I love coming across a system with a bit of confidence. There’s just something about the certainty in the name that is attractive. Surefire. Strong, bold, guaranteed to work. It’s almost as good as the name I have picked out for my upcoming work from home program, “Steve’s 100% Guaranteed Method to Teach you How to Rock Off the Faces of Others Whilst Becoming a Billionaire.”

What is the Surefire Money Maker System?

The Surefire Money Maker System lures you in with promises of free information. The majority of this information consists of vague references to earnings and how you can start making $200 a day by giving stuff away for free. Of course, to find out how to actually make money doing this you need to spend $37 first.

SPOILER ALERT!! The method on how to make money? The eBook teaches you to give away the intro to the Surefire Money Maker System for free and to sell the eBook on how to sell the eBook. Hooray recursion!

There are a few stock images and fake names selling this product including Rosie Peterson and Alex Cadens. They are selling from twaeresources.com, fastwebcash.com, realmoneyonlinenow.com, and 100plusaday.com. All the sales pages are exact carbon copies of each other which confirms the recursion method from above.

There’s only one thing surefire about making money online and that is there is nothing surefire about making money online.

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  • sandy

    Don’t bother doing the Auction Listing thing either,it isn’t easy as 1,2,3,4.That’s how Jennifer Johnson sells it.You actually will not get paid until your item is purchased!There are monthly fees they neglect to mention,and the list goes on.The only good thing ;they did refund my money,no questions asked! THANKGOD

  • Julian


    Slang Dictionary

    1. mod.
    (Alludes to a gun that will always fire.)

    …at the people who are dumb enough to stand in front of it and look inside assuming there is money in that tiny, mysterious black hole.

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