Yesterday, we decided to give away our eBook The Complete Guide to Telecommuting for free. (Did you miss that post? If so, click here to get your free copy. You need to fill out the form within the post, and not the comment form at the bottom.) An overwhelmingly large number of you signed up to receive the book and I want to know what you thought about it.

We worked hard for months to develop the book and spent a lot of time on both the content and the design. We like to think we came up with a pretty good end result and now we’d like to hear what you think. While you’re at it, let us know what you’d be interested in seeing in our newsletter. We’d like to offer exclusive content to our most loyal subscribers and are open to anything!

Leave a comment below.

We love hearing from you guys.

PS. If you thought the book was terrible, well, blame Joe. It was all his doing.

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  • Sean

    I agree with commenter Steve. Totally worth the money I didn’t pay. Thanks for the freebie.

  • Steve

    Yeah Joe, you’re right: the book NEEDED monster trucks!! Having gotten THAT off my mind, congrats to both of you for a well written and researched manual on the subject. Just indicates once again the integrity of “I’ve Tried That” and willingness to provide maximum value to its readers – thanx guys! Definitely worth the purchase price – LOL!! BTW: WHY did you decide to give this away?? It is worth the $10 (or whatever) you recently charged for it…

  • Jef

    Thanks for the ebook. I can tell you two spent a lot of time working on it. Nothing like the rest of the crap ebooks out there with misspelled words, broken links, and incomplete sentences. It was very informative and I think you covered any question I would have thought to ask. I took your little resume test and only scored a 5, but, I’m one of those unheard of old timers that have been with the same employer for 22 years and haven’t needed to update my resume lately. I did pick up a few good ideas though. I really enjoy reading your site. Keep up the good work.


  • Joe

    It was NOT my doing. I wanted more pictures of monster trucks. Steve insisted on a neutral look. Pfft. Whatever.

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