We get a fair number of email messages each week asking about this or that program by name. Have you checked out this or that offer? Is it a scam?

Quite often, people even search through our archives first. They do their due diligence and then write a message like this one, from alert reader Joanna:

Hello. Great site.

I came across this web site homebizlast.com/ and could not find anything about it in your archives.

A person whom I only know on facebook (young daughter of real life friend) claims to have made 150 dollars in one day.

I will ask her about it, but she is very young – around 17. Have you come across this site before?

Here’s the problem, and there’s no way Joanna and the other diligent readers would know this. (By the way, Joanna, I love your accent!)

We HAVE covered homebizlast.com, just not in that particular disguise. Not with that exact name. The same scams go by different names and just recycle the same sales pages and tactics over and over.

Truth be told, I think there are like five scams on the Internet. But they wear hundreds, nay, thousands of different masks.

Homebizlast.com is one of them. What is it? It’s Easy Google Profit dressed up to look like a legitimate news site. It tries to sound like a news story. It runs a script that makes the newspaper title and location local to you. (Mine is called the “Utah Online Edition” and the person making $5k per month lives in Salt Lake City. Where are these details located when you visit homebizlast.com? Speak up in the comments to play Where In The World Is This Scam Today?! It will be fun!)

We wrote about this fake news tactic here. That was back in May and it was selling Easy Google Profit even then.

So, thanks for the question, Jo. It turns out we have written extensively about the so-called Google scams. They’re all the same. Here’s a good place to start—the Master List of Google Scams.

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  • Julian

    Looks like Mary from Easton, PA is the new headliner now, and she makes $5500 a month!

    That’s fantasmical.

  • Joanna

    Wow you guys are FAST!
    Thank you for answering my email. It turns out that she has a computer virus which is puting updates on her facebook wall – such as this:

    “made $125 today working from home! go to HomeBizLast.com to see how you can start too! fqe”

    As soon as I saw the site I knew it was bogus, but I couldn’t figure out why she would write that and I can’t believe I didn’t *click* virus in my head because I’ve seen myspace hijacked in a similar way.

    Not related to this I’ve had to cancel credit card and get reissued thanks to some retards going by these aliases “Masterbill9.com” “Lefkosia” and “Gypsumcs.com” who were charging me between $40 and $60 USD a month. My bank has recovered funds, however, and this sounds really dumb, I don’t open my banking mail because I do it all online, so there was only 3 months of history I could trace. Today I’ve finally gathered all my unopened mail (yeh I’m disorganised and an interstate move 9 months ago hasn’t made everything in the one spot) so I’m still finding these charges going back further in time – so more shit to sort out.

    Everyone check your credit statements – I never did and it looks like they took me for a ride for at least 5 months – still opening my mail!!! yikes!

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