I’m sick of the word scam. And even more of its ugly cousin, scammy, which makes me think of “scabby” with unpleasant images of pus.

Steve and I have used these words and their variations in at least 300 posts, and an unknown number of times in comments. As much as I dislike the words, I must admit that they do a lot of work.

When you need an economical way to say, “It’s a program that promises things it can’t possibly deliver and it misleads readers with false statements and clever marketing strategies,” well, scam just says it in a tidy way that few other words can.

Alas, what is a blogger to do? We must use the tools we’re given, even when those tools are worn out and dull.

That’s why I was so glad to read Gail’s comment on yesterday’s post, in which he describes his bad experience with Push Traffic. She gave me a clever term I’d never heard before that I can use instead of scam. Here is the golden nugget:

The wheels are turning and it won’t be long before Raygoza and associates find themselves in very deep water, which is where Internet Sharketers belong!

Isn’t that awesome?! Internet sharketers! It calls to mind “sheisters” and also, of course, sharks. Predatory, sneaky, armed to the teeth (so to speak), feeding on the weak, the slow, and the injured. A little bit of action drips blood into the water and sets off a feeding frenzy (see items 5 (a) and 6 in my post about Terms and Conditions).

Sharketers. Oh, yeah. I’m going to get a lot of mileage out of this word.

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  • Gail

    My dispute with John Paul Raygoza and all his companies and officers has been completely resolved to our mutual satisfaction. I hereby void and retract all related statements made on this site and any/all other sites.

  • Kellog

    I call them “internetbaggers” verses carpetbaggers! This is not new situation as it has happened throughout history when times were tough. It just has a new name. It is sad state of affairs when people take advantage of human beings that are trying to survive.

  • Rachashael M. Gates
    Rachashael M. Gates

    Amen! Amen! And Amen! I would like a copy as I haven’t been able to get off the ground on internet money making opportunities because I don’t know what is and is not but I am learning alot from “I tried that”.

  • Gail

    Hey, I’m glad you liked the name “sharketers”. (They are the guys who do Internet Sharketing… oops…. internet marketing.) I’m about to release my ebook “Internet Sharketing – What You MUST Do if You’ve Been Scammed By an Internet Sharketer.” It’s a step-by-step how-to guide, based on my own experiences. It’ll be free to anyone. If you like I’ll send you a copy? You might want to pass it on.

    Gail Fay (aka urlybird)
    PS. Thanks for posting about it. I’m sure it will catch on.
    PPS. he is a she

    • Joe

      Yes, we’d love a copy. I’ve corrected the pronoun in the post.

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