On Wednesday, I introduced a program called Twitter Affiliate Cash that claimed to take a new or existing Twitter account and turn it into a means to make money. Well, our reader Shaun from http://www.outdoor-wedding-decorations.com/ had pointed out that the owner Bill McRea’s Twitter account had been suspended due to strange activity.

Now, it doesn’t exactly bode well for Bill that his Twitter account has been suspended when the program he created deals specifically with Twitter. Well, in my preview piece, I had pointed out that Bill made it really easy to get in contact with him. And that’s just what I did earlier today. Here’s our conversation.

My Conversation with Bill McRea

[9:38:34 AM] Steve: Hey Bill. What’s the status on your Twitter account?
[9:40:23 AM] Bill McRea: The folks at twitter thing I am squatting on my name. I am trying to prove to them I am Bill McRea
[9:41:04 AM] Steve: Ah, I was just about to do a review on your Twitter program when one of my readers pointed out that your account was shut down.
[9:41:54 AM] Bill McRea: Very simple there is a Bill McRea in Florida that is a world famous magician and he claims I squatted on his name
[9:42:30 AM] Bill McRea: One thing for sure. Twitter is Like Google they presume guilty before innocence
[9:43:37 AM] Steve: Ah, that sucks. Hopefully they restore it soon.
[9:44:13 AM] Bill McRea: Yes I almost had 19000 followers. They said it can take up to 30 days to process and dispute
[9:44:37 AM] Bill McRea: This is great message to share with your readers.
[9:45:08 AM] Bill McRea: If you pick a celebrity’s name..even if it is your own name, you can get shut down at the drop of a hat
[9:46:32 AM] Steve: Yea, best of luck getting it restored. I’m going to have to hold off on my review though. It’ll look bad if we start promoting a Twitter program and the owner is suspended from Twitter haha.
[9:47:22 AM] Bill McRea: I certainly understand. The whole point of the account and the program is to teach people how to promote responsibly. Very frustrating for sure

Plausible? Definitely seeing there really is a magician named Bill McRea in Florida. The fact still stands that Bill’s Twitter account is suspended though. I’m going to hold off on my full review until his account is restored. I’ll let you know when I’m back on track.

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Last Updated: June 18, 2009

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  • Deborah

    Joe, You should get on twitter I believe it is very worthwhile. If you do I would also suggest you download tweetdeck as it is very user friendly and then by using hashtags such as in your case #novels, or #authors– or pehaps theme of your novel would be a way to start. I am a CNN addict and kept hearing Rick Sanchez talk about twitter so I signed on in February and it took be about a week to find my way around and found I became addicted-so cut back. Unlike facebook which I was on but deleted as I do not need to know that one of my friends is sitting in the dentist office. On twitter, by using hash tags you can open up several columns and read and tweet with other people of like interests. I would think you should be on twitter and promoting your book or suggesting it. I realize this is a public forum but I trust the I’ve Tried It people so here is my email in case you want to discuss this more–I will tell you my background and why I think you should at least try. Femsol@AOL.com

  • Deborah

    Joe, my apologies for the tone of my post. I don’t block every link by anymeans–I post from the Huffington post all of the time, the London Times and news articles. I meant sales links-and Steve et al have certainly trained us well to know the catch terms–and those are the links I block. If you are promoting your novel then I would imagine your link may not sound like a get rich quick link. I love to read, and would like to believe that I would not block you at all and would check out your link. I think basically what I was trying to say is that with all of the spam and emails that promise thousands a day I look to twitter as a place to be free of sales gimmicks etc. Again it was not my intention to offend others that may see twitter as a way to make some money but MLM schemes and links are just another way to hook people. By all means follow me at femsol on twitter–I would like to know about your novel. What hash tags are you using?

    • Joe

      It’s just an idea at this point, Deborah. I’m actually not on Twitter yet. I’m resisting with every cell in my body. But if it turns out to be a way to generate buzz, then I might succumb.

  • Deborah

    Steve, I love you and don’t miss a day of “I’ve tried it” but in this case I have to respond.
    I am a huge networker in all areas of my life but twitter for me is very different.
    I am very political and find that twitter as opposed to face book, my space and other social networking sites was a bit more pure. I spend time on twitter to discuss in 120 characters or less issues that are relevant–specifically I am in awe that the news in Iran right now is being transmitted through twitter and Youtube at Iranian’s risks. It is my personal time to interact with people around the world of like mind. I do not try to gain followers and only follow people whose tweets I admire. As soon as someone wants to sell me something, market or send me to a link I immediately block this person. If people make money on twitter more power to them however I personally use twitter for another purpose. It was inevitable that marketing would arrive on twitter and I can do nothing about it. This does not mean I do not believe in networking at all and I admire your site–this is simply my opinion about the my use of twitter.

    • Joe

      Deborah, you block tweets for any link? What if they’re news-related and not a sales link? I agree that it’s fascinating to watch the role technology is playing in Iran. Good luck with that, Censors! (I don’t have much hope, though, now that the Khamenei has uttered his edict. Scary. Remember Tiananmen?)

      If I were to use Twitter, I think I’d feel like you. The last thing I need is another @!#!$ source of noise and commercials. (But I’m considering signing up as my lead character to promote my novel. Is that wrong??)

  • Bill McRea
    Bill McRea

    He Steve,

    Thank you for posting about this. There is a lesson to be learned. First of all the folks at Twitter we very responsive in solving the problem. I am appreciative of their help. The account is now active again.

    I proved to them that I was Bill McRea, but they also were not happy with Twitter Affiliate Cash background I used on the account. I removed that and they immediately reinstated the account. I was in the wrong to use their name in my background. They could have been really nasty about this but they just wanted the background remove. Lesson learned is read the TOS.

    The lessons learned are be responsible, and that the Twitter people are good folks.

    I am updating this product and will definitely make a new video deals with this whole episode.

    Best Regards
    Bill Mcrea

  • Wendy

    Thanks, Steve. I was getting ready to ask you how that was going. I opened an account on Twitter and am anxious to hear whether or not Bill McRea’s program is legit.

  • HMTKSteve

    Is this program anything more than:

    1. Get a Twitter Account
    2. Get lots of followers
    3. Tweet aff links
    4. Make money when people follow your aff link on your twitter feed


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