There were a few things holding me back from doing a full review, but the main reason was that I would be quite the hypocrite had I conducted a full review. One thing I can’t stand about Twitter is when I see someone take an account that has a lot of followers and then decides to blatantly spam affiliate links for a quick shot at commissions. I’ve even sent out tweets affirming my hatred towards these types of tweets. If I don’t recognize the name and follow a link to a crummy, non-relevant-to-anything-I’m-remotely-interested-in sales page, I immediately unfollow that person.

I don’t know why I thought the review would have been a good idea. In the event that I concluded my review with successful results, I would be telling others that yes, it is possible to make money with Twitter Affiliate Cash. This, in turn, would then prompt many of our readers to buy the system and have a go at making money on Twitter. Why is this a problem? Well, a comment left my Deborah sums up everything I want to say.

I am a huge networker in all areas of my life but twitter for me is very different.
I am very political and find that twitter as opposed to face book, my space and other social networking sites was a bit more pure. I spend time on twitter to discuss in 120 characters or less issues that are relevant–specifically I am in awe that the news in Iran right now is being transmitted through twitter and Youtube at Iranian’s risks. It is my personal time to interact with people around the world of like mind. I do not try to gain followers and only follow people whose tweets I admire. As soon as someone wants to sell me something, market or send me to a link I immediately block this person. If people make money on twitter more power to them however I personally use twitter for another purpose. It was inevitable that marketing would arrive on twitter and I can do nothing about it. This does not mean I do not believe in networking at all and I admire your site–this is simply my opinion about the my use of twitter.

Promoting the Twitter Affiliate Cash system could only open the doors to even more spam on Twitter. I know that spam will occur whether or not the Twitter Affiliate Cash system exists, but by not actively advocating the use of the program, I won’t be adding to the problem. Sorry if I’ve disappointed you, but that’s all I have to say on the matter.

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  • cathode50

    We are a nonprofit & make money for our mission this way. In this economy there are not many alternatives. Donations are at an all time low. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything but clicking on an add could keep a business or non profit open and help lots of people. Please think again.

  • R.L. Nightwolf
    R.L. Nightwolf

    Dear Sir
    frankly it is a refreshing change to see a man with integrity in this money at all cost society, I applaud your honesty and shall look forward to reading more reviews from you.

  • Tryfinah

    I have being on twitter for some time now, but I don’t really understand where does the money come from. The other thing is , it is not only on twitter people will be trying to sell their links to you. The other day I was reading my mails and the was this person who wanted to chat with me. and I said to myself let me hear what he got to say, but before I know- it he/she send some video link. I believe what is happening on twitter is now spreading everywhere. Thanx for all the updates Steve & Deb…

  • MS

    Great idea on canceling that review. Too many people already are just posting affiliate links or ADS. I did take a gander at RevTwt, but it just seems to much like a scam. I’ll stick with writing articles at eHow for extra cash each month.

    By the way, great website you all run here. Subscribing to your tweets. :)

  • scmarcos

    I am NOT disappointed and I agree with you and Deb wholeheartedly. Blindly going after traffic is useless.

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