Wow, I can’t remember the last time I received this many requests to look into a program. It’s been a while, that’s for sure. This time around the program is called Plug Into Green Profits and it was created by Paul Birdsall. He must be doing something right because there are quite a few people interested in this program and I intend to answer a few of their questions.

What is Plug Into Green Profits?

The landing page isn’t much. A video of Paul talking pops up and he offers some small talk about your struggles and how he can help. Paul even offers to send you $135 just for signing up and will send it your way before you even get started. A bit sketchy, yes, but even more intriguing. The biggest point the site makes is that it’s all about being green. (Quick prediction: the whole green part is about doing work at home instead of commuting and has nothing to do with buying, selling, or promoting green products.)

The next page offers a 40-minute presentation I watched for a few minutes and skipped around the video. It was a lot of talk about setting up automated income and having his team do all the work for you. Why don’t they just do the work themselves and cut you out of the picture? Well, I’ll address that in a minute. At this point, everything is pointing to affiliate marketing and there’s nothing wrong with that. Paul seems very upfront about most things and even offers a 60-day money back guarantee, which I like to see.

My Plug Into Green Profits Prediction

I haven’t signed up yet, but here’s my best guess as to what Paul’s course has to offer. Paul Birdsall is going to be teaching a basic affiliate marketing course, probably featuring Plug Into Green Profits as the main program to promote in order to make money. The biggest giveaway was that he says over and over that his team will be doing most of the selling for you. If he already has a specialized team of expert marketers to make money for him, why does he need you? Well, because he needs you (and people like you) to sell the program to.

Finally, the free $135? I think there’s one of two possibilities here. It could be $135 worth of Paul’s old products (which is unlikely) or you could have to sell a few things first and then you get a $135 bonus. My money is on the latter. He says over and over his team will make the $135 for you. You will definitely have to do work also because there’s no way Paul is handing out $135 just for signing up to his $37 program. That doesn’t happen.

Again, this is all speculation at this point. I’m signing up for the program now and will give an in-depth look at what Paul Birdsall and Plug Into Green Profits has to offer next week.

Stay tuned.

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  • John Blume
    John Blume

    I highly recommend you stay away from Plug Into Green Profits. I was a member for about 5 months and I didn’t make one red cent. I marketed it as hard as I could. His only contact with his members is when he wants to sell them something else.

    They were many complaints concerning the $135 payment to members after joining the program. The forum was constantly filled with members who couldn’t get their money and received no response to their requests. If you were to vist the forum today you would find very few posts over the last two months. It’s like a ghost town.

    Like a nut I bought into his pitch for Plug Into Prospects. He was encouraging all members to join in prelaunch as a VIP member. He was going to market the program to over a million from his list. This program has a 2×12 matrix and he practically promised that we would make a ton of money if we joined as a VIP member at $40 per month. I joined and after the first compression of the matrix I was paid $104 for paid members in my matrix and I also had over 800 non-paying members in my matrix.

    After three more compressions I was down to $6 paying members and 90 non-paying.

    As a VIP you can earn advertising credits to promote your offer on the site. My banners and ads were only clicked 95 times over a two month period. It’s like a safelist, promoting to other marketers that are trying to promote to you.

    Today I left Plug Into Prospects.

  • Bruce McLean
    Bruce McLean

    I have been in the Green Profits program for 2 weeks now. Yes it is a scam.
    They tell you that you have to get 5 sales in order to receive the guaranteed
    135.00 commission.
    After I did that they said that I was qualified for the a35 but they do not pay till the end of the month which was 3/31/10. It is now 4/3/10 and I have not received anything.
    I have e-mailed them three times now with no replies.
    I purchased there marketing package for 200.00 and so far have got nothing to show for that.
    I talked to one of his marketing agents and all they are trying to do is get you to sign up as a Shaklee dist. Just like his streamline funnel system scam.


  • M. Ahamd
    M. Ahamd

    Hello Steve

    Pleae do let us know what you found about “Plug Into Green Profits” as I wanted to sign up but after seeing your post, I decided to wait for your results and openion

  • Miesha

    Yeah, the “we do all the work for you” sent red flags up for me. I’m looking forward to seeing what you find out.

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