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We Cut Our Grocery Bill by Almost 10%


In my ongoing, subtle attempts to turn I’ve Tried That into a food blog, I bring you what is probably the last post about e-mealz.com. (Just kidding. No need to cancel your subscription. I’m not really turning this into a food blog.)

We’ve been on the e-mealz.com plan now for about 8 weeks at the Joe household. Her hotness and I were looking at the food budget the other day and realized we are spending almost 10% less per month on groceries than we did before e-mealz. That’s for a family of seven!

How? Because we make fewer trips to the store, we know exactly what we’re buying when we go, and the e-mealz.com recipes are created with saving money in mind. AND there’s a cool coupons tips section that we haven’t used yet. We can probably save even more.

Not only that, but I’m happier because we don’t eat pizza and spaghetti any more. (Ok, maybe sometimes.) She’s happier because she always already knows what she’s going to make for dinner. And the kids are happier…no, that’s not true. They would eat cheese flavored cardboard if we gave it to them, so e-mealz has done nothing for them.

If you haven’t before, or if you have but didn’t make a decision, check out e-mealz.com now. For about 16 cents per day, you get a weekly meal plan and shopping list and recipes for delicious meals that are economical and easy to make. Your loved ones and your budget will thank you.

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  1. Lol! ditto for us on the picky kid! :)

  2. Hi, Louise. I’m glad you like it. And yes, the automatic grocery list rocks. The “what’s for dinner game” is definitely a thing of the past in our household. (Now whether the picky kids will eat what we make is another story.)

  3. Hi! I just signed up for e-mealz! Great idea! I realized that I really needed something. I’ve got plenty of recipe books but for some reason am never organized enough to actually plan for a week and am often playing the “what’s for dinner game”. I want to give my family healthy meals – and lets face it – who wants cereal for dinner every night of the week! Ok, maybe not that often……
    Anyway I took the plunge. I was impressed with the site and the low price. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to using it.
    I also had to tell you that I love the fact that there is a grocery list.

  4. I’ve been “playing” The Grocery Game for about 6 months now and have consistently cut my family’s grocery bill by 50% or more. You can find this website at http://www.thegrocerygame.com. A trial for 4 weeks is only $1 and then the monthly subscription is about $5 depending on how many grocery stores you subscribe to. What the website does is maintain a weekly database which matches up coupons released in your local Sunday paper with local grocery stores sales. It makes it easy for you to get products at half cost or less. I’ve gotten many items for free. There is some time that one must invest to learn the system, but it is simple and SO gratifying when you go to the grocery store and the cash registers start having issues because you are saving so much money. I have a family of 5 and need to find ways to cut corners every way that I can and this system has us spending about $125 on groceries a week (this includes all household items, paper goods, etc.) vs. what we were spending at Costco which was at least $250/week. If anyone is interested in trying it out please email me if you need help and if you go to the website, please put in my email address as your referral: jsamsom@me.com. Good luck and try it, it really does work!

    1. Thanks for the tip, Jennifer. I’ll check it out.

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