And it came in snail mail! I could kick myself. All this time I’ve been looking online, signing up for everything I could find that says it can show me how to make $1,000 a day. But the real opportunity all this time was in good old fashioned snail mail. Who knew??

Lucky Day LetterYou see, I got this letter. (Click on it to see the full version, which is readable.) No return address. Postmarked in Illinois, which is a whole bunch of states away from me. So I don’t know who sent it to me. If it’s one of you and you somehow got my home address, I’m a little creeped out, but THANK YOU! I don’t know what the deal is, but all I have to do is send $2 to a post office box in New Hampshire, and they’ll send me all the information I need to change my life!

For $2, they say,

“We will show you how we use our program and how it can putyou into whatever income bracket you want to be in. We anticipate that you will surpass the $50,000 bracket within the first year, but there is no limit on your earnings, it could be much , much more!”

It’s only $2, and I can afford to lose that. I might as well take a chance. Heck, maybe it’s genuine.

Crazy, right? If you read the letter, you’ll see that it tells me absolutely nothing about what the program is or what I would be doing to earn this fabulous income.

But too often in this business, facts don’t matter. It’s all about pushing my emotional buttons. That’s why the letter leads with, “How would you like to receive the kind of money that most people only dream of having?”

If someone or something opens with the word “dream” in the first sentence, I know it’s a ripoff.

But the point of this post is to hold this snail mail scam up in comparison to the Internet scams we see every day of the year. Many Internet scams don’t give much more information about their offer than this letter…they just push your buttons and let the emotion do the rest.

Very often, the only difference is the price. I can’t think of an Internet scam that will cost you only $2. And I’ve heard stories of people losing thousands.

I shouldn’t be surprised…truly there is nothing new under the sun, and that includes the various ways people will separate others from their money. But what’s curious to me is that the very same people who would see this letter and immediately know it’s a scam sometimes get sucked in by scammy sales pages online. It’s almost like there’s a hypnotic effect coming through the monitor that causes people to suspend the bullshit detectors in their brains.

So, at the risk of sounding like a broken record and for the benefit of those readers just joining us, here’s Joe signing off with a warning: Be careful out there.

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