If you’re searching for a job, I’m sending good vibes your way. Job searching sucks.

Especially if you rely on the Internet, and who doesn’t these days when looking for work? It’s an incredible tool, but like all tools, you have to know how to use it so you don’t cut your hand off.

Today’s lesson is very simple: when searching job sites like Careerbuilder, Monster, or Yahoo, do not use the term “work at home.”

Using “work at home” as a search term is the shortest route to getting scammed. Here’s an informal case study (with an n of 1, for you statistics nerds). Just for grins, I went to CareerBuilder.com and typed “work from home” as my search criteria.

I got 76 pages of results, a large number of which required an “investment” to get started. “Investment??” For shame, CareerBuilder! That’s marketing bullshit. Are you getting a cut from each sale? If you have to pay, it’s not a job.

Those “jobs” that did not require an investment were junk ads. The company wasn’t listed or it’s processing orders or data entry and other such junk.

In other words, you could spend a lot of time sifting through junk ads if you use the search term, “work at home.”

On the other hand, I searched for “telecommuting” at the same site and got only two pages of results, all of which seem to be real jobs.

Here’s the problem: scammers know that people are using the term “work at home jobs” to find work they can do from home. So they write up junk job ads to match that keyword search, and POOF! A stinky trend is born.

So use the term “telecommute” instead. Employers use it, scammers don’t (yet). As soon as a critical mass of people start searching for “telecommute” jobs, scammers will use it too, but that day is not today.

This job searching tip brought to you by IveTriedThat.com. CareerBuilder.com is not affiliated with us, as we think they stink. No relationship or endorsement is implied or stated and we wouldn’t join them if they begged. Cuz we think they stink.

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