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What is Point and Click Coaching?


Today’s guest post is great work by Vicki. Thanks, Vick! (I always wanted to say that.)

I stumbled on what looks like another Scam that I wanted to share with everyone. The email originally came from: Kurt Chrisler (mail@adsensemasterplan.com)

The email starts with:
“In August 2009 Lee McIntyre held a two day workshop where he revealed the fastest way to build a $20,000 per month business from scratch…for a limited time you can get the recordings from this seminar for free.”

I have been trying to research Lee McIntyre’s Point and Click Coaching. Other websites that are part of this include:

I have my browser set to NOT allow page redirects. So, when I click one of the links inside of their email, I have noticed that they try to redirect me to a page at infusionsoft.com. I’m not sure how all these sites are connected, but you should all beware if you get an email from any of these domains.

And By “Free,” We Mean “Not Free”

This is what happens when you click on the link for the “FREE” DVD. Of course, they want you to pay for shipping and handling of the DVDs. When you try to close the browser window, you get one of those annoying pop ups that says:
“WAIT. If you want the digital version of DVDs, you can save the shipping cost by ‘investing’ 1 dollar for the log in details to access the online version.”

Plus, I also get a 14-day Free Trial to some other bogus stuff, which of course, I do need to send in a cancel if I chose not to continue after the trial.

For a buck, I thought, what the heck. And, I used a credit card I rarely use that has a very small credit limit as well as a bogus email address that I set up to use for potential scams.

After ‘investing’ the 1 dollar, you are served up a bunch more screens trying to get you to purchase things for hundreds of dollars. But you can bypass them and keep going through all the screens. Finally, at the last screen you are told that you will get the Log In information to your in box in 30 minutes with the subject “Here’s Your Log In Details…”.

They do give you a link to their Support site in case you have a problem logging in. I opened a ticket on their support site letting them know that I had been waiting 2 hours and still no email with my Log In Details.

I never did get that email I was expecting, but instead got a bunch of crap emails to this bogus email account.

Help! How Do I Cancel??

In researching their Support Knowledgebase, they do tell you how to cancel your subscription. But you need to read the Sales page to make sure you are within the time frame to cancel. Ironically, there is no Sales Page to go to.

In looking at who registered all these domains, this is what I found:
Administrative and Technical Contact is Fiona McIntyre with an email address of : fhmcintyre@hotmail.com

Administrative and Technical Contact is Lee O’loughlin of Leafy New Media. The email address is : newsletter@lee-mcintyre.com

Administrative and Technical Contact is Lee O’loughlin of Leafy New Media. The email address is : newsletter@lee-mcintyre.com

Administrative and Technical Contact is Lee O’loughlin of Leafy New Media. The email address is : newsletter@lee-mcintyre.com

Private registration. Registrant is Infusionsoft Software.

Private registration. Registrant is Chrisler Marketing, Inc.

4 hours later and I never did receive that “Log In Details” email. Nor could I find the Sales page to stop the charges after the 14 day free trial. I guess I will be calling my bank tomorrow and stopping all charges and requesting a replacement credit card number.

If anyone has any other information on these guys, please do share.

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  1. I do not recommend any products from Lee McIntyre and Get More Momentum especially his 10X Formula. In my opinion it is content poor(unless you care to know what type of car someone drives, all the money they have made, their dogs, their lifestyle, their decision to possibly move to the US – this is not content it is filler), same material about Facebook is just repeated week after week with no true value content revealed, weekly calls get cancelled last minute and they do not offer a product warranty for those not satisfied with their product and services. A three day retreat was mentioned during the strategy call as part of the 10X Formula but they later deny this as part of the program and state they are adding it is a bonus offer and goodwill(this is BS). Then when I signed up for a VIP Retreat in San Diego and it got cancelled one week prior and no real follow-up and no real compensation since we all had booked flights, hotels and ground transportation. As compensation they were offering an online course and private calls with Lee. It is a very unprofessional company. When you are charging $6000+ I would expect top quality and thank goodness I defaulted on my last payment. Save your money!! When you are unhappy and asking for a refund here is what they tried to offer me:

    – We’ll remove you from the live calls but we will allow you to keep access to the 10x Formula training materials for as long as you need them. They can be a very useful training reference for you.

    – We’ll give you 2 x 45 min 1 on 1 coaching calls with our head coach whenever you need them. This way you can get unstuck fast when needing help.

    – We’ll send you a $850 partial refund as a goodwill gesture in this matter. We would cancel your contract and you would no longer owe us any additional payments.

    – We would give you access, as a further act of goodwill, to any programs we release in the next 6 months that you deem useful to helping you grow your business.

    No thank-you – why would I want to continue to waste more of my valuable time!! I am not the only one who started the program around the same time as me who feels this way as I have spoken personally to two others. There is no support per say, you can not comment on their FB page as it always gets removed, no community is formed among participants (maybe for this reason) and weekly calls are a mostly just rambling and a waste of time and were cancelled a variety if times and moved to another time just 3 hours prior to the call. Do not invest in Get More Momentum – keep your money, save the hassles, disappointment and heart ache. There are truly great products out there – just not this company.
    Sincerely, Verdell Jessup

  2. This is for Boisk…

    Hi there! I just wanted to say, in response to your post:

    If You mean the Internet Lifestyle Intensive, I do not recommend You buy it, unless You are ready to get 32 weeks of training instead of 52, find there’s a couple of videos that are not actually there, many of them not made by Lee himself, have a coaching call not happen every once in a while -with no notice (before OR after)-, wait for a whole month to get a critique of your website, get mostly generic answers to your questions, NO hands on mentoring by Lee nor anyone else, get 2 or more emails wvery week pitching this product or that, and obtain a somewhat rude reply to your request for a refund, which You will most likely make AFTER the “30 days no questions asked money back guarantee”, simply because You will not get a chance to find out about the above points until it is too late.
    OK, You may not be as unfortunate as I was with this, but I will tell You one thing: It is BY NO MEANS ONE ON ONE COACHING. You feel and believe THAT is what You are getting, while watching that sales video, but if You pay attention Lee never actually says he will coach You one on one.
    I used to love Lee and his cheaper products are really good, but the 52 week thing is definitely not worth it.
    I don’t mean to trash Lee, I loved him and respected him a lot before this one adventure. If You want to keep loving him, buy some of his other cheaper products, they are worth it, but not this one.
    My 2 cents to save You the money and the heartache.

    Good luck!
    Ana Danel

  3. Hello,

    I’m seriously thinking about taking the 52 Weeks One to One Coaching Program that Lee is offering. I do believe he can help me starting my Internet Business and earning extra money during this program. Has anyone experience?
    Until now I cann’t find anything negative about Lee. I do believe he is honest.
    (sorry for my poor English, it isn’t my native tongue)

  4. Hi everyone, Laura you probably already know what Im about to say…..

    Its easy, Joe is an internet marketer. How many clicks and commissions do you think Joe has made from the link they promote over Lee’s? Polarization is a great marketing tool, and its worked quite well for Joe here.

    I first tried internet marketing 10 yrs ago, I had no concept of the internet then, basic email was my skill level. Yeah, I put in my credit card for a product to test how it all worked and guess what, I was ripped off, or was I?

    A couple more small bad experiences and I sounded like Laura, so 10 years later I tried again. It was purely my attitude that stopped me for 1o years. Maybe I missed a link for the product I bought, I didnt even know what a link was.

    Laura, go get a reiki healing and clear the neg energy.

    I have spent ages looking for stuff for free, good info, but no structure, Lee fixes that.

    Great comments though guys, although why be nasty to each other…although I couldnt resist my opening line.

  5. David McDonald says:

    Jack for a person who has the knowledge of the free info on the internet, then comes out with a statement that Daniel is Lee sounds to me that you are a serious risk to your own success and all those around you, Lee is a very good Internet Marketer who is THOUGHT off very highly on the internet by his Peers but you what is your claim to fame bearing in mind that the info will be free on the internet, Lee has taught a lot of successful marketers on line with very few if any complaints from those that complete any of his courses so you should really do your research before you make SILLY statements the outcome will be that no one will take you serious after that.

    Sarah there are multiple form of payment systems on the internet all of them require you to enter your details on a form for you to gain access to the product you purchase no one will let you have a product without payment, as for the comments on this thread about Lee if you have been around on the internet for a while and have been looking for a mentor or a product to give you the knowledge you seek for success then you will inevitably find comments that are not very favorable to the mentor or product it is you the customer with the Credit card they are after but what is more important they want your cash, Lee offers money back Guarantees as does any marketer worth his salt and there is no questions asked when you require a refund within the time stated.

    Lee McIntyre is an excellent teacher and produces top notch products for all, he is respected on both sides of the pond.

    What ever you decide to do Sarah I hope you have a very successful journey on the road to riches.

    Success to you all.


  6. Maureen Corona says:

    Bought the Point and Click coaching program. It is everything that anyone could wish for, especially a newbie !

    When I had problems accessing the latter part of the program, Lee sent it to me without my having to pay the balance of the monthly payments that I had agreed on at the beginning of the course. NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL INTEGRITY ! Thanks Lee !

    Lee McIntyre is a businessman who knows his stuff and is NOT A SCAM !

  7. I was just about to buy the training program but I didn’t because it didn’t allow me to pay with paypal. It asks you to enter your credit card information directly on the page. That doesn’t seem very professional to me. It made me search the internet to find out whether this was a scam, and this mix of comments didn’t make me feel good.

  8. Daniel Euergetes is Lee. End of story. Don’t buy this course. Everything you need is online for free to only find out that it doesn’t work.

  9. This comment is sent to Lee McIntyre’s detractors.

    ARE YOU SERIOUS???? You have GOT to be kidding. I have learned more in the shortest amount of time from Lee’s training and received more value for my money than I have received from all of the other bogus sellers who scammed me over the years.

    When I send a ticket to support, it has never taken more than one day to get a response AND…there is continuity and flow on the ticket so I am always connected to James (who ALWAYS HELPS ME)!

    It may well be that there were some issues with customer service, but remember that they are a growing organization and Lee will tell you himself that they have had some problems.

    My advice to you would be…if you still have some unresolved issues and feel that you are owed a refund or any other problem, reconnect with them. They will rectify the problem.

    Notice that I am not putting in a link, I am not trying to sell anything, just want the truth to be told.

    Good luck in your search for another honest teacher, and I mean that sincerely..there are not many out there (sad to say)

  10. You’d better submit a ticket to Lee’s support team to resolve your problem – https://getmoremomentum.zendesk.com/home/
    Although it will usually take you a few more days to get a reply, I would like to say that their customer service is still very good, and always give me the best answer! I own most of Lee’s training courses and products, they are all excellent! Lee is an excellent teacher and internet marketer!

  11. I can say about Lee’s methods. I tried his Point and Click for 14 days and didn’t cancel. It was a big mistake. So they were patiently waiting ultill I put the $97 at my card, and as soon as the money got it there, they took it. I cancelled my subscription assuming I still have one month membership.

    Because they already took the $97, right?

    But you see, I CANNOT LOG IN TO THEir MEMBERSHIP SITE! The password and login they sent me isn’t working.

    That can mean only 2 things:
    1) either their tech support isn’t good enough that’s why I can’t log in to my PAID membership site I still am supposed to have access to.
    2) They are just cheating rascals

    Lee, if you are reading this, how can you explain this?

  12. Everybody has the right to an opinion on this subject however, most of the people commenting here are in the program or have bought products from Lee so it’s facts they are talking not opinions I would sooner listen to someone with experience of the products than someone assuming what goes on.

  13. Daniel Euergetes says:

    One last thing…

    I bet you could easily fit the Grand Canyon in your mouth!

  14. Daniel Euergetes says:

    Lee, if you ever by chance come by this hopeless b.s, know that you’ve got every bit of support from me!

    I guess my biggest hang-up is that I lack the kind of patience you have!

    You negative posters on here can call me a sucker all you want!

    I can tell a calculated risk from stupidity. I found no problem with Lee McIntyre at all! It’s all in black and white! (and no, for those of you who would accuse me of being one of his workers – I’m not. Albeit I’d be honored to work for this person! It’s a true statement that no matter how nice you are or ethical, you will not please everybody! This blog is pure example of this and it comes with much to be desired.

    Whether this system works comes down to each person who purchases it. If you cannot follow instructions, then YOU SUFFER!

    As for the free (or low-cost workshop, what more are you going to get for a couple bucks? Here’s a two-day workshop crammed full of content!

    That’s the only trouble I see with handing out free content like this – people begin taking it all for granted and stick their hands out for more – more – MORE!

    What more do you want — Laura? Some of you others??

    This entire thing is totally optional! I don’t see anything unethical here…

    What more do you want???

    The biggest folly I see here is people not following very simple instructions! I got it the first time around…

    What more do you want???

    The guy comes onto this bag of shit and gives his time to idiots who can’t follow instructions, who failed to READ… and goes the extra mile – with the same hospitality and cordiality with people who would make a saint cuss!

    What more do you want???

    This B–I–G Mouth Laura is the epitome of those with hot air thinking looking for free stuff and then accusing those who give it pushing hot-air sandwiches! Lose your stupid entitlement mentality! You’ll go nowhere as an entrepreneur with that mindset! Man, (or woman) you seriously need some professional help! Can’t you see that in your crystal ball that really – you need to get a JOB?

    What more do you want???

    What a bloody mess! It’s no wonder some people who become successful become reclusive!

    The person who started this line of shit hasn’t a clue either.

    Sorry – it’s the honest truth…

  15. Daniel Euergetes says:

    Good grief! What a mess!

  16. The “e-bay point and click” product Jennifer is talking about is a completely different product provided by a completely different person.


  17. What a lively bunch you are! I just happened on this site while making sure Lee wasn’t a scammer. I think I’ve been convinced. Thank you

  18. David McDonald says:

    Sorry for the way I have conducted myself on this discussion but I do believe that Lee is very honest and conducts himself in a professional manner.

    Evan sorry for the “s” at the end of your name in the previous post I think I will move on now.

    To everyones SUCCESS


  19. David McDonald says:

    Amen To that Evans

  20. This post should not be continued, maybe I should quote and copy a paragraph of an Internet marketer and give this post as an ending.

    “You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Think Everything Online Is a Scam

    Are there scam artists out there? Yes but we‟re not all scam artists.
    It‟s natural to put your guard up when you‟re about to spend money but some people think everything to do with making money online is a scam. Usually because they‟ve either been burned in the past or know someone who has been burned.
    So now they trust no one, they think everything is a scam and will never invest time or money in any product that‟s put in front of them.
    Who loses out here?
    Sure, do your research if you have to before investing any money but please don‟t paint us all with the same brush if you‟ve been burned before.”

  21. I am actually not convinced that Laura is even talking about the same product as the rest of us.

    Is there even a $211.00 Lee McIntyre program? And who is Jennifer Johnson? That seems like a completely random reference to a completely different product.

    I do suddenly feel like drinking barley soup though for some strange reason.

    1. do you think punctuation and spelling don’t matter then just read the comments here you might also want to drink barley soup like paul and then where would we be there’s not enough barley to go around in both beer AND soup so which one is more important to you that’s what you half to ask yourself

      I wondered about the Jennifer Johnson reference, too. Laura, did you try contacting Lee directly? Read the comments above…he has made it very easy to get in touch with him and said he’ll address any customer concerns himself. I hope you can straighten it out, and please let us know what happens.

  22. David McDonald says:

    Hi Laura you surely should laugh it is no wonder that a person like you should not be taken seriously you do not even read the post properly I never stated at any time that I worked for Lee, I said and I quote (I have work with Lee for a while now) you really have to get it right or it will not be the Psychic Radio your on but a psycho ward in some institution. Tell me dear are you successful in any venture you have participated in or is the claim to fame that you have a big mouth your biggest achievment.
    I am sure you must have made an error on the product you purchased then wanted a refund 10 minutes later after purchase no one in the right mind or perhaps someone who never read the sales page properly does this sound like somone we know (erm) best of luck on the psychic radio but alas I fear after a few seconds of your wisdom whoa shutdown

    Regards David

  23. laura schwalm says:


  24. David McDonald says:

    Hi Laura those are very serious accusations you are throwing about there, are you speaking from experience or is it hot air I have worked with Lee for a while now and I have found none of your ranting to be true in my experience, if you have the same experience thru working with Lee then please share it but do not try to destroy a man because he is a success you really must provide proof to be able to make a comment I can back up mine can you.

    Regards David

  25. do not buy a dam thing from these companies scam scam scam . the e-bay had the nerve too call me and ask if i wanted too do a one on one personal training. they are full of shit all of them. once they have you , they try and steal your money.

  26. Have to say that Lee does sell (and use sales tactics) but he isn’t a scammer. Personally I think that it’s very clear that the Point & Click comes with a 14 day trial (as do most free DVD’s … think Filsiame, Bacak etc).

    They do seem to be having some technical difficulities. My only bone is a lack of communication and explaination. If there is a problem I don’t think I should have to be the one wondering what’s going on – they should contact and update me. I think that’s good customer service.

    I have raised a support ticket for one problem and it was answer and I was very well looked after by Lee’s guy James which made me feel a whole lot better.


  27. Hi Guys,

    I Just wanted to add my bit. :)

    They are having technical difficulties at the Point and Click Coaching Program. If you get the Free DVD you automatically sign up for a free 14 Day trial. If for some reason you can’t get in touch to stop your trial I’m sure you won’t be charged, and if you are then you can get refunded.

    They use a ticketing system in their business – I have used it and got prompt response. But it should go to Support@getmoremomentum.com

    A few weeks ago I decided to take up the offer and I’m now an affiliate. You can review the DVD Workshop at my blog. You don’t have to click on my links but it is an honest review and I wouldn’t take part in it if I didn’t think it was a great offer.

    The honest reason that I decided to join the Point and Click Program was that I could actually visualise how it was possile to generate a £1M Business. The whole blueprint is there if you watch through the DVD Workshop.

    Of course there are no magic bullets and that’s why Lee McIntyre promotes a business with sound business principles. Because Lee is an Ex Teacher he’s able to communicate those principles really well both on the DVD Workshop and in the Point and Click Coaching Program.

    I hope this helps :)

  28. Hi I do not know why I am getting involved with this discussion but what I am reading on the negitive response is beyond me, we have one person who signs up for a program that is giving a free 14 day trial but he does not know how to cancel (never mind the Freebie he received) if this is the address he typed into his Browser which is a copy and paste from his post then enough said getmore momentum.com/support, as for TD Hawks what does skateboarders no any way.
    Lee is the most honest man I have had the pleasure to take advice from on internet marketing it is very informative easy to follow so you do not need to video the whole sales process, their customer support is second to none and that includes the wealthy affiliates program mentioned, and as for redirects come on it is because you cannot work it out for yourself that you think it is a scam (DAH) join the program and get an education and be free.

    God Bless you Lee McIntyre


  29. Gotta chime in on this one, because of the value that I’ve received from being a part of Lee’s Program. Point and Click coaching is by far the best program I’ve ever seen on Internet Marketing. I’m a member right now and have received tremendous value.

    I even promote it to my readers, because I think it’s something that everyone can benefit from. Yes, it comes with a 14-day trial. But there’s no need to apologize for promoting the best darn trial membership I’ve seen. It all boils down to this. Are you willing to invest in your online education to build a STRONG internet business? If so, then the coaching program makes sense.

    About the upsells – I fail to see the problem with giving people the opportunity to purchase more products of extremely high value. I mean, if you go to Subway and order a sub, you will always hear the question – “Would you like extra cheese with that?” It makes sense. And if you can claim it at the ridiculous discount that Lee provides his stuff at? That’s just an awesome deal.

    Concerning the paying for shipping – I mean lets be real. Lee would have to be an IDIOT to do FREE shipping on a FREE DVD of a workshop that people spent $997 to attend. That would be him spending thousands of dollars to be able to help you learn. Does that even make sense?

    All in all, if you are reading this “review”, it’s probably because you are interested in building an online business. If that person is you, Get Point and Click Coaching. It’s a program that I HIGHLY recommend, because it has GREAT value!

  30. Hey, Peter, I totally agree with you. Lee is a honest internet marketer and help us a lot and devote a lot value to us. I don’t want to blame anyone here, but I have to express my opinion in my heart. Before anyone comment on any product, you have to do more research and understand more about it, otherwise it will probably be a slander. By the way, sometimes Lee’s customer service(Help desk) is a little slow to be processed (in my experience, haha). I’ll suggest that Lee should hire one more staff to deal with those complaints when the next big product is launched again. Good luck, guys!


  31. Hi,

    Just wanted to add my two cents here, because I’m reading through the article and posts here and can’t really believe what I’m seeing!

    Having bought Lee’s offer for myself I fail to see where the problem is in being able to grasp the concept of a free trial to a coaching program that can easily be canceled by simply sending an email.

    It’s really not that difficult, and since there’s a support link on all the pages and emails I’ve received since purchasing the product…. well, let’s just say I’d have to be “a bit slow” to miss it!

    Not that I can see myself canceling though because the quality of coaching inside the site itself is top notch. As always, Lee over delivers in everything he does and this is why he’s respected as one of the top marketers in the UK. Not just for his quality training, but also for his ethics and the fact that he goes out of his way to help his customers as much as possible.

    While we’re on the subject of these types of offers where you get something of really high value upfront, and then get a free trial to a continuity program… I don’t see what the big fuss is about here. If you don’t want to join one of these programs (despite the fact that you can cancel straight after your purchase if you wish) then don’t sign up in the first place!

    Either take a bit of responsibility for your own actions, or don’t sign up. It’s as simple as that!

    Would you kick up the same fuss when joining (for example) a mobile phone contract, which in fact you CAN’T cancel and are bound to for a fixed length of time?

    Anyway, on the flipside I can see where people are coming from when they’ve unknowingly signed up to something. Unfortunately there are marketers out there who hide the fact that they have a continuity program attached to their products. This is definitely wrong… and I’ve been caught by one of these in the past. It was about 6 months before I realised my card was being billed every month!

    This is definitely not the case with Lee’s offer though as the disclosure for the free trial is plastered all over the order form, thank you page and is also in the first email I’ve received along with the receipt of purchase.

    Anyway, the fact that when you sign up you’re getting access to a whole 2 day workshop for free is pretty good in my book. I just wish I could have attended the event myself as the testimonials speak for themselves. (see the link below)


    (Lee, if you’re reading this, I was sent this link in a newsletter email the other day, so I hope I’m not doing something wrong by adding this link here???)

    Right, I think I’ve said my bit. Good luck to Lee and everything he does in the future, and I hope to be at one of his workshops in the future! =)


  32. Hi, Lee, you are awesome, and you are one of my favourite internet marketer. I appreciate your passion and help for our new internet marketer. After my online business reaching to 5 figure each month, I’ll absolutely apply for the application of your mentorship program and have you for my mentor. I’ll also join your Point and Click Coaching program soon. Thank you!

  33. Lee-

    Kudos to you for taking the initiative and talking with customers to ensure satisfaction. Rare form we see around these parts.


  34. Hi Murray

    To cancel simply visit http://www.getmoremomentum.com/support/ and your request will be processed immediately.

    We only want members who want to be in the program and we make canceling as easy as possible!

    Alternatively, simply email me direct at lee [at] aimhighermarketing.com with all the details and I’ll take care of it personally.

    Many thanks

    Lee McIntyre

  35. i have spent hours trying to access this site to cancel before my 14 day free trial expires on 13 dec next without success i chanced on your site while trying to access getmore momentum.com/support it would appear to me they are either dishonest or a drliberate scam yours murray condon

  36. Hi everyone

    Lee here :)

    First all THANK YOU to those leaving positive comments here. My company takes great pride in providing the best products and services possible and we strongly believe we have the best customer service in the industry.

    I’m extremely sorry the opening poster had such a bad experience. Please feel free to get in touch directly at lee [at] aimhighermarketing.com for a fast response

    In reference to the offer itself, we’re VERY proud of the whole thing from top to bottom. We’re giving people the option to receive the recordings from my $1,997 workshop for free + S/H if they take a free trial to “Point and Click Coaching”.

    In NO way is this hidden. In fact, if you review the sales materials you will see the free trial is actually a selling point for the offer!

    This product is sold via video and more than half of the video is devoted to explaining why the free trial is a good thing for the customer.

    If however, anyone doesn’t want to be a member they can simply log a ticket at the helpdesk and it’s taken care of immediately.

    Please review the text on the order page for further disclosure of the free trial:

    “I’m aware that when I secure my spot right now I’ll receive…

    FULL Access To The Entire ‘Inside Out / Upside Down’ Sessions where I’ll be able to soak up over 12 hours of actionable steps and underground strategies taught by Lee McIntyre for 2 full days to a captive audience. During these sessions I’ll discover powerful internet marketing principles such as ‘The Massive Monthly Payrise Method’, ‘Deep Connection Dynamics’, ‘Automatic Traffic Control’, ‘The Affiliate Army Method’… and more to help me build my online business in the fastest possible time! (Value $1,997)

    FREE 14 Day Trial to the ‘Point and Click Coaching’ Program then just $97/mo which will be billed automatically for my convenience and I can quickly and easily cancel at any time, PLUS on the inside I’ll have access to the Weekly Step by Step Training, the ‘Fast Action’ Assignments, the ‘Six Figure Tool Kit’, the ‘Online Discussion Centre’ where I can interact with like-minded internet entrepreneurs… and much more!

    I understand that this is a RISK-FREE trial and that if I’m not totally blown away by the amazing content inside the ‘Point and Click Coaching’ Program I can quickly and easily cancel my membership by visiting GetMoreMomentum.com/support. I’m in complete control and on that basis give me my $1,997 free gift and RISK-FREE 14 day trial.
    I also understand that today I’m receiving INSTANT online access to $1,997 in REAL VALUE and that I can access all of this right now for FREE (plus shipping and handling). ”

    This is actually in BOLD so that you don’t miss it!

    Customers also get multiple emails from us reminding them of the charge, and are also notified on the thank you page.

    Right now hundreds of other marketers are benefiting from this program, and they’re enjoying the fact they receive the workshop recordings for free and that they get a free trial to our premier coaching product.

    If anyone has any outstanding customer service issues please reach out to me directly and I’ll take care of it personally. We’re all here to help in any way we can and we never want to see any customers unhappy.

    Many thanks

    Lee McIntyre

  37. I don’t know Lee or his products. I signed up for his affiliate program at one time, because he seemed to have a good reputation and I thought it would be worth reviewing his products, but I never made it that far.

    I’d need to film the whole sales process myself to see exactly what he’s doing. There are definitely some marketers with great products that use sales tactics that are WAY too aggressive for my tastes.

    Of course if they are being deceptive that’s another story.

    The one thing that’s unclear to me from this write up and the comments is whether or not the actual details of the negative option offer are actually hidden.

  38. I enjoy Lee’s programs.

    When you sign up you get onto a page that says …

    I’m aware that when I secure my spot right now I’ll receive…

    FULL Access To The Entire ‘Inside Out / Upside Down’ Sessions where I’ll be able to soak up over 12 hours of actionable steps and underground strategies taught by Lee McIntyre for 2 full days to a captive audience. During these sessions I’ll discover powerful internet marketing principles such as ‘The Massive Monthly Payrise Method’, ‘Deep Connection Dynamics’, ‘Automatic Traffic Control’, ‘The Affiliate Army Method’… and more to help me build my online business in the fastest possible time! (Value $1,997)

    FREE 14 Day Trial to the ‘Point and Click Coaching’ Program then just $97/mo which will be billed automatically for my convenience and I can quickly and easily cancel at any time, PLUS on the inside I’ll have access to the Weekly Step by Step Training, the ‘Fast Action’ Assignments, the ‘Six Figure Tool Kit’, the ‘Online Discussion Centre’ where I can interact with like-minded internet entrepreneurs… and much more!

    I understand that this is a RISK-FREE trial and that if I’m not totally blown away by the amazing content inside the ‘Point and Click Coaching’ Program I can quickly and easily cancel my membership by visiting GetMoreMomentum.com/support. I’m in complete control and on that basis give me my $1,997 free gift and RISK-FREE 14 day trial.
    I also understand that today I’m receiving INSTANT online access to $1,997 in REAL VALUE and that I can access all of this right now for FREE (plus shipping and handling).

    Hope that helps ….

  39. Joe,

    I wanted to respond on behalf of Infusionsoft and share our perspective in your post and perhaps address any confusion that you had about our role in your experiment. I appreciate the candid thoughts and the passion you have about helping people understand about different businesses on the Web.

    Infusionsoft is a legitimate, US-based email marketing, CRM and e-Commerce platform that is designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs. We offer a service that allows people to organize their business assets into one autonomous system, do it securely and help them grow fast. More information is found on our website, http://www.infusionsoft.com/.

    I can’t comment on Lee McIntyre; but I can say that we take pride in enabling entrepreneurs to grow their online presence and offering for prospects and customers. Our role is to function as their customer database, automate it and help make it easier for people to scale their business for growth.
    The redirects you mention – depending on which link you clicked – is used for link tracking and email automation. It’s one of many components within our suite of tools for small businesses. Essentially, what could be going on in the background of the link you clicked was our system may have performed additional actions on the backend in order to help you receive the information you wanted. (If you wish, forward the email to my address used in the blog comment and I can confirm.)

    Though controversial, the click tracking is no more unique than Google has on their AdSense ad units. The email marketing industry at large offers similar redirect functions. I simply want to make it clear nothing evil is happening; it enables marketers market more effectively if they can measure performance beyond the scope of sales, but rather engagement.

    We’re based in a suburb just outside of Phoenix, Arizona (Gilbert) and are a privately-funded company with 140 employees all working to help entrepreneurs double their sales. I feel it would be a bit unfair to bundle us into a category titled as “Known Scams,” without getting our perspective on it.
    I think your blog is very slick and I appreciate how you’re trying help people here. Perhaps you would like to give us a spin sometime and let your readers know. Contact me to discuss, we’d like to get your honest feedback about our software.

    Warm Regards,

    Joseph Manna
    Community Manager, Infusionsoft
    Twitter: @joemanna (me) @infusionsoft (company)

  40. Sorry, I cannot agree with your article that Lee McIntyre is a scammer. I’m always buy his product, he is a great teacher and his information product always provide great value to us. He is one of my most respected internet marketer. Recently I also cannot access to all his Infusionsoft website link, but others are ok. I think it’s the technical problem, and now I’m still looking forward their reply.

  41. [From Peter via email]

    I came across a couple of his pitches but never bought anything from him that I could remember.

    Then along come charges from Aim Higher Mktg on my credit card. I’ve no clue how they got the number.

    Had to raise hell with them to get charges stopped. They wouldn’t give refund.

    Scammers? Definitely!

  42. Heh. Funny you should mention him. I just spent a week or so collecting all the internet freebies I could find, which of course meant signing up for all kinds of email lists. And wow, Lee McIntyre gets around. When he’s not promoting himself, plenty of other marketers are making offers on his behalf – you know, the “offer I just had to pass along to you” thing?

    Marketers like to catch you on a page that may be of interest to you, then redirect you to their product. There’s nothing fishy in that. It’s kind of like reading an ad in a magazine you like, and then going to the store to look at what they’re offering. Infusionsoft is just the product page for Lee McIntyre’s stuff.

    I didn’t give them any money, so I can’t speak to that – but I do know that one of the biggest automated emailers, Aweber, had trouble over the weekend and some messages were lost. (I know this because several of the lists I was signed up on re-sent their messages with apologies).

    Gah, I just realized this sounded like I’m trying to make excuses for the guy. I’m not – I just don’t automatically think he’s actually a scammer. Slick like a used-car salesman, definitely, but not necessarily a con artist.

  43. I’m relatively new to your blog (good job BTW) and what truly amazes me so far about these scamming losers is what a life they must NEED to develop all this junk, the page after page of re-directs and log-in shennanigans. About the only plausible excuse is if they’re teenagers, otherwise they must not have much going on in life to spend that much time. Either that or the WWW is such a treasure trove of suckers and they’re laughing their fannies off on a yacht.


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