Ok, so this idea has been kicking around in my head for a while but executing it is not a high priority for me. In other words, I haven’t tried this one but I think someone can be successful at it.

So I thought I’d toss it out there for you all, and someone who’s really ready to work hard to start their own business can take it and run. And then you can tell us all your success story about how you made money from home.

Do you have a scanner and a digital camera? A mind for detail and organization? Then this might be for you.

Sell Photo and Document Backup Services

You know those shoeboxes full of papers and falling-apart photo albums at your parents’ or grandparents’ house? They are just one house cleaning away from being lost forever.

You could take those important documents and photos and create electronic backups using your scanner. Everyone has paper documents they should back up and most people have tons of old photos that they would be happy to preserve—if only someone could do it for a decent price.

You could charge a flat fee per item based on its size and give the person a CD or DVD that contains a copy of those irreplaceable photos and documents. You could think of other ways to add value, too, such as by creating an attractive book or setting up a Web site where the customer’s family could see the old photos that might have been permanently gone.

So what do you think? This could work, right? I think it’s a service that everyone needs.

It’s Up to You

You don’t have to rely on the job market or fickle make-money-online opportunities. I believe that all that stands between you and a profitable home business is an understimulated imagination.

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  • Erena Sasso
    Erena Sasso

    I love the concept. But I don’t have a clue as what fee should I charge?

  • Julian

    Oh. That makes sense.

  • Julian

    Good read. I think it sounds like a great concept, but as far as what reasonable pricing is, advertising, and how to make it “legal” are all things beyond me.

    I haven’t really seen the need for this type of service though, given all of the external storage devices people have now, as well as flash drives and things of that nature. Not to mention the fact that most photos are digital now, and documents have .pdf’s.

    I could definitely get in to this though if the customers unveiled themselves.

    • Joe

      I was thinking of my parents’ generation as customers, Julian. The 70+ crowd. Many of them have very little idea about scanning and digital cameras and so on, but they can operate a computer well enough to put in a DVD.

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