We’ve discussed iJango in the past and it wasn’t pretty. The whole thing stinks of a pyramid scheme. iJango claims it’s “the center of the Internet” but merely rips off already successful ideas that are available for free, but instead, charges you to use their website. iJango hasn’t attracted a lot of mainstream attention yet, but one Houston news group has started to investigate the company. Click2Houston has this to say about iJango.

Here’s how iJango says it works:

After you pay those fees, you get your own iJango Web site. Anyone who comes to the Internet through your iJango site helps you earn money.

When they buy a song from iTunes, as long as they get to iTunes through your site, iJango says you get a cut.

“This is where I get excited because you get paid anytime that people you know search, e-mail, shop, blog, read the news,” said Sharpe.

iJango claims it’s partnered with hundreds of retailers to kick a commission back to you.

The only problem?

“A lot of these affiliations that iJango is claiming, we were really unable to identify,” said Dufner.

Sharpe says the company has partnered with Google, Rhapsody and iTunes to name a few.

But Google told the BBB, “We are not affiliated with that company. Our trademark team is looking into this issue.”

A Rhapsody spokesperson said it was “not affiliated with iJango.”

And iTunes wrote, “There is no business called iJango in our affiliate program.”

There is another way to make money with iJango.

Local 2 Investigates has learned many of the customers have already been paid, not for commissions, but for recruiting others to join and pay the $149 down payment.

That is what caused the Austin BBB to utter the “P” word.

“A pyramid scheme is certainly illegal if people are just getting paid based on the recruitment of others, and there’s really no exchange of a product,” Dufner said.

iJango’s web portal wasn’t even working until Aug. 5. It was impossible for anyone to make money from commissions or by clicking on links and ads, but people were paid weeks before.

We’ve learned the state attorney general’s office is looking into iJango as well, asking its own questions.

Be sure to read the rest of the news article by clicking here.
There is also a video of the news report here.

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