For some more details about, yet another “get paid to read email” site, see this post.

Today’s update is by Cass, an I’ve Tried That reviewer, and king/queen of the understatement. “This could take a pretty long time.” hehehe is really a variety of affiliates trying to get you to buy into their program. Seems like the big guys around there are Rolex and Cash.

You don’t get paid until you reach $1000.00 and each click is worth .25 cents. This could take a pretty long time. This is just for the ‘free’ version. I didn’t sign up for the ‘Gold’ membership- yet!

The links to the site are down just now so I will have to check into the rest later.. (Error 404- you know what that means..)

Later~ Hm,… I clicked PayOut because my profile claims that I have earned the sign up bonus of $1000.00 PLUS .75 cents for my time… And I really did have to click on a lot!

Check this out: I have to pay THEM $20,000.00 to payout! OR I can refer a downline of I don’t even know yet how many downliners..

You can decide for yourself, but in my book, is a massive waste of time.

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  • tommy

    I requested my first payout on 2/19/11 of $20,000.00 still hav’nt heard anything…so far i have $100,000.00 of payout request!! I keep sending them messages on their site that says contact says they will contact me, but i have yet to hear from them!! I guess i am just waisting my time clicking their ads, because they do’nt pay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mayank

    i dont think they are real just to earn clicks they use us if they are genuine we would be very well pleased to be associated with them moreover just think bout it without any effort why do they pay so much

  • Kurt

    Hi,I started clicking on Dec. 13,2009-I reached 20,357.00 Jan.12,2010- cashed out on Dec. 13,2010-waiting for my MOOLA STARTED CLICKING AGAIN-BACK UP TO 3,000.00.HOW DO WE SHUT THEM DOWN IF THEY AREN’T REAL. THE SILENCER

  • Richard

    Yep, I upgraded in cashmails and guess what? – I have lost my money.
    Since I paid I have not even had an e-mail to read, I cannot withdraw and nobody answers my e-mails to ask questions – BURNT AGAIN.

  • arun
    Reply is a scam site…………..don`t waste yime in that……………….

  • Raven

    Cashmails is indeed a scam. As are many of the so called “high-paying” pay to click sites out there. Even if you pay for an upgrade, you still will not get paid. A good rule of thumb: If the company is offering more than $0.10 (10 cents) per email read, or per ad clicked, you will most likely never see a dime for your efforts. I have spent many months working these ‘seems to good to be true’ PPA sites. The lower paying PPA sites may take longer to reach the payout goal… but at least they payout.

  • Steve


    Did you bother to read this thread?

  • Jemmy Hosea
    Jemmy Hosea

    well, I just starting to work with that site. I hope its not a scam. I need extra income here :)

  • Tim Dodd
    Tim Dodd

    I have cashed out 3 times, that is a total of $60,000 that cashmails owes me! It’s been over 3 months since the requests but I have yet to receive a single cent!

    I don’t think they pay. They haven’t paid anyone. Their so called payout screenshots are fake! All Liberty Reserve accounts listed their are fake!

    The only thing you can use your balance for at cashmails is to purchase and advertisement package.

    I’ve not been paid, but I’ve been able to advertise many times.

    I will never upgrade, I don’t feel like throwing my money away.

  • Susan

    I think you have it a bit mistaken. I have just requested the cashout and how quickly I receive payout remains to be seen. However, you get $1000 added to you account when you join. for clicking ads you receive 2500 cents not 25 cents. That is equal to $25. Then, for reading emails, you receive 10000 cents which equals $100. When your account reaches $20,000, you can request your cashout, which then “costs” your account $20,000 because they are sending it to you. As I mentioned, what happens next is the question. And to let you know I joined on July 4th and earned enough for payout in a little over 2 months. Because the click ads renew every day, clicking daily will earn you faster.

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