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More Details on PostcardProfits.com


Today’s post is by Barney, another I’ve Tried That reviewer.
Luke Jaten is the person at the helm of PostcardProfits.com. The program is based on the idea that emails have taken over our mailboxes, so email advertising has become ineffective. However, US Mail advertising has decreased, so is now more efficient. People now get less snail mail than email advertising, so will pay more attention, thus making it more effective as advertising.

You pay a one time fee of $299.95 and get a 10 CD program (8 steps) for doing mass mailing of your advertising (of your own product). There is no product (that I can see), just the advertising program. It gives you resources for buying mailing lists for your advertising campaign. It provides you with recommendations as to what kind of products to sell. I don’t know what kind of recommendations that might be; I would have to purchase course. So, in addition to the course, you still have to pay for materials to mail, mailing lists, call center fees, 800 numbers, and postage, as well as whatever product you offer. It also says you get “3-Pre Made Ready to Mail Licenses” (whatever that means?). [Note by Joe: As we learned from Miyako on Monday, it means that you can use one of Jaten’s ready-to-go sales campaigns.]

As an alternative to the up-front fee of $300, you can do the optional 30 day free trial offer for only $9 shipping and the 5 payments of $59.95.

So far, the comments I have found state that the delivery of the program is slow and questionable. People have reported they still have not gotten their kits yet, but enough time has passed that they have already been charged for the first $59.95 installment. Therefore, you have no chance to review the course via the free trial before you are charged for the continued program. I could not find any disclosures regarding terms and conditions or requirements for cancellation. Communication and support seem to be non-existent.

Their support page has a notice saying only that Luke also offers a $500 money back guarantee when you make your “final” purchase.

How this guarantee works is very simple, if you go through the entire course and do not make a minimum $10,000 in the next 90 days, Luke will personally send you a check for $500 and refund your course 100%. The reason we offer this guarantee is because we are so positive that you are going to be able to generate $10,000 in the next 90 days if not more.

Still, I see nowhere I can review any terms or conditions, so am sure he is not going to pay for one reason or another. I do not see, when you are advertising your own products, how anyone could guarantee you will make $10,000 in 90 days. Any profit generated from the mass mailing would be dependent upon what your product is. After reviewing some testimonials, it sounds like the people in the testimonial video and the ones online who claim to have had rave successes with the program are using it more to boost an already existing business. Perhaps there is a value to it for this purpose.

In another location, I found reference to Luke Jaten’s involvement with another course a couple of years ago where he was selling a course about Government FHA information for $1495. The poster claims that was a total scam. I do not know about that, as there was not enough information to track that one. This poster also says that Luke had problems with FTC compliance due to lack of Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Contact Info.

The support page gives you only an email address: supoprt@postcardprofits.com and a phone #800-870-0515. There is no address, but one contact said the mail he did receive from them came from DMG, Inc. in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The third page on the site asks you to sign up for the newsletter, which I did. It then takes you automatically to a sales pitch video, complete with testimonials, and ends with a sign up form for you to fill out and buy. I will let you know what I get as far as a newsletter, when I receive one. Also, I have left a message at the 800 number and sent an email to the support email address, but so far, three days later, I have not heard back.

In checking further on the Cheyenne, Wyoming address and company attached, the plot thickens:
There is no such address as 2710 Thomas Avenue, Ste #239, Cheyenne, Wyo 82001.

There is a 2710 Thomas Rd, Cheyenne, Wyo 82009. It belongs to a small, average little ranch home, not an office building and not the home of someone who makes $50,000 in one week (as Luke claims).

Further, the return address found for Postcard Profits and the phone message you get when you call their 800 phone number is for DMG, Inc. DMG, Inc has a hosted domain (Noexperienceneeded.com) via a hosting service. The same person owns 68 domains hosted via the same host, going back to March of 2004. The address is the same Cheyenne address.

DMG, Inc is for a nutritional supplement product called Dimethylglycine. It is a nutrient common to many grains and met. It is also claimed to support the immune system. They are selling the product. It is most often used for treatment of autism, but has no proven clinical benefits to date. Mainly his site for the DMG supplement is made up of advertising for others. [Note by Joe: It looks like there are two different DMG companies. One is this one and the other is Direct Marketing Group. The latter looks to be the most likely candidate associated with PostcardProfits.com.]

From looking at the sire, I would say he is making his money from the advertising of others on his domains. Strangely, there a 9 ads on his page that are for businesses in Cheyenne, WV. There is no such town as Cheyenne in West Virginia. However, part of his site includes ads for businesses in and around the area of Cheyenne, Wy. This looks as though it is a typo, but that many, and why have they not been corrected? I would not pay to advertise with someone who could not get my address correct in my ad. It just seems all second rate and strange.

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  1. http://www.corporationwiki.com/Wyoming/Cheyenne/2710-Thomes-Ave-Cheyenne-WY-82001-a354675.aspx

    looks like a few businesses registered over the years at this location.

  2. Bill-

    Explain how he’s ‘choosing not to believe.’

  3. Hi Barney — sorry you chose not to believe.
    Hi Vashti — thanks for the link to Quantcast.com! it’s a great resource, and I’m looking forward to using it with my upcoming project. : )

  4. Without having ever spent a dime toward Luke’s program or tried any of his advice, I have to say I have a problem with accepting this offer as legitimate. First of all, what is it you get for your $300 investment and secondly, why is it such a challenge and a mystery with regards to making contact with them after your initial investment? Bunk!!!! If they were 100% legitimate, there would not be the problem with figuring out who they are; where they are; and how to contact them. If those issues don’t bring up some major red flags, what would? Why would they hide in any way, shape, or form if they were entirely above board?

  5. If you really want to get started with postcard marketing take these steps..

    1.choose affiliate product and or cpa offer. (ex. stop snoring product.. pays 25.00)

    2. get a domain name and create a landing page with good tracking.. google analytics(free)

    3.go to quantcast.com and look at the demographics of your audience.. sometimes it even gives you magazines and or other sites that your audience shops at.

    4.go to http://www.nextmark.com and choose your targeted mailing list. so many legitimate lists.. if in doubt then call the broker at nextmark and have him make recommendations based on your demographics from quantcast.com.

    5. design your postcard and mailing at http://www.click2mail.com. placing your landing page address as the point of contact.. start small.. scale up.

    good luck…

  6. Donna — > I do not have a phone number for them, but I have good success in getting through to them with these email addresses:
    …where I have “at” just replace that with “@”
    support “at” postcardprofits.com
    luke “at” postcardprofits.com.

    Also, I agree that $500 in business startup costs sounds like a lot, yet there are ways to cover that if you’re really serious about your own business.

    …are you looking for more of a hobby or pass-time,
    or do you really want to build your own home based business?

    Here’s what I did:
    to come up with the start-up money I made a list of 70 people I know from work, college, church, etc. Then I called each of them till I had enough people who would partner with me in this project. =-)

    …yes… I do have to share profits with them,
    but I also share expense : )

    As Luke Jayton says in the advertisement and in the course, Post Card Profits is * NOT * get rich quick,
    rather, Post Card Profits is a regular business that takes time to develop. And my testimony is that it is indeed worth your time & effort.

    Hope that helps,
    Bill K.

  7. The return address on my package is 5300 Ontario Mills Parkway, Ontario, CA 91764.

    Today I have tried calling the 800 phone number several times without any luck. I get the recording to please try & place my call again. You have to call to get a RMA number to return the kit. It’s for sure that I cannot afford to pay any $500 to get started on this type of program.

  8. it is good you do this

  9. Nichole – what’s your background? …professional, that is (not personal).

    …and what are your goals / expectations in doing this type of business?

    You may’ve already closed your checking account… but for future reference you can just call your bank and stop payment on one check rather than blasting the account and opening another.

    …not sure if that really helps…
    as I noted in my post to Brian, hopefully some of this helps; feel free to post another question; I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so far.

  10. Hi Brian – Yes, it is frustrating to only get part of the story from a website, especially when it would be so much more convenient to get all the details from one central website. My insight is that if he told you much more then you might feel that you do not actually need the product, and that you can do it on your own… which you can

    …actually …meaning, Luke’s system is “just” a normal business that many other people have been doing for decades. * HOWEVER * the balancing side of that statement is that * UNLESS * you have a background in the following activities then you will not be able to do it on your own: advertising, product development, marketing, promotion fulfilment, etc.

    …OK… it’s * NOT * that you could * NOT * do it on your own, rather, it is that it would take a lot of effort. My background is IT/IS, plus advertising, plus marketing (commercial as well as network marketing, which is another story altogether). With my background I find Jake’s Press 1 system to be very interesting and do-able.

    I made my own project plan (happy to share it if you have interest), and am making nice progress toward launch date. : )

    So Brian, as with a lot of things in life, there’s a bit of faith that has to be exercised. I stepped out in faith, bought the set of CDs, and am quite happy about it.

    Hope that helps = )

  11. Hi! I ordered postcards profits this morning and called an hour later to cancel my order. I was then informed that they CAN NOT cancel my order. Beware, once your order is placed, you have to wait to receive the product and then pay to have it shipped back to them. Nowhere on their site did it say that you can not cancel the order. I am closing the checking account that I paid it out of!! That’s what I get for not doing my research, duh! I should know better. I love your site, I just discovered it today!!

  12. Hi! I am replying about this information about the postcard profits offer. Ok,
    if luke jaten is telling people about this opportunity and not going into detail about the business it’s self with information you can look at about the business how does anyone believe it is going to be legitimate? Ya know, someone trying to sell someone something without solid information is failure from the beginning because people want a fullproof offer that they can really do something with without there being an amount of money upfront to show off. If Luke Jaten was for real the business would show all information for people to look at and get in touch with the business it’s self.

  13. Hi All,
    Yes, I ordered the PostCard Profits Program (with the 27 Product upgrade) on Aug. 17, and recieved it yesterday (Aug. 25). I recieved everything I ordered. The 1st CD sounds very practical, so far so good! When I listen to more CDs I will come back and let you know more of what I’ve learnt.

  14. Ah I see our problem.

    The actual address is: 2710 Thomes Ave. Suite 239, Cheyenne WY. 82001 (this was printed on the DMG voucher I got)

    NOTE: Thomes (not Thomas :) ) PS link did not show up but I notices our addys where off a little.

    Try that addy.

  15. Klutzys, Here is the link informatoin to what I am looking at. I do not know if your will be able to access it from this or not. See what happens.

    2710 Thomas Rd, Cheyenne, WY 82009

  16. Hee hee that is funny. Nope I have NO fields in either map and in fact it shows one building over is a 3 street intersection and across the street is a huge parking lot. Love the internet maps but sometimes they sure aren’t accurate :) No worries though. Will let you know if they bother to respond to me. They never called me back today.


  17. Klutzys,
    Yes, our maps are obviously different. I used Google and chose a street view. What I am seeing is definitely in a housing subdivision with open fields directly behind the house.

  18. Well hmmm, my map shows it is on Ave. and appears to be both businesses a church and maybe some homes. It looks like a small town I lived in that had both business and homes together and some of the homes where converted to businesses. Anyway, I understand what you mean now :) Still wonder what’s up with them. But I think our maps are different :). Thanks for the reply. I am using google too and google earth.

  19. Klutzys, The Cheyenne address is real for the most part, but a search 2710 Thomas Ave, Ste 239, Cheyenne, Wyo brings up a small economy ranch style home on the edge of Cheyenne. There is no suite # and it is actually Thomas Rd according to Google Maps.

  20. Interesting. I will keep track of this post to see what happens. I ordered the postcard profits off of ebay and sent in a license voucher for one of the licesnse products and have not received it yet. Hell they haven’t even cashed the check yet and it was sent on 8-3-09.

    The address on the voucher shows: DMG Inc. 2710 Thomes Ave. Suite 239, Cheyenne WY. 82001

    I did a search on http://www.usps.com to verify it was an address and yep it is and give the ending zip code too.

    2710 THOMES AVE STE 239
    CHEYENNE WY 82001-3029

    The phone number 307-460-4662 answers “Thank you for calling DMG home of postcard profits.” I left a message to ask where my info was and to let them know my check has still not been cashed.

    Will let you know what happens :)

    They say you can start this business/method for $500 and boy are they wrong. The cost of everything to get it rolling will be more than a $1000 to really test it. Sure you could mail 10 pieces but that wouldn’t produce much would it? Kind of gives people a false idea of how “easy” and “cheap” this is. Easy maybe but certainly not cheap!


  21. Thanks also Barney. I got caught up in the legalese tangle of corporations:)

  22. Response to Deborah (above) and Joe [Note by Joe: It looks like there are two different DMG companies. One is this one and the other is Direct Marketing Group. The latter looks to be the most likely candidate associated with PostcardProfits.com.]

    There are other DMG, Inc listings such as the two mentioned by both Joe (Mn)and Deborah (Nv). However, the materials that one of the posters received with CDs program from Postcard Profits had the return adress on Thomas Avenue in Cheyenne, Wyo. That is why I concluded that the DMG, Inc associated with Postcard Profits is in fact for the nutritional supplement Dimethylglycine. Dimethylglycine uses the same street address in Cheyenne, Wyo.

    1. Thanks for clarifying, Barney.

  23. I am just on my first cup of tea and so I apologize for another post. I clicked on the link I posted to return to the review the entire summary of DMG, Inc. and wanted to state that this link leads you to the seach page where you just need to enter “DMG Inc”. In looking at the history again I failed to notice a few things. First of all the business location and mailing address is listed as 3700 E. Stewart #137, Las Vegas, NV 89110 USA, which in looking at Google Maps appears to be in a small complex along with a Glass repair shop. I also noted another infraction of corporate law. A corporation must have a registered agent, generally an attorney, that is listed and their sole purpose is so to accept notices and service of process if the corporate entity is being sued. Naturally DMG Inc. does not have one but then again they are no longer a legal corporation. Not to be too technical but DMG, Inc is beyond a sham.

  24. I have been enjoying this week’s emails written my subscribers and today’s follow up to PostcardProfits.com was well done. I would have not given it a second thought based on the name and sales pitch but I am sure others in this economy may have fallen victim.
    What I did find interesting though is the history on DMG Inc. So I pulled up the Wyoming State Corporation Commission to check if DMG Inc was in fact a registered corporation and if it was in good standing.
    It should be no surprise that I found the following information for DMG, Inc.:

    1980-000103318 CORP DMG,Inc. Current 07/05/1968 Inactive – Revoked (Tax) Delinquent Good 01/29/1990

    The link for this specific information is below and if you click on the blue link with the corporation ID number you will see the detailed information on record with Wyoming.

    Basically DMG, Inc. is no longer a Corporate entity and not only that has not been since January of 1990. To echo Barney’s sentiments, if you are making 50,000 per week one should be able to file the annual corporate report, pay the fees and taxes and stay in good standing.

    To go one step further DMG, Inc, by continuing to use this name is in violation of state and federal laws. I may make a phone call later today to inquire about this practice and if it is reportable to their State Corporation Commission.

    I think this offends me more than anything–these scammers using corporate names that have been revoked, violating laws right and left, taking advantage of people looking to survive and make money on line and the list goes on.

    Thank you Barney and I’ve Tried It for continued efforts to knock down scammers one at a time. I never fail to share information on twitter and with friends.

  25. We should really start sending these people awards for being so shady. Really. They’re slicker than oil at times.


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