will find out that the cashier’s check or the incoming wire is fraudulent, will reverse the credit to your account, and then the bank will come after you to replace the fraudulent funds. Then you also run the risk of having to prove that you did not know this deal was a fraud, to avoid being prosecuted for bank fraud, a Federal offense.

  • M

    Heres how this works. You send all the required documentation (copies of ID’s, Bank Account info etc) They then send you a large amount fo $$ through wire transfer. You withdrawl everything, less your 10%. As soon as you send the money thru Western Union/Money Gram and call them to confirm the confirmation number so they can pick it up, within a few hourse they will try to reverse the whole amount out of your account. As stated before, the 10% or whatever they are offering, is not enougth to cover the whole you are left to fill with your bank. If your bank is legit they will just deny the reversal and send it back so you dont have to pay the full amount. They basically look at it as “well why is this company tring to reverse this transaction” and most of the time you dont have $7K or $8K to cover the reversal. My advice, let them send it to you and take the whole thing and dont send anything to them. (dont give them your real address) These scumbags need to know whats up. You keep the whole thing. Fuck em.

  • Anna

    I applied for a job, through a job board and was replied to by Cronos. They have been corresponding well, and sending documents to sign. I am very weary about the legitimacy of this “job”. For what they say apart of the hiring process they need a copy of my ID. I have sent copies of m ID or signed documents via internet for temp agencies in the past. Just don’t know who to trust especially, when you need the money.

  • David

    I wrote back to Cronos and asked for a brochure as their website offers very little information about the company and the variety of products they offer. They never replied. I suspect this is another scam and that they are probably not based in Greece. They use the same old formula whose intent is to commit fraud. I would suggest that they be avoided. After all, it if looks, like, smells like and walks like other well known scams, it probably is.

  • Kalena

    I also have received a message from Cronos and I have gone to their website and by looking for complaints that’s how I came across this site. I have experienced so much crap being thrown my way by fakesters. I want to know is there a way to tell if a cashier’s check or money order is fake before depositing it? Is there any real reason why a so-called business can’t receive payment in 2009 and needs to use everyday folk at home to process this stuff just because it’s international? That’s the part I need clear because I can understand why they’ll pay if there is a lot of red tape but how likely is that?

  • Translation Services
    Translation Services

    I hate scammers.I receive 10 scam emails every day.It piss me off!!!Most of them from Africa!!!

  • David

    I also received an email from Cronos Ice Moon but rather than responding to the sender, I conducted a search on the internet and found a web site for the company. I wrote to them, sending them the contents of the email I recieved and requesting verification that the communication is one issued by their company.

    I received a response a few hours later, providing me with more information about the alleged job. I, like Mike, cannot find any complaints filed against this company though the formula of serving as an agent is all too familiar.

    • Joe

      David, I agree. The agent formula reeks to high heaven. If it’s new enough, that would explain why there are no complaints yet. It’s good you actually contacted a real person, though. You might try talking to someone…if they sound more like a salesperson than an employer, I’d stay away.

  • Sue

    It sounds like these are the same people who look up 1-800 numbers from their caller id on, then leave comments like “STOP CALLING ME.”
    Even though almost everyone has a computer and internet access these days, not everyone knows how to use it.

  • Steve

    Mike, does that sound at all legitimate?

  • Mike Jehl
    Mike Jehl

    I recieved an e-mail from an outfit called Cronos Ice Moon in Athens, Greece. They want me to open up a bank account and recieve money, take a 7% cut and forward the money. They also want my social security no. for tax purposes. They have what appears to be a legitimate website. They sell furniture.
    I have googled this and can find no complaints of a scam.
    The reason I ask is that I wonder if you have had complaints about this or if anyone has tried it.

    • Joe

      Mike, we have seen things like this often. It’s a fake check scam. They’ll send you a cashier’s check, you’ll deposit it and wire the money to them. Then the check will bounce and you’ll be left owing the bank for the full value of the check. The 7% you take will not be enough to fill in the hole.

  • A.F.

    So what your saying is… I too can make 72.21! Do I sign up for all three services? Would that triple the money I make?

    P.S. Can I give them all of my money?

    BTW Disclaimer: If you are reading this and feel the urge to give away money my paypal is…

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