As you all know, Joe is leaving the site. He posted his goodbye yesterday (you guys were awfully quiet in the comments… I’m just saying…) and won’t be updating anymore. Despite what TMZ, Perez, and the other celeb gossip blogs are reporting, Joe is NOT leaving due to me forcing him to post at 12:05PM instead of his usual 11:35AM posting time to make room for daily Amazon updates. It’s simply not true.

Now that that’s all cleared up, here are a few of my favorite posts written by Joe over the years.

5. I’ve Tried Facebook and Fail to See the Point


I mean, as if the Internets weren’t already vapid enough, I now get “cute” little Facebook pokes and gifts and, oh! what’s this!? I’ve been kidnapped and am being held for ransom! Or I’m the lettuce in Hannah’s BLT. Its text messaging writ large with graphics and color—a world that is hostile to any exchange more significant than liking something up or down and posting your latest golf score.

4. Fatherhood: I’ve tried it and I recommend…wipes.


But I have learned one secret in my 15 years of fatherhood. An infallible, always-right answer to some of parenting’s biggest questions. Women, mothers primarily, have already figured this out, so I’m spelling it out for the benefit of the guys. Here’s what I know for sure about fatherhood: Always Carry Wipes.

3. OMG! He Knows My Home Address!


Maybe I’m overreacting. At least the cartoon Joe has a head, right? It’s a happy picture, I suppose. There are no weapons or blood smears. Still, it does give one pause. This is the guy who handles ITT finances and technical issues.

2. Top 5 Strangest Things Steve Has Ever Said To Me


They say long-distance relationships are tough. And they are: I’ve never met Steve in real life. Don’t know what he looks like because he won’t cough up a real photo of himself. Never talked to him on the phone. He could be a Borg, for all I know. Can such a relationship last? Only time will tell.

1. Nigerian Scams — Yes, I’ve even tried that!

Finally, we have the very first post written for this blog in which Joe baits a typical Nigerian scammer. No excerpt here. You have to click through and read the whole exchange. It is without a doubt my favorite article here at I’ve Tried That. I guarantee you’ll laugh or I’ll give you your money back.

So long, Joe.

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  • Cheri

    Joe, I’m sorry you are leaving “ITriedThat”! I must say, I laughed myself silly at the “Nigerian Scam” e-mail’s! Very, very funny! Anyway, you’ll be missed and will us fellow readers see you anywhere else in blog/internet cyberspace anytime soon??

  • Deborah

    Hi Steve–am I the only one leaving comments?!!!

    To quote you:

    “As you all know, Joe is leaving the site. He posted his goodbye yesterday (you guys were awfully quiet in the comments… I’m just saying…) and won’t be updating anymore. :

    I don’t mean to be critical but I too was surprised by the lack of comments to Joe stating he was leaving the site. I felt bad that it took me a day.

    Joe and you provided a safe place to come to read about the ins and outs of scams, schemes along with providing us with good websites that have potential work at home income. Not only that but you both gave us realistic expectations, described in plain language how affiliate marketing could and should work. opened doors for us along with saving many people money that had either already invested in a scam but were getting ready to.

    So to Joe, again I am sorry to see you move on but having gone through many of my own careers I understand and will look forward to your guest posts.

    To Steve, I continue to look forward to your daily emails and humor.

    Thanks to you both!

  • Deborah

    Steve, Thank you for posting your five favorite Joe posts. I had a great time reading them but the Nigerian email scam was hillarious. I too have thought more than once about playing around with the UK lottery emails and spent time thinking about how to scam them. All to no avail but fun to think about.

    Look forward to your posts Steve–We are all sure you will live up to the high standards of I’ve Tried It!

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