I hate to say it, but it’s true: people are more easily parted with their money at this time of year. Maybe it’s because they’re in a giving mood or because they’re too eagerly looking for deals or because money is flying out so fast, what’s a few more bucks?

Whatever the reason, ’tis the season for scammers and crooks. True, every season is their season, but they kick it up a notch, as this article confirms:

The FBI has this holiday-time warning: ‘Tis the season to be wary, especially when opening those particularly alluring offers popping up in e-mail in-boxes.

Ken Porter, acting agent in charge of the FBI’s Salt Lake City Office, said Tuesday that whether these unsolicited messages pose as prize announcements, banking correspondence or purport to offer legal services, they have this in common: They seek money or your personal information.

Read the rest of the article for information about popular scams and tips to avoid them. Did you read about the Cragslist scam that Deborah warned about? It’s just one of many. It could be that none of them are new. But it’s especially important at this time of year to exercise additional caution.

Check out this FBI site. It posts regular updates about the newest scams as they’re reported/discovered. (Again, I maintain that none of them are new, although they might have a slightly new twist.)

You can also register there to receive email notifications about the newest scams whenever the site is updated. Think of all the good you could do! Instead of getting those stupid fake virus warnings in email, you could be the smart one and forward actual scam warnings from the FBI!

Just be careful, is all I’m saying. We want your money to go where you intend it to go, and not into the hands of some lazy scum-sucking bottom feeder.

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  • Deborah

    Hi Joe,

    I was not aware of this FBI website and cannot thank you enough for sharing the link. It is very worthwhile and I did sign up for the updates. These scams, viruses, trojans etc are becoming very sophisticated.

    On another note, last night I went to sleep thinking of how I would draw up the perfect scam promotion that would be convincing, not from Nigeria and does not promise thousands of dollars a day. It is not my intention to do this to scam anyone I was just playing around with how to do a perfect scam–I need a life:)


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