A comment from another post over the weekend had me cheering at my desk.

Steve, I just wanted to say thanks for getting my site started. I am sorry it took me so long to get back but I have been busy. I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate on the same day and I have just emersed myself into all of that material. I am happy to say that after 4 days I made my first sale for $37.00 and I am just that much more motivated. Thanks for being there with the right information when I needed it. I will keep informed on my progress and drop by my site at howardsternrap.com in a few days. I should have it presentable by then.
Once again, thanks,

See, we were running this promotion a while ago that Steve would help you set up your blog for free. We had quite a few takers. The only problem is, most of those takers didn’t write a single post on their spiffy new blogs.

Well, that’s not really a problem. Just kind of odd. We all have good intentions, I guess, but following through is not always easy. I include myself in this crowd of non-closers. I’m a champion procrastinator.

But I wanted you to know about Ferrell’s success. Not only is he happy with the blog (which he’s working on), but he joined Wealthy Affiliate and has made a sale and some money! Everyone starts with just one.

Here’s to you, bro. May it be the first of many sales.

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