We got a request last week to check out AdzZoo.com. It’s not the typical kind of program we see, so that part was refreshing. But the “opportunity” smells a lot like failure to me.

Jason, who sent the request, said:

Have you done a review on AdzZoo.com? I think it’s a MLM, but until try it, I won’t know for sure. I need money and I’m a very hard worker. Should I take the risk?

The bottom line, which is just my opinion, is that it’s a big idea with a small chance of success. Jason might be able to pull it off since he’s motivated and works hard—that’s what success takes, after all. But Jason, I think with this you will constantly be pushing a loaded wheelbarrow up the hill. The deck is stacked against you.

What is AdzZoo.com?

It is a company that helps small businesses create online advertising campaigns. Its specialty is creating geographically targeted ads for offline businesses so that local buyers can find those businesses.

If you can trust the testimonials page, which is a big “IF” with any testimonial page, AdzZoo does have some satisfied customers.

What Is the Opportunity?

The site is pretty vague about the opportunity, but it looks like an MLM. You go sell AdzZoo Internet ad campaigns to small businesses. You can also “build a sales team” and profit from their earnings. “You will be in business for yourself but not by yourself.” AdzZoo is taking its taglines straight from the MLM Encyclopedia of Fluff and Puff, never a good sign.

What’s the Problem?

I think the core idea is sound: help offline businesses connect with customers by creating geographically targeted ads. AdzZoo relies on scripts that feed a searcher’s location (based on IP address, I suppose) to software that serves up ads targeted to that location and that search.

And that’s the problem. Say I’m a small business owner who sells specialty popcorn from a small shop. I want to target all those people close to me who are searching online for not-your-average-Jiffy-Pop. And that’s, what, five people?

I think there are too few people searching locally (except maybe in large metropolitan areas) and that the online advertising niche is already served by companies like Google and Yahoo.

Good Luck!

It’s nice to see someone selling or promoting an honest opportunity. This one requires that you hit the road and sell advertising. But look for something where the skids are greased in your favor instead of something with two strikes against it at the outset.

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  • Chad Musgrove
    Chad Musgrove

    Sky – if you are still receiving notices about blog postings here, and you see this – please contact me.

    I love your writing style and insights. I would be interested in having you guest post on my blog.


  • richard

    The problem with adzoo is that all the ads are under a sub-domain of addzoo, and they do get you on the first page of the search engines, you are on the top of the search engines, if you decide to stop using them all the money you spent, will be lost, since noon of the work they do is directly tied to your URL within a month you will disappear from search engine rankings. Hire your own google certified adwords partner and make sure all seo sem is to your website and not someone else’s sub-domain you do not control

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